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You may not know about yet but you should. is the first advertising push notifications network. allows you to deliver native advertising to your target audience using the power of push notification. 

If you’re unfamiliar with native ads and/or push notifications, don’t worry I will explain all of that to you below before we get into the power of this awesome platform.

You already likely know that you must stand out from the crowd to dominate online as a marketer in your chosen niche. When an effective new strategy or tool emerges to help you get noticed, its the early adopters that clean up well before it jumps the shark and becomes less effective.

Push notifications on both desktop and mobile are one of those strategies that most marketers haven’t discovered yet. Why? Because there aren’t many platforms yet making them available. That’s why is killing it in this space. They are the first network to focus primarily on push notifications. 

But, let’s make sure were all on the same page here…

What Are Native Ads?

Native advertising, used primarily online, are ads that mimic or match the format and theme of the page (and platform) on which it appears. That way the ads look less like advertisement and more like organic content on that page. 

What Are Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are the messages you see that pop up on your mobile devices. What’s cool is that as an app publisher, you can send messages at any time even if your audience isn’t using the app or their device at the time you send it.

Content Ideas For Your Push Notifications

  • Send out special offers, coupons, vouchers and promotions
  • Provide important updates for your content, terms or related news
  • Send notifications based on specific geolocation
  • Provide updates of e-commerce-related sales, discounts and deadlines
  • Send uploaded files including e-books, whitepapers, checklists and templates
  • Provide mobile application stocks
  • Send out free games, contest notifications and lotteries, etc.

Who Are Most Responsive To Push Notifications? has you covered delivering a mind-boggling billion impressions and more than nine million clicks each day. 

They also have drilled down into demographics to find who is the most responsive to push notifications. 

The chart below spells out the ideal target:

  • 80% male
  • 32% between the ages of 45-54 years old
  • Interests in both cinema, literature and teaching materials
The Platform

The Advantage 

The push notification platform works with any type of products and services including both PPS and CPA offers.

  • You’ll get full tracking capability so there is no need to have a third-party tracker
  • You can receive traffic from all countries
  • You’ll get detailed settings of the target (OS/platform/country/browser/ISP)
  • The system works according to the CPC model
  • The minimum price is 0.001 $ per click
  • Full support 24/7
  • Full-service moderation 24/7
  • You’ll get daily free cases
  • The interface is easy to learn and simple to use
  • There is a referral program (paying 7%)
  • They process more than 12 million clicks per day

Heck, you don’t even need to have your own base since provides its own to you.

To get your creative wheels spinning provides you with some detailed case studies complete with analytics, performance and geos: 

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