Apple Affiliate Program Reviewed

Updated: January 2, 2024 By Bill Burniece

The Apple affiliate program offers you a chance to make easy passive income on red hot audio and video products that are in high demand.


Apple the company really needs no introduction. Apple has a stellar reputation for making available only the finest quality products and services. Chances are you are rocking at least one Apple product, or using an Apple entertainment service, in your household.

If not, you’ll likely be doing so in the near future.

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Apple Services Performance Partners

The Apple affiliate program is formally called the Performance Partners Program and allows you to earn commissions by placing links to popular songs, artists and albums, plus books, audiobooks, movies and television shows. There are literally millions of songs on Apple Music alone to choose from.

If you are a large, authoritative publisher and can drive a large volume of traffic to Apple Music trial sign-ups, you can apply for the Premier Partner Program where you’ll earn higher commissions, get paid quicker and gain access to advanced resources to help you earn more.

Before October 2018, the Apple affiliate program also included commissions for Mac and iOS apps sold through the App Store. Quite honestly, they ticked off a lot of loyal Apple affiliates when they eliminated that segment from their program. But its not coming back and there are still many products and services you can get paid on as an affiliate.

As the Apple Services program evolves, they are  committed to rolling out new opportunities and marketing channels for all affiliates both large and small.

Apple Affiliate Program Commission Rates:

Commissions earned through the Apple program are divided by category (see chart below).

The 5 categories are as follows:apple affiliate program image 2

  1. Apple Music: Earn a one-time 100% commission
  2. Apple Books: Earn 7% commissions
  3. iTunes Music: Earn 2.5% commissions
  4. Movies: Earn 7% commissions
  5. TV: Earn 7% commissions


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How Much Money Can An Apple Affiliate Make?

The sky is the limit. Literally.

You can earn as much as you a capable of.

The more of your referrals that click on your links and buy from Apple, the more you’ll earn.

Like affiliate marketing as a whole, it’s a numbers game.

Here is our editorial review process.

Pros & Cons Of The Apple Affiliate Program


  • All The Marketing Creatives You Need: You’ll find all of the marketing assets you’ll need to promote them as an affiliate. These assets are updated regularly to reflect new promotions and other news
  • Advanced And Recently Updated Affiliate Dashboard: The back office navigation design has been simplified and updated. There’s also a new dashboard with performance metrics and other data visualizers
  • Huge Product Selection: Apple has a huge selection of audio and video products available to you as an affiliate
  • Rock Solid Reputation: Apple is a very trusted brand that consumers like buying from


  • You Can No Longer Make Money With Mac & iOS Apps Sold Through The App Store: This affiliate segment was discontinued October 2018
  • Relatively Low Commission Payouts: Compared to other high paying affiliate programs and networks on this website

How Does Apple’s Affiliate Program Compare To Amazons?

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Apple Affiliate Program

Commissions: Commissions range from 2.5%-7% in the iTunes music, movies, TV and books categories. And a one-time 100% commission on the first month of a user’s subscription to Apple Music

Cookies: iTunes music, movies, TV and books: 24 hours. Commissions are eligible on sales for up to 30 days after a user clicks on your Apple Music link

Product Selection: Five primary categories of products

Audience: List of countries supported listed here

Affiliate Program Management: By Impact

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Amazon Associates Program

Commissions:  Volume-based ranging typically from 1%-8% (up to 10%) depending upon category/type/market

Cookies: 24 hours

Product Selection: Literally millions of products to choose from

Audience: 11 different international storefronts: Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom & United States

Affiliate Program Management: In-house

Apple Affiliate Program Conclusion

The Apple affiliate program (Performance Partners) is a great way to earn easy passive income referring others to in-demand songs, artists, albums, books, movies, audiobooks and television shows.

The Apple brand sells itself which is half the battle in online marketing.

That makes the Apple Services Performance Partners Program (whew… that’s a long title) well worth your efforts to promote it.

Apple Affiliate Program Q&A

Q: Is my website eligible to participate in the Apple Performance Partner Program?
A: Applications are reviewed individually. Apple is looking for sites that drive significant revenue.

Q: Do I have any responsibilities by promoting the Apple Affiliate Program?
A: Apple expects affiliates to give their promotions exposure on the key pages of their websites.

Q: How do I know how much I have earned in the program?
A: Applications are reviewed individually. Apple is looking for sites that drive significant revenue.

Q: Is my website eligible to participate in the Apple Performance Partner Program?
A: Affiliates will be given access to all of their analytics including clicks, sales, and commissions.

Affiliate Disclosure
Disclosure: The operator of this website is a 3rd party marketer with a material connection to product/service providers appearing on this site in that we are compensated for sales made through our affiliate links.

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