Pinterest Affiliate Marketing In 5 Steps

Updated: January 16, 2024 by Bill Burniece

Everyone knows Pinterest as being the place with all of the beautiful pictures and infographics about recipes, beauty and exercise. Right?

Well, that is true. The fact is that most Pinterest users see the network as a source of inspiration. They get ideas on what to cook, what haircut to try next, how to do their makeup, what workouts to test and how to dress.

But can you make any money on the Pinterest platform? Yes, and it’s a huge opportunity.

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Pinterest Affiliate Marketing In 2024

Pinterest opposed the concept of affiliate marketing for a long time.

They saw it as spam. The only way to use the platform for such purpose was to place a link to a blog post, which contained affiliate links. But that all changed in 2016.

 The Pinterest team finally understood the business potential of their network.

Now, you can easily share affiliate links directly on the platform, so you’ll drive your audience towards the products or services you want to benefit from.

Now let’s see: how can you turn this into an effective marketing strategy that helps you gain money?

5 Step Plan For Effective Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

1. Start with Your Existing Boards

Do you already have a Pinterest profile for personal use? That’s where you want to start – the existing personal boards. There, you already have infographics, tutorials, and all kinds of content you pinned from websites or from Pinterest itself. If it’s a good board, it also has followers.

An affiliate link within such a board doesn’t look promotional. It appears as part of the natural pinning process. It’s something you’re really interested in.

Check out how the affiliate link would look like in an existing Pinterest board, called Gluten-free cookbook:

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You see all kinds of recipes, and a product pinned among them. When you write a short description about the product and ideas of recipes you could use it in, you’ll boost the pin’s chances to get attention.

2. Switch to Business

One of the most common mistakes that promoters make is not pinning from a business account. When you switch to a business account, you’ll unlock great tools that will make the process more effective. You’ll get analytics, so you’ll know how your campaign is going. Plus, you’ll get an opportunity to turn your pins into ads.

The best part is that you can switch to a business account for free. Look for this prompt on the Pinterest platform:

3. Design Unique Pins for Your Affiliate Products

You’ll have to check this with your affiliate program, but most programs have nothing against the members designing original pins.

Why do you need to do this?

Well if you check the board shared above, the product is immediately noticeable. It’s different from all other pins. If this pin featured the product along a nice photo of an actual recipe, it would blend in.

The good news is that it’s really easy to design a beautiful pin. Canva gives you thousands of free templates you can easily customize. But if you really need help with this, you can rely on cheap writing services. You’ll provide your instructions and you’ll get the pins prepared by professional writers and designers.

If you have the design skills and you want a really unique pin with an affiliate link, you can explore your potential using Adobe Illustrator.

4. Create Branded Boards, Too

You’ll start by sharing affiliate links in your existing boards, but you’ll be ready to take things further at one point or another. When you’re sure you have enough followers and they all like your content, you can start creating dedicated Pinterest boards. They will exclusively feature boards with products you’re trying to promote.

You want to develop a branded appearance. You’ll do that by thinking of a great title and description for that board. Remember to use keywords that people would usually use when searching for such pins.

Then, start adding pins that rock the same vibe. A uniform appearance will make the board look much more professional.

5. Engage in Marketing

Of course you won’t just pin few affiliate links and leave it there. If you really want to make money through Pinterest, you’ll have to work for it.

As soon as you start adding affiliate links on Pinterest, you want to boost their exposure. To do that, you can use one of the opportunities your business profile gives you: promoted pins. They work because Pinterest users don’t see them as ads. They just see them as regular pins in their feeds, so they are more likely to click on them.

Promoted pins behave in the search just as a regular pin would. If someone is searching for the type of pin you have, it will appear in the results.

Of course; you’ll be paying for this campaign, so you have to track its performance. Pinterest gives you great analytics. Invest some time and effort in them. It’s important to see how well your promotional campaign is going, so you can make the needed adjustments to boost its effects.

Start Pinning Away

The best thing about Pinterest is that it’s fun. The more you use it, the more it gets your attention. The users get relevant pins in their feed. The search function is awesome, so they can easily find the stuff they are looking for. Plus, they get regular email messages from the platform. They remain engaged on a daily basis.

There’s tons of space for promotion. Develop an action plan and start pinning your affiliate links.

But wait… is there an easier way to kickstart the process? As in like an automation hack?

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Automation

Is It Possible To Automate Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest?

Yes. By using a tool called Pinflux:

What is Pinflux?

Pinflux logo image
Pinflux is a powerful desktop-based traffic automation tool that is going to give you the best Pinterest marketing results in the shortest amount of time.

Pinflux powerful features that make it a surefire profit crunching app for you:

  • Works with multiple boards across multiple IDs
  • Automates pinning of fresh content
  • Search and automatically finds powerful content from Pinterest
  • Finds pins in any niche and repins them to your board
  • Automatically follows niche targeted profiles
  • Unfollow automation for profiles that did not follow you back
  • Like & activity automation
  • 100% support for manual actions. You can do everything from within the Pinflux app

Pinflux sets your Pinterest marketing on fast track, gives you tons of more benefits The 3-Step Simple Traffic Process With Pinflux

  1. Connect all your Pinterest accounts & boards/li>
  2. Set up your keywords & board settings
  3. Watch your Pinterest traffic & stats grow

Here’s what makes leveraging Pinflux to boost your Pinterest marketing profits so easy:

  • Do all work from a single interface for all accounts
  • Do tasks faster and better with automation
  • Schedule pins actions across multiple boards for higher visibility and more chances of people following you back, and buying from you too
  • Complete reporting keeps you updated
  • 100% Manual Control At Every Level so you can customize just the way you want
  • Powerful keyword research features lets you find pins in any niche blazing fast and easy
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Guest post by Samantha Gilbert.

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