SHEIN Affiliate Program Reviewed

Updated: July 27, 2022 by Bill Burniece

The SHEIN affiliate program offers you the opportunity to make easy passive income on hot-selling clothing and accessories.

They have combined a very wide selection of fashion products with affordability that is a hit with online shoppers.

As an affiliate for the SHEIN platform, you can earn up to 20% commissions on sales by customers you refer to their website.

SHEIN sells a ton of merch online, making it one of the top fashion affiliate programs to promote.

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SHEIN is a really cool lifestyle fashion e-retailer that creates clothes and accessories that really hit the mark with their target global audience.

They are committed to making “the beauty of fashion accessible to all.”

They follow through on this commitment by keeping their pricing in reach of nearly everyone.

SHEIN uses smart on-demand manufacturing technology to streamline their production and supply chain while reducing waste and reducing their impact on our planet.

They offer a wide variety of affordable fashion products to customers in more than 220 countries.

They have nearly 10,000 employees globally, 58% of which are female employees.

That’s cool.

SHEIN’s target audience is primarily women’s fashion including clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, and other items.

But they also offer clothing and accessories for men and children.

The SHEIN Affiliate Program

The SHEIN affiliate program allows digital marketers, including bloggers, reviewers, influencers, and other website publishers to make income be referring customers to the SHEIN platform.

They have two different affiliate programs to choose from:

1. SHEIN Official Affiliate Program: 

How It Works:

  1. As an affiliate your job is to promote Shein on your website, social platforms, or on other channels using your unique affiliate link
  2. When a potential customer clicks on your links you are credited as the referring affiliate
  3. When the customer orders merchandise from Shein you earn a 10% commission

The Benefits Of Being A SHEIN Affiliate:

  1. You’ll earn 10-20% on each referred sale
  2. There are additional cash bonuses you can earn by sharing promotions
  3. A 30 day cookie duration
  4. New marketing material to promote profitable activites each month
  5. Newsletters to keep you up to date on promotions and other activity

The Benefits That Your Customers Get:

  1. A huge selection of more than 2 million items in stock with an amazing 500+ new arrivals every day
  2. Affordable prices for every budget
  3. Live chat and customer service available 24/7
  4. A no-questions-asked return and refund policy

How To Join The SHEIN Affiliate Program

  1. Click here to land on the SHEIN affiliate program information page
  2. On that page click the rectangular button that says Sign Up/Log In For Free Now
  3. Then just complete the application form

2. SHEIN Partner Affiliate Platforms: 

The second affiliate program allows you to directly apply to promote SHEIN from your favorite affiliate network including:

  • ShareASale
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Pepperjam
  • Admitad
  • AWin

All you need to do is visit one of these partner sites and apply through them.

How Much Money Can You Make As A SHEIN Affiliate?

We’ll, the sky is the limit. Literally.

You can earn as much as you a capable of.

The more of your referrals that click on your links and buy merch from SHEIN, the more you’ll earn.

For every successful referred sale, you will earn a commission between 10-20%.

A 30 day cookie will keep your unique affiliate link in play to make sure you get credited for all of your sales made during that time frame.

Pros & Cons Of The SHEIN Affiliate Program


  • Really Awesome Marketing Creatives: You’ll find all of the marketing creatives you’ll need to promote them as an affiliate. These assets are updated monthly to reflect new promotions, coupons, and other specials
  • A Huge Product Selection For Your Customers: I mean massive. Literally millions of products and accessories for your referred customers to choose from
  • An Easy-To-Use Affiliate Dashboard: The back office navigation design is simple to navigate through to find all of the data you need
  • A Great Reputation: You will be partnering with a company that is a trusted brand that consumers love buying from
  • Low Pricing Model: Their fashion is very affordable which removes most of the price objection


  • You are capped at 20% commissions: It’s not the end of the world but there are no higher levels if you produce super-affiliate type numbers for them
  • Cheap pricing = low commissions per sale: They are not exactly selling high-end fashion so your earnings will be fairly low per sale
  • You can be banned from the program: If you break the rules and guidelines they can drop the hammer on your without much warning

