Evadav Ad Network Review 2024

Updated: January 5, 2024 by Bill Burniece

If you’re an internet marketer looking for a cutting-edge tool to further monetize your website, look no further than Evadav.

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Evadav is a leading advertising network trading Popunder, Push Notification, In-Page and Native Ads using CPM and CPC pricing models.

Evadav is a true evolving ad network that uses the latest tech to deliver the highest ROI for your ad dollar. They invest heavily in new ad formats, GEOS and pay models using cutting-edge technology solutions to stay ahead of their competitors.

This investment directly benefits you the client – both today and in the future.

They currently deliver over 2 billion impressions every day and provide all of the tools and support you need to maximize your profits.

Evadav has 4 different ad formats for you to choose from:

Evadav Ad Formats


This ad format has a native look that produces high click through rates. It’s easy to set up, Google-compliant and supports all devices and browsers.


This ad format opens into full page view and is triggered on the first click on site. The ad appears behind the web page, and stays in the background until the window is closed. It does not interfere with content.


The Native ad format matches the site content and generates large volumes without annoying site visitors. Native recommendation widgets deliver sponsored stories including customizable images and short texts.



Push notification is best way to monetize your traffic. It’s a clickable message sent to the desktop or mobile devices of users who have opted in to receive browser notifications.

Why Choose Evadav?

Evadav offers are one of the easiest ways to increase the revenue on your websites.

Their platform connects you with a global advertising exchange from the very top digital advertisers.

Evadav Benefits:

You Have Choices To Stay In Control:

  • With 4 different ad formats to choose from, you get to decide the right combination of user experience vs. ad delivery and monetization that best fits your goals
  • You decide the payment method and language
  • You’ll get all of the tech tools and analytics you need to make informed decisions using real-time data

Evadav Knows How To Sell Your Traffic

  • All GEOs, devices and browsers are compatible with their platform
  • They will connect you with literally thousands of advertisers ready to bid for your traffic
  • Evadav’s technology ensures you’ll get the highest optimization with no unsold inventory

You’ll Get World Class Support

  • Expect a dedicated account manager from the moment you get started with 24/7 client care and live chat
  • Protection and security for your audience from malware and other unwanted ads
  • Compliance from experts who know what they are doing
Are You An Advertiser?

Evadav provides advertisers with a full menu of money making options:

Fast Growth Thru Scaling

  • Evadav has a portfolio of tens of thousands of publishers and websites
  • You select the ad formats that best fit your business and brand
  • Management budget tools offering you several payment options

Only Pay For Effective Traffic

  • Evadav provides you with tools that allow you to optimize your campaigns
  • Results are tracked in real time and are easy to read
  • Bidding optimization ensures that you never waste money on traffic that doesn’t convert

Get VIP Treatment You Deserve

  • Evadav will provide for you a dedicated personal account manager
  • They know the marketplace and will speak your language
  • They are serious about providing the highest quality traffic that converts for you
How To Earn Income With Evadav As An Affiliate

Evadav will pay you a generous 5% of the income generated by your referred publishers.

What makes this so valuable to you as an affiliate is this referral revenue is a lifetime commission, which means you can keep growing your revenue by simply referring more people to the Evadav network.

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