The Best Free Affiliate Website Builders

So you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing and wondering about your first website options. Should you go the free route until you know whether or not you can make money with affiliate marketing?

Or should you just pony up and get a paid hosting account and do things the right way from day one?

We’ll look at both options on this page.

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Should You Go The Paid Website Builder Route?

If you’re serious about making money online I strongly believe that the best strategy for website creation is paying a few bucks up front for a hosting account and learning how to build your own website.

Why? Let me list three reasons:

  1. By getting your own hosting account you’re committing to your success and securing a vested interest in it. A free site may seem fine but if you put some of your hard-earned money into your efforts you’ll be more likely to follow through until you succeed. A free site may bring the mentality that ‘it was free anyways so it’s no big deal if things don’t go well and you quit. Plus getting your own hosting account is surprisingly inexpensive.
  2. Making your own site on a paid-hosting account with WordPress is simple. You don’t have to have any technical experience at all and you do not need to learn any coding. And by making your own site it will be put together exactly the way you want it to and you’ll be able to make changes to your site without having to wait for help (or additional expense) to do so.
  3. Down the road you won’t be be limited by free-platform functionality. I’ve seen many internet marketers go the free route only to find out later that there are serious limitations to your site once it’s built. Moving all of your website content from the free platform to another, which you’ll likely want to do at some point, is a major headache. I know because I had to do it once.
That said, if you decide against a free site and want to get your own hosting account to build your affiliate site on I have written a ridiculously-detailed tutorial page on how to do so step-by-step here. If you have a few bucks to spend this is the best route to take. And please trust me when I tell you that it’s really inexpensive to get started and simple to get your new website online. DO NOT be intimidated by this.

Free Affiliate Website Platforms

OK, so you don’t have to a couple of bucks to spend on building a website on your own hosting account from the start. That’s OK too; hey I’ve been there. We all need to start somewhere so you can also start with a free website until your affiliate commissions start coming in.

If you’re a total newbie, using a low-end beginner site is one way to learn the affiliate marketing game on the cheap. You have plenty of time to set the world on fire with a turbo-charged trophy website later on. Just know that at some point down the road you’ll need to move your site or upgrade your plan.

Unfortunately nearly all free website builders suck. Sorry to be so blunt, but this is the truth. In fact, there is only one free website platform that is worthwhile in my opinion:




Weebly is great. Why? Because it’s super easy to learn and use. As in, drag and drop easy.

Here are the benefits to you by choosing Weebly:

  1. Free to use: Weebly’s gives you enough tools to build a fully functional website. Not bad for a free platform! You won’t even need a credit card to sign up for your free account which is nice. There is plenty of room to upgrade to the paid platform but zero pressure from them to do so. In fact you can use the free platform indefinitely if you would like to.
  2. Simple and fast: By far the easiest website builder to start with. It’s a simple drag and drop site builder with enough tools to get you what you want without overwhelming you. You do not need to learn any coding. Weebly’s user interface is also simplified allowing you to build a fully functional website in less than an hour.
  3. Design flexibility: Several templates to choose from to both fit your niche and look professional. They are constantly releasing new template designs for you to use – even with the free platform account. They’ll even let you get jiggy with the customization if you know coding or hire a coder to work for you.

Click Here Now To Get Started With Weebly For Free

Need more details about Weebly?

You can choose the perfect theme for your business whether its for a blog, authority site or eCommerce store. Here are some examples of the quality of free themes offered by Weebly:

Click Here Now To Get Started With Weebly For Free

Build easily with drag & drop functionality: Anyone can build a fully-functional website with Weebly without any technical experience in website building. Simply drag and drop both images and text and publish when you’re ready. The interface is not only super easy but fun to use and there is no coding required.

Start an eCommerce store: This may come later but you have the option to showcase your business and include eCommerce features including SSL checkout on your domain, shipping and tax management, coupon and discount codes, filtered search, and one-click integrations from the Weebly App Center. If you don’t need a store for what you’re doing you don’t have to worry about it.

You can do it all right from your mobile device: Create, manage, and edit your website from any device with Weebly iPhone, iPad and Android apps. This is great if you’ve on the go alot and don’t always have a computer in front of you. Full eCommerce functionality lets you manage your business from anywhere and stay connected to your customers on the go.

More features:

  • APP CENTER: Popular apps and services to market your website and grow your business with simple, one-click integrations.
  • DOMAIN + EMAIL: Personalized domain and email address to build your brand and business.
  • BLOGGING: RSS, social sharing and community tools to share your unique voice with the world.
  • HOSTING: Reliable and free hosting provides a secure online experience for your website visitors.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Fully customizable themes and templates with HTML/CSS control.
  • LIVE SUPPORT: Premium support via email, chat and phone, video tutorials, webcasts and more.

Click Here Now To Get Started With Weebly For Free

What To Do Next:

I recommend taking advantage of my free training to start putting content on your site and making money with it. You can find the free affiliate marketing training here.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most enjoyable occupations in the world. You can work from home or anywhere in the world (where you have computer or laptop access). You are your own boss and can work whenever it’s convenient for YOU.

And the best part? You have the opportunity to make unlimited income month after month. All you need to do is make the decision to get started.

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    I already have a domain and website I built through Wealthy Affiliate who uses Siterubix. Can I bring my blogs and material over unscathed and continue with Weebly?

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      Hi Bruce. I’m not sure about that. You may want to send Weebly a message and ask them. Sincerely – Bill

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    Where can I get a site hosted and not have to pay an entire term period up front? I’d like to pay month to month.. who would I go thru for that..?

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      Hi Murphy. Weebly is free with choices to upgrade to a free plan later on. Most of the paid hosting plans require at least quarterly, if not annual, payment up front. Sincerely – Bill

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      Hi Faby. Yes, you can promote Weebly as an affiliate too. Never heard of Siterubix. Is that another free website builder? thanks – Bill

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      Hi Sunny Lim, yes you can. Weebly works great when you’re getting started. You can promote several different programs on one site as long as they’re related to the same topic. Sincerely – Bill

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    I want to build a web site to promote some deals from other affiliates. The problem they all give you some code to plug in your site and they use different techniques
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