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Updated: January 7, 2024 by Bill Burniece

Did you know that many internet marketing experts and gurus turn to Private Label Rights (PLR eBooks) for easy done-for-you content for their online businesses?

I know this for a fact because many of the top experts in this hot niche market are my customers.

I use PLR eBooks content in my business all the time since it saves so much time and effort.

Did you know a lot of the training courses you have purchased started with PLR eBooks as the base for the content?

What Are PLR eBooks?

PLR is short for Private Label Rights.

PLR eBooks are already-written content that you can use as an affiliate marketer to resell as is or repackage the content in any way that you want to.

As the name implies, you have full private label rights to use the book content without any limitations.

When you invest in PLR content, you can edit, rename, and rebrand any or all of the information as you please.

It quite literally becomes your product.

This saves you valuable time and effort starting from scratch to create an information product.

You can also use your PLR eBooks as bonuses for your products, membership sites, coaching programs, affiliate bonuses, or for your next product launch.

The easiest way to describe PLR eBooks is that it gives you the rights to resell this content as your own product while keeping 100% of the profits.

The PLR products package below is by far the best I’ve ever seen for the price.

You’ll not only get a great eBook loaded with content that will help you make you more money in your own business, you’ll also receive a step-by-step course on how to set up a system to resell the book to others.

This includes all the tools you need to market and sell it.

In fact, you’ll get a complete system with an easy page builder, sales page, squeeze page, download page and affiliate page.

It’s all done for you.

What’s Included In This PLR eBooks Package?

The eBook itself is a newly written guide on how to create and make money from eBooks from beginner to pro.

The name is pretty obviously straightforward: Building And Monetizing eBooks Newbie To Pro.

Along with learning the content yourself, you’ll get everything you need to promote it to others and collect 100% of the commissions yourself:

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  • A Simple Point And Click Setup
  • A Full Mini-Site Graphical Template
  • A Professionally Written Sales Page
  • A Done-For-You Squeeze Page
  • Fully Editable Word Source Docs
  • PLR Profit Machine Training
  • High Quality Graphical Images
  • Bonus PLR Articles
  • Done-For-You Email Swipe Copy
  • Ready-To-Go Download Pages

Also Get The PLR Profit Machine Bonus

You’ll also get this super high quality training course that will teach you exactly how to profit from PLR.

This is a brand new training course that we have personally put together to complement any PLR material that you have.

The training covers absolutely everything you could possibly need to know in order to make your PLR material generate maximum profits for you.

PLR Profit Machine box image

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20 Best Ways To Profit From PLR eBooks

Most digital marketers mistakingly believe that a PLR product is only a pre-written eBook or report that you can sell.

Well, it is. But what most marketers fail to understand is you can do so many things with PLR content.

Private label ebooks are so versatile.

Below you will see why:

1. Blogging – An obvious choice, but splitting PLR reports and articles into blog posts saves time and can be very informative if you are not so much an expert on the subject. Split your eBooks and reports into blog post content and use excerpts on social media to link back to your blogs. Simple traffic for very little work.

2. Website Content – Content is king and having content at hand in the form of PLR is cheap and effective for website content. Split your eBooks and Reports into website content.

3. Free Downloads – Use your PLR as a free giveaway on blogs, social media and via email broadcasts and auto responders to your subscribers. Simple and highly effective to build trust.

4. Research and Development – Stuck for content or don’t know enough about a particular subject? PLR is perfect for research and product development. The work is done for you. All you need to do is apply your own product look and feel and you become the expert.

5. Auto Responders – By splitting articles and reports, you can create your own auto responder content and mini courses. By adding these to your auto responder of choice, you can then offer these courses as incentives to join your mailing lists. In your course you can also link back to products, services and affiliate products.

6. Traffic Magnets – Like all created content, you can repurpose PLR articles, images, videos, reports, eBooks across all blogs, website and social media platforms to generate traffic back to your own sites. Example – use PLR images on Pinterest, text snips on Twitter, Images on Insta, niche content on Facebook pages.

7. Workshops and Online Webinars – Stuck for content for a webinar you know little about? Using niche PLR in webinars and workshops is a perfect example of utilizing PLR on subjects you know little about to deliver high quality training.

