Temu Affiliate Program Reviewed 2024

Updated: March 26, 2024 by Bill Burniece

TEMU is a rapidly-growing ecommerce platform that sells a huge variety of products including high-ticket goods like electronics and home improvement items.

But is TEMU legit?

That’s what we will analyze on this page. You’ll get the entire scoop on TEMU and their affiliate program here – both the good and bad.

TEMU Affiliate Program At A Glance

We’ll go in depth about the TEMU affiliate program below, but here is the summary:

  • Free To Join: Yes
  • Commission Rate: Earn up to 20%
  • Bonuses: Earn additional cash bonuses several ways
  • Cookie Duration: 15 days
  • Payouts: Affiliates will be paid commissions monthly

About TEMU

TEMU, pronouned ‘tee-moo’, is an online marketplace that hooks consumers up with millions of sellers, manufacturers, and brands around the world.

TEMU carries a very wide range of products including appliances, electronics, clothing, musical instruments, tools & home improvement goods, automotive, office equipment, jewelry and more.

TEMU is a newcomer being founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 2022.

But despite being new, they are already huge.

TEMU went from $0 to $3 billion in less than a year.

In this TEMU affiliate program review, I’ll take you on an in-depth look at the features, benefits, and drawbacks this programs offers so you can decide if it’s a good choice for you.

Oh, by the way are you new to all of this affiliate marketing stuff?

What is affiliate marketing?

In short, affiliate marketing allows you to promote TEMU products online for a share of the profits when a sale is attributed to you.

TEMU takes care of all of the product fulfillment, delivery, and customer service.

All you do as an affiliate for TEMU is sell products, then collect your commissions.

The TEMU affiliate program pays commissions of up to 20% per sale.

If you are an experienced affiliate marketer, you should partner with me and I’ll show you how to earn instant commissions.

How To Join The TEMU Affiliate Program

It’s simple to join the TEMU affiliate program.

  1. First, click on the orange button below
  2. From there you will see another button on the TEMU affiliate page you land on. It says ‘Sign Up Affiliate Now’
  3. You will get a popup box that will ask you for your personal information to create a new affiliate account. Just follow those instructions

Once you join their program, you’ll be allowed to earn commissions on sales you refer to TEMU using personally tracked links on your websites, emails, and banner ads.

When someone clicks on one of your TEMU tracking links and visits their website, that visitor is credited to you for a 15 day ‘cookie’ period until they place an order.

If and when an order is placed by one of your credited visitors within that time frame, you’ll receive a commission for the order.

TEMU Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Earn up 20% commissions on all referred sales. Commissions break down like this:
  • Qualifying purchase is between $0-$49.99 = 5% commissions
  • Qualifying purchase is between $50-$99.99 = 10% commissions
  • Qualifying purchase is $100.00 or more = 20% commissions
  • Get a $5 bonus for each new download and login
  • Win cash bonuses if you are a high producer
  • Your referrals get a staggering 50% off if they are a new user
  • 15 day cookie period
TEMU affiliate program image

Is $100,000 Per Month Even Possible?

When you click through and land on TEMU’s affiliate program page the first thing you’ll see is a banner that makes the claim that you can earn up to $100,000 per month with this program.

What’s That All About?

Here’s the thing…

TEMU $100,000 per month graphic

I personally know a handful of people who are earning $100,000+ each month through digital marketing.

They are the top 1% of millions of other internet marketers in the world.

I don’t believe any of them are earning over $100K per month with a single affiliate program.

Most have dozens of income streams each month that adds up to over $100K. Some of these income streams come from affiliate marketing.

Others income comes from consulting, advertising, collaborations, and social media sponsorships.

So the truth is that it may be possible to earn $100,000 in a month with TEMU, but unlikely unless you are among the heaviest of hitters and dedicate all of your time to promoting only TEMU products.

Pros And Cons Of The TEMU Affiliate Program


  • Free To Join: A couple of clicks and forms to complete and you are ready to earn
  • Solid Commission Rate: Earn up to 20% commissions for each sale
  • $5 Bounty: For referrals to the TEMU app
  • Cash Bonuses: For those affiliates who can really move the needle
  • Dedicated Support: You’ll have access to a knowledgeable management team dedicated to affiliates to get your questions answered quickly
  • Products For Everyone: TEMU sells products in just about every imaginable category
  • 15 Day Tracking Cookies: You’ll be credited for referred sales to the TEMU website for any orders placed by that customer within 15 days of the first click


  • Affiliate Dashboard Is A Little Clunky: They are a new company so hopefully this will improve over time
  •  Strict Terms & Conditions To Follow: Make sure you read the rules closely so you can remain in the program

TEMU Influencer

The Temu Influencer Program awards content creators who provide recommendations and reviews of Temu products to inspire their audience through their social media channels.

If you are a big player with a huge audience on social media you may qualify for this program.

TEMU Influencer Benefits:

  • Up to $200 balance when your account is approved
  • Up to $1,000 balance bi-monthly by sharing your content
  • Up to $300 of free products
  • Up to $100,000 affiliate cash per month
  • Up to $20 balance per reference
  • Your referee will enjoy 50% off discounts saving up to $50

How Does TEMU’s Affiliate Program Compare To SHEIN’s?

LEGO affiliate program small logo
Temu Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Earn up to 20% commissions for all referred sales

Cookies: 15 days

Product Selection: Promote thousands of Temu products across hundreds of categories

Audience: Global

Program Management: In-house

SHEIN Affiliate Program

Commission Rates:  Earn 10%-20% commissions on each sale

Cookies: 30 days

Product Selection: With the SHEIN affiliate program you can promote thousands of fashion and lifestyle products to choose from

Audience: Global

Program Management: Both in-house and through several affiliate networks

Is The TEMU Affiliate Program Legit?

The TEMU affiliate program is totally legit.

Not only is TEMU a popular and rapidly-growing platform, but its affiliate program offers you plenty of opportunity to cash in by promoting it.

TEMU always pays their affiliates on time and offers professional support to make it a partnership that they take seriously.

TEMU continues to build on its reputation by making new tools and products available that will further enhance these relationships.


TEMU and SHEIN aren’t just competitors, they are bitter enemies.

In December 2022 SHEIN sued TEMU alleging that TEMU had recruited several online influencers “to make false and deceptive statements” about SHEIN to promote its own platform.

TEMU later counter-sued SHEIN in July 2023 alleging that SHEIN had “engaged in a campaign of threats, intimidation, false assertions of infringement, and attempts to impose baseless punitive fines” on clothing manufacturers thought to be working with TEMU.*

*Source: Wikipedia

Is TEMU A Good Or Bad Company?


The TEMU affiliate program is a better alternative to an affiliate program like Amazon Associates who only pay a small percentage for each sale.

20% is a solid commission rate. Will you earn $100,000 per month in this program? Very unlikely.

But if you do, please contact me because I would love to talk with you.

Overall, in my opinion the TEMU affiliate program is definitely worth promoting.


How do I qualify for the TEMU affiliate program?
You don’t need any special qualifications to join the TEMU program. It’s free to join.

When do I get paid?
Once your commission balance reaches a minimum threshold of $50 you will trigger payment. TEMU pays their affiliates on a monthly basis.

How does the TEMU affiliate program work?
When someone clicks on one of your tracking links and visits TEMU’s website, that visitor is credited to you for a  15 day ‘cookie’ period until they place an order.

If and when an order is placed by one of your credited visitors within that time frame, you earn a commission for that order.

Commissions for sales are up to 20%.

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Affiliate Disclosure
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