Most Common Mistakes of Affiliate Business and How to Avoid Them

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you may be feeling overwhelmed with learning all the ins and outs of the business. And just like getting into any other trade, you’re bound to run into an issue and make a mistake before you even know it. Starting out, you’ll have to learn all information and necessary skills to be an affiliate marketer before your business will start to flourish.

One way to avoid making any mistakes it to be well educated on the possible common mistakes that everyone first makes when they’re beginning their journey into affiliate marketing. So, to help you avoid making these common errors, we’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes that people tend to make when they’re first starting out as an affiliate marketer.

Picking The Wrong Product

One of the most critical errors you can make is picking the wrong product. There is a large variety of different products that you can promote, and sometimes you may fall prey to picking products solely based on the commission rate. But affiliate marketing requires more than just paying attention to a good commision rate. It involves a strategy for more than just paying attention to making money.

Affiliate marketing is all about customer based relationships and developing a marketing strategy where people rely on your reviews and trust your judgement on a good product. So, if you tend to skip a good product just because you want a higher commision rate, you will be losing out on customer trust. You can’t build a good business if you lose the respect and trust from the very people who are supporting your job. Look for products that not only work well, but also add some sort of help or value to your customers everyday life.

Selling Too Many Products

Many times we see young marketing affiliates consumed by their enthusiasm for the business and this ends up with them accepting too many products at once. While you want to have positive energy in your job, you don’t want to let it get in the way of making some poor choices such as choosing too many products at once. You’ve heard of the quote “spreading yourself too thin”, and this means that you shouldn’t try to manage more than you can handle.

So, instead of picking quantity over quality, narrow down your products to ones that add value to you and your customers life. You can also focus on very specific and unusual products that people specifically look for This way you’ll be able to make those quality sales because of a good product. When you dedicate more time to one product, you’ll find that you’re more likely to have better reviews of that product. When you get the hang of how affiliate marketing works, then you can increase your workload and sell more products.

Promoting Products Without Using Them

We’ve found that many marketers make this mistake. They see a product, hear the commission rate, and then spring into action. This path may seem like it may work, but in the long run you’re going to end up losing your loyal customers because they’re going to not trust your instinct for picking quality products. To be successful as a marketer, you need to test the product out before you recommend it to other people. Take the time to purchase the product and spend a decent amount of time reviewing all aspects of the product. A great marketer will list not only the pros of the product, but also the cons of it as well.

Not Tracking Analytics

One of the most important factors of any business is the ability to track your analytics. By skipping this step, you could open your business up to potential flaws. Whenever you make a sale, you should know how and why that person decided to purchase that specific product. There are many tools available online that can help you track your businesses analytics. Use all of the information that you collect from the tool and put it towards a marketing strategy that can help increase your sales by tackling where you’re going wrong.

No Quality Reviews

By writing a well written review, you can help promote your product and provide your customer base with information about the product. People like to think that they can relate and trust another person’s view on a product. If you write a poor review, then the customer most likely won’t want to follow through with purchasing that product. But, with a strong written review, you can increase your sales by persuading your audience into purchasing or at least trying out that specific product.

To write a quality review, list the positives and negatives of owning and using that product. People like to know what they’re getting into, so don’t try and market the products into being perfect. You should clearly list why people should or shouldn’t purchase the product and who would benefit most by having the product. List all aspects of the product and make an honest review of it.


Becoming an affiliate marketer requires knowledge, gut instincts, and commitment to writing high quality reviews of the products they promote. As long as you collect emails, concentration on understanding the products you promote, and picking the right products that are worth people’s time and money, you’re on your way to becoming an excellent affiliate marketer. Just remember that every successful entrepreneur in history, be it Henry Ford, Bill Gates or Max Polyakov came to success thanks equally to talent and smart planning.

Guest post by: Ellen Royce

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