Best Buy Affiliate Program Reviewed 2024

Updated: January 2, 2024 by Bill Burniece

Best Buy is a US-based consumer electronics retailer that has grown into a gigantic big-box-store player.

The company started in 1966 as an audio specialty store called Sound of Music located in the Minneapolis suburb of Richfield, Minnesota.

Interestingly, I remember visiting the original store when I was a kid, having grown up one suburb over from Richfield, about the same time.

From there, they rebranded to Best Buy and focused primarily on consumer electronics.

According to Yahoo! Finance, they are the largest consumer electronics specialty retailer in the United States.

In this Best Buy affiliate program review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the benefits and terms this affiliate program provides so you can decide if it’s a good choice for you to promote online.

What is affiliate marketing?

If you are new to affiliate marketing, this model allows you to promote Best Buy products on your own website and through other online methods to earn a small share of the profits when a sale is attributed to you.

Best Buy performs all of the product fulfillment, delivery, and customer service. All you do as an affiliate for Best Buy is sell, then collect your commissions.

The Best Buy affiliate program pays commissions of .5%, which is quite low for the industry. Much more on that below.

If you’re interested in my complete editorial review process you can find that here.

The Sad Reality Of The Best Buy Affiliate Program

Unfortunately, the Best Buy affiliate program is fundamentally flawed in three ways.

1. Their highest-priced and most popular products do not pay you any commissions.

Yup, not cool. That includes hot-sellers like laptops, tablets, desktops -and all Apple-branded products. Plus zero commissions on video game & virtual reality hardware, computer cards & components, and POSA cards.

Strike one.

2. Only 1 day tracking cookies.

You’ll be credited for referred sales on visits to the Best Buy website for any orders placed by that customer within only 1 day.

Strike two.

3. No commissions on repeat buyers.

Unlike other affiliate programs, you only get paid for the initial purchase made by your referrals.

Strike three.

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Pros And Cons Of The Best Buy Affiliate Program


  • Free to join: Free to use, and getting started with the affiliate program is easy
  • Nice collection of creatives: New banners every week and a nice set of affiliate developer tools using the Best Buy Developer API suite
  • Professional support: You’ll have access to a management team dedicated to affiliates so you’ll get your questions answered promptly and professionally
  • Attractive product selection: Best Buy sells a wide variety of products
  • Good global reputation: Best Buy is a trusted brand that consumers like doing business with
  • Weekly affiliate newsletter: Gives you tips and lists of top sellers


  • Their top-selling and highest ticket products are not commissionable: Unfortunately, that includes laptops, tablets, desktops, video game & virtual reality hardware, computer cards & components, point-of-sale activation (POSA) cards, COVID tests, and all Apple-branded products. Yikes
  • Only 1 day tracking cookies: You’ll be credited for referred sales on visits to the Best Buy website for any orders placed by that customer within 1 day. Yikes
  • No repeat commissions: No benefit to you if your referrals buy down the road
  • They don’t approve everyone: There may be some qualifications that you’ll need in order to be approved to promote the Best Buy affiliate program

How Does Best Buy’s Affiliate Program Compare To Amazon Associates?

Best Buy affiliate program small logo
Best Buy Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Earn .5% commissions on all referred sales from a very limited set of product categories.

Cookies: 24 hours.

Product Selection: Promote an extensive range of products. Unfortunaly, the best ones pay 0.0% commissions.

Audience: Operating in over 160 countries around the globe.

Program Management: Impact affiliate network.

Amazon Associates Program

Commission Rates:  Volume-based ranging typically from 1%-8% (up to 10%) depending upon category/type/market.

Cookies: 24 hours.

Product Selection: Literally millions of products to choose from.

Audience: 11 different international storefronts: Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom & United States.

Program Management: Amazon Associates (in house).

How Much Money Can You Make As A Best Buy Affiliate?

We’ll, that’s the main problem with this program.

Not only is the commission rate a ridiculously low .5%, but you make even less (zero to be exact) on all of Best Buy’s most popular and expensive products.

If that’s not bad enough, the cookie period is 24 hours so unless someone buys immediately through your link, you are likely out of luck.

How To Join The Best Buy Affiliate Program

Like many large companies, Best Buy’s affiliate program is managed by a large affiliate network. Their affiliate network of choice is Impact.

  • To sign up for Best Buy’s affiliate program click the yellow button below
  • After clicking through, you’ll land on the Best Buy affiliate page
  • Once there click on the blue Sign Up button to be directed to Impact’s website
  • Once there you will either sign in, or if you are new to Impact, sign up. It’s free
  • Then simply apply to promote Best Buy from the Impact platform

Best Buy Affiliate Program Review Q&A

Does Best Buy have an affiliate program?

Yes, they do. You can sign up today and start making money referring buyers to Best Buy online.

How does Best Buy communicate with their affiliates?

Once you join their program, Best Buy will send you a weekly affiliate newsletter by email. The newsletter includes their new and top offer promotions for that week. You may also reach out to an affiliate manager if you have any questions or problems.

What tools does Best Buy provide affiliates to help promote their products?

They have a wide variety of promotional banners and text links – including specific redirect links that allow you to link to individual products, You’ll also get a robust product catalog and open APIs.

Where can I join the Best Buy affiliate marketing program?

Just visit the Best Buy affiliate program page here to get all of the details including how to get started.

How does the Best Buy affiliate program work?

When someone clicks on one of your tracking links and visits Best Buy’s website, that visitor is credited to you for a 24 hour ‘cookie’ period until they place an order.

If and when an order is placed by one of your credited visitors within that time frame, you earn a commission for the order.

Best Buy affiliate rates are .5%.


Unlike most affiliate programs listed on this website, I don’t recommend that you promote the Best Buy affiliate program.

The commission rate is an embarrassing low .5% and it only pays out of Best Buy’s fringe products.

If you are interested in getting paid big bucks for promoting Best Buy’s high ticket products you are out of luck because those pay you exactly 0.0% commissions.

The worst part is that I don’t see this program improving anytime soon. But if it does, I’ll keep you posted here.

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