8. Affiliate Marketing – Niche content and information about a particular product or service can be extremely valuable for selling affiliate products or advertising affiliate links. Use your PLR eBooks, reports and articles to advertise affiliate links on blogs, websites and social media.

9. Niche Websites – One of the best ways of becoming an authority in a particular niche is by grabbing great PLR content and applying that content to a website. Split the reports and articles into web pages, send traffic from social media and even sell the PLR or related PLR on your website.

10. Online Training Courses – Very similar to webinars, but you don’t have to do this live. By adding more content to an already comprehensive package, such as videos, audio and extra reports, you can create a complete online training course. These sell for 10x more than conventional reports and eBooks.

11. Home Study Courses – There is a lot of money in downloadable home study courses. By packaging a comprehensive amount of niche PLR content you can create a complete home study course. This does require a sales page and graphics edit, but the sales cost can far outweigh the creation outsourcing costs.

12. Training Guides – By offering training on your websites, social media pages and blogs, you can become an authority. There are a lot of PLR video training courses you can buy to show your visitors how to do ‘something in your niche of choice’ e.g. Blog training courses.

13. Multiple Language PLR Conversions – Although most PLR we see is written in UK or US English, there is a lot of scope for making income in alternative languages. All of the tips in the report apply to this tip when you convert your PLR to alternative languages.

14. Guest Posting – Take some PLR rewrite it in your own style and put it up for guest posting on authority blogs. Nothing new here, but it drives traffic and promotes you as an authority in your niche. *TIP – Be sure to put maximum effort into rewriting to make your brand appealing to other readers.

15. Sales Pages – Stuck for a sales page for a product or home study course? You can use PLR products sales copy as a basis for your own sales copy. Most sales copy PLR is written by professionals so using these pages can be advantageous to build on.

16. Branding Your Reports – One of the greatest failures when using PLR is not branding the report as your own. As shown in the video series in the PLR Monster training area, simply flipping a report and not adding your own links, contact details, website branding and logos can be highly detrimental to your business.

17. Building a Niche Package – Niche packages consist of multiple PLR packages rolled into one PLR package to create more value and more resale price. Creating packages like this can be very successful and lucrative it done correctly. Always remember to change the sales copy and add new graphics to display the whole niche package collection.

18. Physical Products – There is usually quite an on-cost for physical product conversion. However you can also charge a premium for a physical product. Convert all reports to physical books, or add to DVDs, create a printable cover and you have a physical product you can sell from your websites or auction sites.

19. Social Media Content – Take your PLR and split it up into useable content to add to social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook pages, LinkedIn etc. with back links to your websites, blogs, sales pages etc. Go ahead and drive some traffic as an expert in your niche. This is PLR gold.

20. Create a Membership Site – Creating a membership site has never been so easy with niche specific PLR. Using a popular niche such as traffic, you can create a monthly subscription membership site using PLR material. Also, because the niche is so abundant, you should never run out of material.

eBooks Newbie To Pro

Best PLR eBooks Q&A

Q – Can I convert these to articles or split the PLR ebooks content up?
A – Yes, this is a great way to maximize your PLR to take a different approach to creating multiple streams on income.

Q – Is it possible to create an audio from these PLR ebooks?
A – Yes we recommend creating audio and video. Once again to maximize profits and use your PLR in an alternative way.

Q – Can I use this PLR content for blog articles?
A – Of course, this is a tried and tested method.

Q – Can I create a newsletter from the PLR material?
A – The PLR can be split and drip fed to create a super cool news letter series.

Q – Do I get to keep 100% of the profits?
A – Of course the PLR is yours to sell and keep all earnings.

Q – Can I use the PLR books in my members area?
A – Yes as resale rights material not the raw PLR it must be converted.

Q – Do you supply everything I need to get started?
A – Yes, including sales material, squeeze pages, emails, graphics PSD’s etc etc.

Q – Is this PLR eBook package really valued at 100k?
A – Yes, it costs the guys around $1000 per package to create.

Q – Is the private label ebook model still relevant?
A – Yes, the private label ebook opportunity will probably be around forever in one form or another.


