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As well roll through 2024, the affiliate marketing landscape has changed dramatically.

I know because I’ve been in the game now for well over a decade.

What used to work online, no longer does.

You need a new plan; a new approach.

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The problem is that most new affiliate marketers are spending their time learning the way things used to work. It’s not their fault really. They are just following training and advice on how to make money online that has become outdated and ineffective.

But it’s not just new affiliate marketers who are making this mistake. Many experienced marketers, who have been in the game for awhile, may have just missed the shift.

The New Way To Build A Business Online

My philosophy to making money online has always been to sell high ticket products to earn large commissions. In fact, that is why I created this website, which focuses primarily on high-end affiliate products, several years ago.

Why Focus On High Ticket Products?

The truth is that in the affiliate marketing world, it takes the same amount of time, energy and effort to sell a product or service that pays you a commission of $1,000.00 than it does to promote a product that only pays you $19.95. You may not believe that now, but it’s true.

It’s not only equal in terms of work involved, but sometimes it is even easier since most people choose to market the seemingly low-hanging fruit of low-ticket sales. That leaves many high-end products exposed to less competition for you to carve out your share.

Let’s say your short-term goal is to make $10,000 per month from affiliate marketing:

  • If you are selling products that pay you $20 per sale it would take you 500 sales per month to get there (more than 16 sales per day)
  • If you market a product that pays you $50 per sale it would still take you 200 sales per month (more than 6 per day)
  • What if you we’re paid $2,500 per sale? You would only need to make 4 sales per month (1 sale per week)

With so many affiliates selling low ticket products, I believe high ticket commissions are the only way now for the little guy to make $10,000+ per month online consistently.

How To Sell High Ticket Products Online

You might be thinking at this point… this all sounds great, but how do I sell products and services online that pay me thousand dollar commissions?

The answer is by using free product funnels that do all of the selling for you.

You can make $1,000-$3,000 per sale without personally selling anything. All you need to do is implement these free product funnels that do all of the selling for you.

That is how I make most of my big commissions, and I want you to join me so I can show you how to do the same thing…

How To Partner With Me And My Mentor Dean Holland

In the short video just below I will let my friend and mentor Dean Holland explain how free product funnels work and how you can start implementing them into your business to start making thousand dollar commissions online without any selling.

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Here’s Exactly What You Need To Do Next:

  1. Enter your email address below, then click the red button to access the video. You will then be instantly re-directed to the video page. I’m asking for your email address so I know you’re serious about working with me. You see, I’m a member of Dean’s community too and if you join, I will personally help you along to ensure our success together. I will have a vested interest in making sure you succeed too.
  2. If you like how this all works please follow the instructions on the video to take the next steps. See you on the other side.

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