JVZoo Review 2024: Pros, Cons, & The Future

Updated: December 31, 2023

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What Is JVZoo?

JVZoo is one the top affiliate networks and marketplace for information and software-driven products.

They launch new products and services on a daily basis that are promoted by a small army of affiliate marketers.

Including me.

For JVZoo Affiliates:

  • It is 100% free to use
  • You keep 100% of the commissions your earn
  • They always pay on time every time

For JVZoo Product Sellers:

  • There are never any setup fees of any kind
  • You only pay a small percentage to the house for each sale your affiliates make
  • You never pay for traffic; only sales

The JVZoo arena is populated by both affiliate marketers and product creators that form joint ventures to promote these products and services.

The ‘JV’ in JVZoo is taken from the ‘joint venture’ nature of the platform.

How long has JVZoo been around?

The Zoo started in 2011 and has experienced rapid growth since then.

In fact, was named one of the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in the US.

Today JVZoo has more than 800,000 affiliates that have made more than 18 million individual product sales.

Here is a quick peek inside the affiliate dashboard where you can browse available products to promote:

jvzoo screenshot

How To Sign Up For JVZoo

1. Navigate over to the homepage: JVZoo.com

2. Click on the bright orange button

jvzoo homepage sign-up
3. Register for your free JVZoo account by providing the information needed – name, email address, password, payment methods, etc.

Nothing crazy needed.

4. Follow this video tutorial if you would prefer ‘visual aids’.

What Products Can You Promote As An Affiliate?

The JVZoo products you’ll find on the site are mostly automation tools that are targeted to other digital marketers promoting online.

You’ll find a huge variety of products and services including software, apps, PLR content, traffic generation tools, social media builders, email marketing automation, and a ton more.

These products are not brand name products that you’ll find on more mainstream affiliate networks.

These are privately created products designed to perform a specific task or series of tasks.

Is JVZoo Legit?


I know this through personal experience. I have made thousands of sales on JVZoo over the past decade and they always pay in full and on time.

It’s not a perfect platform by any means. Does one even exist?

But it is reliable and trustworthy.

Here are the pros and cons for affiliate marketers promoting JVZoo products:

JVZoo Pros

  • Free to join and use
  • Keep 100% of your commissions
  • Guaranteed payments
  • You don’t have to bug vendors to get paid
  • A nicely organized affiliate dashboard
  • A huge range of products to promote
  • New product releases/launches every single day

JVZoo Cons

  • Some of the products are weak, leading to annoying refunds and chargebacks
  • Affiliates are penalized for refunds, not the product creators who make them. The penalty is having to wait longer for payouts if your refund rate exceeds a set threshold
  • Some products that you may be promoting disappear without notice leading to ‘dead affiliate links’
  • Some product creators make some pretty outrageous claims about their product and income potential

How You Get Paid

One of the first things I look for when considering joining a new affiliate network is how and when I will get paid.

Whenever you make a sale, your share will automatically be deposited into your JVZooPay account.

From there, you have four options for how you can withdrawal money from your JVZooPay account:

  1. You can withdraw funds directly into your checking or savings accounts.
  2. You can send your money to your Payoneer account.
  3. You can withdraw funds directly into your bank account using the Trolley platform (formerly known as Payment Rails).
  4. You can send money into your PayPal account using Trolley. (2% fees charged by PayPal apply).

This process guarantees that you are paid for every sale you make from JVZoo without having to chase down vendors looking for money.

Affiliates are paid within 30 days depending upon their level within JVZooPay and their rolling reserve.

Levels are determined by:

  • Length of time the user has held a JVZoo account
  • Number of affiliate sales made
  • Refund rate associated with the account

Your JVZooPay level can be found within your JVZooPay Account on your withdrawal page.

Levels are recalculated and updated daily.

When You Get Paid

Every affiliate is graded as either Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Probation Level based on the criteria below.

The levels you qualify for will determine when your commissions are automatically distributed by your method of choice.

Diamond Level

Premium Affiliate Status
Payments released every 3 days
Account must be active for one year
Minimum 2000 affiliate sales
Refund rate below 5%

Platinum Level

Payments released every 5 days
Account must be active for nine months
Minimum 1,500 affiliate sales
Refund rate below 7%

Gold Level

Payments released every 7 days
Account must be active for seven months
Minimum 500 affiliate sales
Refund rate below 9%

Silver Level

Payments released every 14 days
Account must be active for six months
Minimum 250 affiliate sales
Refund rate below 11%

Plus a Rolling Reserve of 20% of what you have earned in your JVZooPay account over the last 6 months.

Bronze Level

All accounts under 6 months old or accounts that have haven’t received a JVZooPay distribution yet.

  • Has passed a new account review by JVZoo
  • Less than 250 affiliate sales
  • Refund rate above 11%

Plus a Rolling Reserve of 25% of what you have earned in your JVZooPay account over the last 6 months.

Probation Level

All new accounts are placed on probation.

They must meet all JVZooPay requirements AND then, Contact JVZoo Support to have their first payout released.

Contacting JVZoo Support prior to meeting all requirements will NOT result in faster payouts and may actually delay future reviews.


JVZoo is far from perfect, but a good choice for any digital marketer promoting in the make-money-online space.

The platform itself is easy to use and navigate around. And the offers pay higher than average commissions. 

It takes some time to determine which product creators are a good fit for you and your audience.

Once you learn who to trust and who not to promote, you’ll be able to build solid relationships with these vendors that will lead to more sales and income online.

This review is based on my personal editorial review process

Affiliate Disclosure
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