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Updated: June 28, 2023 by Bill Burniece

Spark is the long anticipated education platform created by the super affiliate team at ClickBank to help you take your online income to the next level.

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Is Spark By ClickBank Legit?

Yes, it is.

But now in 2024, there is a much better course for your money…

Forget about Spark By ClickBank and go invest John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program instead.

Spark by ClickBank is the new and much improved training program that has replaced the badly outdated ClickBank University product.

Who Created Spark?

All of the content and courses in Spark were created by experienced ClickBank employees with one goal in mind; reduce the time that it takes you to get your first ClickBank paycheck.

More than that, ClickBank understands that top digital marketers need more than just training to be successful.

You’ll also get recommendations, discounts and step-by-step tutorials on all of the tools you’ll need to carve out your online digital empire.


In step one, you’ll join the Spark head instructor Kacey Duncan in comprehensive and easy-to-follow courses which teach you everything you need to know to become a successful ClickBank affiliate marketer or create your first digital product.


Next, you’ll learn from the ClickBank team of experts how to bring your affiliate promotions and/or products to life with step-by-step guides on targeting your audience, creating your first ad and harnessing the power of the ClickBank Marketplace.


Finally, you’ll learn how to scale your profitable models. Whether you’re an established pro or just getting started, Spark includes the tools, resources and training today’s digital marketers need to use to grow from one sale to 1,000 sales and beyond.

What’s Included In Spark By ClickBank?

More Than 70 Information-Packed Training Modules Including:

  • The fundamentals of direct response marketing
  • Learn how to create high-converting landing pages
  • The process of creating and using written copy and video content for high conversions
  • Comprehensive affiliate and product seller quick-start guides
  • How to create your first ad and make money with it
  • And a lot more
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How To Use ClickBank With Spark For Profitable Results

Before Spark, there was ClickBank University.

I’m sure you’ve heard about it.

The great results that went into creating ClickBank University has evolved into Spark – which is the only ClickBank-sponsored education platform that is available today.

Spark is not just for newbie digital marketers. Spark by ClickBank is geared towards affiliate marketers of all levels.

The truth is, that there is a lot of worthless digital marketing courses out there.

Most make promises to you that they can’t possibly deliver on.

ClickBank, on the other hand, has always been candid about the time and effort it takes to earn a living as an affiliate marketer. They understand that there is a learning curve involved.

With so much information (much of it misinformation) out there, sorting through it all can be frustrating and overwhelming.

It Starts With A Bedrock Of Knowledge – A Learner

Since we’re being real here let’s discuss the process…

A select team of ClickBank experts got together and decided to make learning how to use ClickBank more straightforward. According to ClickBank Marketing Manager, Brett Chesney, the idea started with the learner in mind:

“Even from its earliest inception we wanted to design a growth platform that not only provided students best-in-class training on becoming successful product creators and affiliate marketers, but also gave them the building blocks that are needed before that.

The end result is an all-encompassing training program. We guide you through things like important industry concepts and terms; the psychology behind why direct response marketing works (and will always work!); how to write killer ad copy; and we even get a little zen and explore powerful ways each of us can tap into our own passions to help fuel our future success.”

Building Blocks Form A Strong Foundation

By focusing on the building blocks of digital marketing, Spark by ClickBank ensures a strong foundation of best practices for affiliate marketers of all skills levels who want to learn how to use ClickBank the right way.

This kind of back to the basics foundational learning is key to your success and carefully engineered by the experts at ClickBank.

The Evolution Of Learning

One of the most fundamental concepts that sets Spark apart from all of the other digital marketing learning platforms is that it is rooted in actual education. With the help of professional education experts, the ClickBank team designed courses that teach real skills in a very real way.

Spark has been a labor of love developed over a period of years, not days.

Like all projects worth doing, Spark had to go from inception, to conception to creation. Even with 22 years of experience, and a team with robust and adept skill sets, getting it all from paper to production didn’t happen without a lot of hard work.

The Future Is Now

Spark is now the only ClickBank-endorsed learning platform on the web.

You may know some things about digital marketing, but if you truly want to learn how to use ClickBank, Spark is the answer. With new material being added and exclusive access to experts and invite-only webinars, Spark ignites your digital marketing career in a way that other digital marketing educational resources just can’t.

Spark is for anyone who wants to shorten the time between now and their first ClickBank paycheck. With over 70 videos that harness the power of ClickBank’s two decades of expertise in the industry, it’s a living solution that’s worth investing in if you’re serious about making money online.

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Spark By ClickBank Q & A:

Is Spark by ClickBank for new affiliate marketers?
Spark was created for affiliate marketers of all levels – from newbie to veteran.

Is the Spark content easy to learn?
Yes it is. If you like visual learning over reading a boring manual Spark is a great choice for you. All of the training modules are presented in video format in short 3-7 minute segments.

What makes Spark by ClickBank better than other digital marketing courses?
Experience. Spark was created by the professional marketers at ClickBank – who pioneered direct response performance marketing. The content is an accumulation of everything learned over decades of online sale.

What if I don’t like Spark?
Spark comes with a and unconditional money back guarantee for 30 day from your date or purchase. If you decide Spark is not a good fit for you, for any reason, you’ll get all of your money back.

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