Tips For Promoting SHEIN Affiliate Program Products

  1. Utilize automation tools to increase your efficiency. All of SHEIN’s best performing affiliate marketers use automation tools to save time and effort. If you are not using these tools, you are working way too hard
  2. Do what your competitors refuse to do for their customers. How about making yourself available to them personally to answer any product questions they might have
  3. Become the go-to person on all things SHEIN-related
  4. Know your numbers. Use the dashboard analytics to test, track, and adjust your marketing to improve conversions
  5. Build an email list of people interested in SHEIN and online fashion shopping
  6. When you start increasing your success, watch out for lazy competitors who will  steal your content and your strategies. Try to stay a step ahead of them
  7. Always take care of your customers. If you ever lose trust, you will spoil your online reputation. That’s tough to come back from
  8. Surround yourself with like-minded people who have similar goals to your own. Make allies and do joint ventures with the competitors whom you like. They can be enemies or allies. Make the smart choice
  9. Don’t sell any SHEIN products online, or any other products for that matter, that you don’t believe in yourself

How To Make $1000 Per Month With SHEIN

For starters, making $1000+ per month by promoting a single affiliate program is not easy.

It takes time and consistent effort to scale your business to four-figure levels.

With SHEIN, you have uncapped earning potential.

The key to making at least $1000 per month as an affiliate for SHEIN is to focus on promoting the higher ticket items they offer.

Now ‘high ticket’ is a relative term since their entire line of products trends to the lower end of the pricing model.

15 Reasons Why You Should Starting Promoting The SHEIN Affiliate Program

  1. Online shoppers love SHEIN and will buy from them whether you promote them or not. So why not collect these easy online commissions?
  2. They have a wide selection of fashionable clothing and accessories that appeal to almost everyone increasing your affiliate reach
  3. SHEIN’s reputation is rock-solid and that will increase your conversion rates
  4. Earn a solid commission rate of up to 20% for each referral
  5. A respectable 30 day cookie period
  6. Extra monthly cash bonuses available
  7. They offer a speedy refund policy that keeps their customers happy. This brand-loyalty benefits you
  8. SHEIN has exclusive promotions available
  9. You’ll get some professional marketing creatives that make selling easy
  10. The affiliate dashboard gives you all of the data you need to adjust your campaigns and increase your earnings
  11. SHEIN offers affiliates all the support they need, including live chat, so you don’t have to wait days to get help
  12. They always pay their affiliates on time by the payment method of your choosing.
  13. The SHEIN affiliate program is free and easy to sign up
  14. Affiliate newsletters to keep you update on new products and promotions
  15. Banners and coupons are regularly updated and made available to you


The SHEIN affiliate program is a great way to earn easy passive income referring customers who are looking to buy fashion products online at an affordable price.

While their clothing isn’t exactly Neiman Marcus material, it is an in-demand platform that sells a ton or merch worldwide.

As an affiliate, you will earn a respectable 10-20% commission for each sale you make.

SHEIN Affiliate Program Q&A

Q: Does SHEIN have an affiliate program?
A: Yes, two in fact. The official affiliate program and the partner affiliate platform.

Q: Do I have any responsibilities by promoting the SHEIN affiliate program?
A: Yes. Like most affiliate programs, there are rules and terms you must follow in order to promote them.

Q: How do you collaborate with SHEIN?
A: Through either one of their two affiliate programs. Or by direct outreach to their marketing department and share your collaboration pitch.

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Alternatives To The SHEIN Affiliate Program

The Nike Affiliate Program has mostly sports-related shoes, clothing, and sporting accessories. Their pricing is higher than SHEIN, but is still a good alternative if you promote in the fashion vertical.

The popular Amazon Affiliate Program has an even larger selection of clothing and just about everything else that is for sale online.

The Target Affiliate Program allows you to promote fashion items that are on the lower end of the pricing model, just like SHEIN.

Affiliate Disclosure
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