Goldbroker Affiliate Program Review 2024

Updated: January 6, 2024 by Bill Burniece

Why Enter The Precious Metal Market?

The gold and silver markets are still booming.

In fact, during the stock market’s recently volatile period full of corrections that has recently occurred the precious metals market has been considered a safe haven for investors.

Will this trend continue? It’s hard to say but most experts believe that with more uncertainty ahead (most recently with the market plunge in China) gold and silver will continue to be an attractive option to investors globally.

With this uncertainty, investment demand in physical gold and silver has never been so important.

Gold affiliate programs are hot right now.

So why not take advantage of this trend and become an affiliate of

Why Choose Goldbroker?

A. Payouts are high and you can choose from several different compensation models including CPA (cost per action) and revenue sharing programs.

  1. Two CPA (cost per action) programs, one in euros and one in dollars, and two revenue sharing programs, one in euros and one in dollars. The CPA program in euros offers a commission of 170€ for each client investing in gold or silver at, regardless of the amount invested. The CPA program in dollars offers a $200 commission.
  2. Revenue sharing programs in both currencies offer 20% of the net commissions generated by your recruited clients each time a client places an order. There are two types of orders : precious metals buying and precious metals storage.

B. Two different ways to get paid every single month. They can pay you via bank wire or Paypal. Affiliate payments are made at the end of each month. You can also directly invest the money you earned in physical gold or silver. 

C. Awesome marketing tools at your disposal:  

D. Cool live widgets. Bloggers, website editors, and site visitors all love the gold and silver spot price widgets. (Live gold example below). Updated every minute and available in 119 currencies, they will allow your visitors to precisely monitor the evolution of the gold and silver prices.

E. Use Goldbroker’s extensive expert content to embed your link. They not only allow it but strongly recommend it. Just copy the url that you want to send your visitor, then add at the end “#” and your affiliate “ID”.

For example if you want to link to the following market report you should use the url

F. Cookie duration of a full year! So, even if the customer signs up to two months after clicking on your link, you still earn the commission generated by the client.

Why Would Your Visitors Choose Goldbroker?

What To Do Next:

1. Click Here Now to fill out the free affiliate registration form.

2. Click on the activation link that we sent you by e-mail.

3. Log on to your affiliate account.

4. Go to « Marketing Tools » to recuperate your affiliation links and banners.

What are you waiting for? You can start making money today with Goldbroker.


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