PLR marketing eBooks are a real time saver.

And a great way to market if you don’t like writing or creating your own content.

Most affiliate marketers start out selling other peoples products. That’s cool, but you make more money selling your own products.

The PLR eBook marketing model simplifies the process and shortens the time needed to start making money online.

At some point, many marketers consider creating their own product (such as an eBook) so they can keep 100% of the profits generated by their own sales and a portion of the profits generated by their own affiliates.

Most, however aren’t good enough writers or lack the funds necessary to hire a ghost-writer to complete it for them.

That’s where PLR comes in.

The PLR license is not limited to just eBooks either. You can also use the content to create:

  • Articles
  • Software
  • Courses
  • Graphic templates or images
  • Email newsletters
  • Sales tools and copywriting to help you sell it

You can rebrand all of these and put your name on them (or an alias) and boom – you have your very own product.

PLR eBook Advantages:

The advantages of buying Private Label Rights eBook content compared to creating your own are:

  1. Saving time not having to research the topic and write it yourself
  2. Having professional quality content that your customers will be happy with and less likely to refund
  3. Saving money compared to hiring a ghost-writer or buying exclusive rights to an eBook. Most PLR eBooks are very inexpensive
  4. Gaining a reputation as an “expert” on a subject even if you know little to nothing about it
  5. This product is YOUR product. All you have to do is put your name on your product, upload it and you’re in business for yourself
  6. This niche is huge with plenty of room for you to make money in
  7. This course is appealing to everyone who wants to start a business or expand their current one
  8. 100% risk-free. This course is already proven to sell. You don’t have to HOPE it will sell. If you dislike it for any reason you’re protected by a 30 day money back guarantee
  9. Charge what YOU want. That’s right- you can set any price over $15-20 or more and keep all of the profits yourself
  10. Use our reputation. We’ve taken time to develop the program. We’ve already gained a reputation, and the testimonials show it. That means instant credibility for you
  11. Earn money long-term. There’s no time limit on this offer. It’s evergreen. You can put it up and sell it for a long time There’s no limit on your earnings
  12. YOU get paid instantly. No longer do you have to wait for delayed commissions to be paid out
  13. This is your product. There’s no middleman – you collect all of the profits from your PLR books
  14. You don’t need any technical skills to put it to use or sell it. All you have to do is put your own name on it and use the tools provided
  15. You get to learn from the course too. You will learn additional skills to help you make income online
  16. The price is ridiculously low for what you get

How To Profit From Your PLR eBook Products:

  • Sell it as is and keep 100% of the profits yourself
  • Use it for personal use and gain the same value from the content that your customers will
  • Sell it will resell rights for your buyer so they may benefit and profit from it too
  • Put your name on it as the author which is a great way to brand yourself as an expert. Yes, you can do that
  • Use it to generate traffic to your websites by dicing up the content and sharing it on social media channels
  • Give it away as a bonus when customers buy another product from you
  • Use it as a lead magnet (give it away for free) to help grow your list
  • Retitle, edit and profit from it. Retitle the product, change the contents and include your own backend affiliate links to boost sales. Yes, you can do that too!
  • Use it as an upsell for more profits on other products
  • Sell it as a ready-made product (done-for-you)
  • Create a physical product from it
  • Re-package it to include speaking rights so your customers can use it to create their own seminars and webinars
  • Use the contents for a membership site and charge a monthly fee to access it
  • Use the content for your social media posts that will help you build authority and more engagement
  • Split the content and use it for your blog posts or articles
  • Repurpose the content for offline use in presentations, articles, seminars, DVDs and courses
  • Use the content for webinars
  • Add your affiliate links to key portions of it to generate more sales and income
  • Translate the content into other languages and dominate foreign markets which are less saturated for more profits
  • Use PLR books for your newsletters to build trust and authority
  • Implement ideas for your an upcoming launch
  • Create podcast episodes for your audience
  • Recruit other affiliates to sell it for you and share the profits
  • This only scratches the surface of the possibilities. Get creative with it
  • PLR products will be around forever
eBooks Newbie To Pro
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