7 Things You Need for a Pro Affiliate Website

This is the age of the Internet in which any individual who is willing to learn and has time to spare, can make a decent amount of money online through a variety of options including freelancer writing, blogging, and the all-time classic- affiliate marketing. In fact, affiliate marketing is arguably the most profitable and safest option of all.

If you don’t believe it, then just read the story of this 25-year-old who earns a passive income of a whopping $400,000 a year while traveling around the world.

In Affiliate Marketing, Presentation is Everything

Many people are attracted towards affiliate marketing and get involved expecting a massive hike in their earnings within a few months. However, only a few pay attention to their websites, and what happens next? Well, most of them fail to generate enough revenue to even survive and end up giving up and losing faith in the business itself.

Here is the thing- it’s not that affiliate marketing doesn’t work, it’s that you must take it seriously if you want to make serious money. Most importantly, your website itself should look professional with quality content and design.

If you want your efforts in affiliate marketing to bear fruits, then you can’t underestimate the importance of a professional website. However, if you don’t know how to go about it, then you needn’t worry. All you have to do is make sure that your website has the following:

1. Comparison Tables

When you are writing about the various features of a certain product or service, many of the readers may don’t want to believe it especially if they know that you are an affiliate marketer. However, when you share facts, then that can turn things around rather quickly, and one way to do that is to use comparison tables. It’s simple but highly effective.

When your readers see exactly how much is a certain smartphone faster than others in the market at the same price point, or how a certain online service offers more features than its counterparts, it makes it easier for them to trust your work. Naturally, this leads to a higher conversation rate too.

2. Professional Logo

There are countless and nameless affiliate marketing websites on the Internet today. They have poor designs, low-quality images, and have little to no branding. However, if you use a creative and high-quality logo for your website, you can show that you mean business. Besides, creating a unique and appealing logo isn’t that hard anymore. All you have to do is find a decent logo generator, preferably an advanced one that uses artificial intelligence or automation, and tell the program what kind of logo you want. And that’s it! The program will generate a top-class logo for you in a matter of minutes!

3. Affiliate (Link) Cloakers

One major problem with affiliate links is that they can be quite complex and difficult to remember. They also look rather hideous on your pristine website although you can’t just not use them as that would defat the purpose of the website itself. That said, this problem can be solved by using link cloakers.

A link cloaker is exactly what it sounds like- a program or web-service that simplifies your affiliate links by “cloaking” the visible affiliate code.

Let’s take an example:

Original link:

Cloaked link:

As you can clearly see, the new link is far simpler and better-looking. However, apart from the aesthetic benefits, link cloakers also offer:

  • Easy Tracking: There are a variety of link cloaking plugins that can track all the clicks to your affiliate links. You can check out the reports to identify your best blog posts and website pages that are garnering the most attention.
  • High CTR: Standard affiliate links don’t look good on the eyes and can often discourage the visitors from clicking them. This can greatly hurt the click-through rate. However, with a link cloaker you can make your links more friendly and welcoming and increase the CTR.
  • Protection From Ad Blockers: Ad blockers are browser plugins that disable digital advertisements. However, they can also identify affiliate plugins that are use images in ad banners and prevent users from seeing them. That said, if you are using a link cloaker, you can prevent this from happening.

4. Live Chat Service

Live chat is easily one of the most useful affiliate marketing tools of the trade. This is because it allows you to give your customers the best support possible, especially since most of them prefer text-based communication (live chat, email, etc.) over calling on the phone. It also allows them to contact you directly without waiting which helps in building trust and enhancing consumer engagement.

5. Affiliate Disclaimers

Affiliate disclaimers are statements that inform your customers/readers that you have been paid to write a blog post or video. This helps in bringing transparency in your relationship with them and allows them to distinguish between free content and paid content.

You may need to put affiliate disclaimers for legal reasons as well. For instance, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) oversees matters involves affiliate marketing and may take legal action against an affiliate marketer who fails to put affiliate disclaimers on their website. You can read more about it in the guide released by the commission.

6. Professional Website Theme

If you want to make a good impression on your website visitors, then you can’t skimp on the website design. One of the best things about popular site builders like WordPress and Wix is that you get a huge variety of themes that can drastically change the visual appeal of your website in a matter of seconds. Although many of these are available for free, they are pretty basic in nature. This is why it’s strongly recommended that you purchase a high-quality and professional-looking theme instead. Your website visitors are more likely to stay if the design is pleasing to the eyes and the navigation smooth.

7. Choose a Branded Domain

The last thing you need for a professional affiliate website is a professional domain name. Rather than picking something generic i.e. along the lines of luggagebagsreviews.com or mobilereviews2018.com, etc. try to be more creative and original. Pick a domain name that sounds professional and natural and not something that an inept affiliate marketer would use.

So, there you have it- some of the most essential things that you need to create a quality affiliate website. Try to use as many of them as possible and you will see the impact for sure. Good luck.

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