Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

A Free Guide For 2024

Step-by-step. No skills or experience needed.

Step 1: What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Why you should choose affiliate marketing as your vehicle to make money online.

Planning your strategy and setting up the systems to help you earn profits as quickly as possible.

how to start affiliate marketing image

Step 2: Choosing A Niche Using Market Research

How to use keyword research to choose your first niche in affiliate marketing.

Plus how to select the approach you should take to carve out your piece of the market.

choosing a niche image

Step 3: How To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Website

How to choose a domain name for your website and get your website live on the internet.

It takes only minutes and anyone can do it.

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Step 4: Creating Content For Your Website

Learn 4 different website models you can choose from to build content around.

Plus three content creating strategies that will help you quickly attract an audience.

creating content image

Step 5: Choosing Affiliate Programs To Promote

How to create pages and navigate through your website.

Plus how to customize your website theme to fit the niche audience you are promoting to.

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Step 6: How To Build Your Email Marketing List

Discover why creating an email list is the most important part of your affiliate marketing business.

And learn how to automate the entire process.

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