Best Men’s Health Affiliate Program

The men’s health market is one that is often overlooked by affiliate marketers.

When it comes to selling self-care, health and wellness products online, it’s usually women that come to mind. But the men’s health market segment is growing in leaps and bounds, and presents an enormous opportunity for those who jump in.

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Why Promote Men’s Health Products?

Until now, there has been a serious need to meet the growing unmet demand in men’s health products. The growth of eCommerce has stepped up to fill this need in a big way. And as an affiliate in the marketplace, you can make a killing in this largely unknown online niche.

Why Men Buy Health Products Online

Men are generally much more private than women when it comes to their personal health problems. Especially when it comes to sexually related problems and other issues that cause low self-esteem, embarrassment and humiliation. Men enjoy the privacy and discreet nature of making these purchases online.

Men are also more concerned with their image today largely due to the age of social media and all of the body image posts that are passed around. Men are more interested in appearance, self-grooming and overall hygiene. 

Who To Promote In The Men’s Health Affiliate Niche

While there are several men’s health affiliate programs to choose from, the one I like is likely one you’ve never heard of before: Calworth Glenford.

Calworth Glenford pays you 35 – 75 cents per click (CPA) and you get paid every Monday. They’ve have been in business since 1996 and have a line of products that sell like crazy online. All you have to do is mail out the high-converting creatives they have ready for you.

The Calworth Glenford Men’s Health Products:

Long-Term Health

These products focus on common problems middle aged men face such as high cholesterol, reduced metabolism and erectile disfunction.

Sexual Health Improvement

Middle aged men often deal with reduced sex drive and poor sexual performance and stamina. These products focus on ways to improve sex and relationships.

Fat Loss

Middle aged men find it more and more difficult to keep weight off  which leads to a greater risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disesase and stroke.

The Perfect Target Audience For This Niche

Calworth Glenford is looking for affiliates with a target market similar to their own:

  • Men who are 40 and older
  • Political conservatives mostly
  • Men who buy health and supplement products (most in this demographic do)
  • Men who are responding to financial, political, dating (targeted towards senior men), survival and golf related offers
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So if you have a lot of men over 40 on your list, you’ll do fantastic with this program:

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