13 Best Lottery Affiliate Programs To Promote In 2024

Updated: March 26, 2024  By Bill Burniece

Lottery Affiliate Programs

Lottery and lotto affiliate programs are kind of a hidden gem in affiliate marketing.

According to Allied Market Research, the global lottery market is projected to reach $430 billion by 2031.

The list below was based on my affiliate program editorial review process.

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Featured Lottery Affiliate Program


BC.GAME logo

Affiliate Commissions: Earn $1,000 + 25% commissions.

Cookie Duration: Not listed.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Casino Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

BC.GAME is a community-based crypto casino that offers its players the best online casino experience on the internet.

The BC.GAME Lottery gives you the chance to win up to $100,000 for a minimum wager of $0.1.

BC.GAME is among the first gaming platforms to support Bitcoin Lightning Network; BC.

2) All The Best Lottos

Affiliate Commissions: Earn a revenue share from 20% up to 50% for each referred purchase.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Affiliate Description:

All The Best Lottos is a globally reputable and reliable online ticket purchasing service that offers an entry to the world’s highest paying lottery jackpots.

Their platform offers your referrals the opportunity to play the most profitable lotteries responsibly whilst offering fun and exciting games with every draw.

All The Best Lottos Affiliate program is the official Affiliate program of ATBL, offering competitive rates for Affiliate partnerships to generate earnings to all our associates.

Their lottery services are available so that everyone has the chance to play in safety and security, with lotto guides, game explainers and easy access to the biggest jackpots around the world, making All The Best Lottos a leader in the lotto industry.

More: All The Best Lottos Review.

3) Giant Affiliates

Affiliate Commissions: Earn up to 40% commissions.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Affiliate Description:

Giant Affiliates is the affiliate program of Giantlottos.com

Giantlottos.com is a multinational lotto ticketing platform. We make it easy for everyone to play international lottery jackpots.

Giant Lottos acts as an agent – a proxy – for international lotto players. We help lottery lovers from around the world take part in games they may not have be eligible to play otherwise.

So, no matter where in the world your clients live they are welcome at Giant.

Because of the high demand for this type of service Giant has a strong buying power. This buying power allows us to buy tickets at discount prices. Giant Lotto’s players can play for the biggest jackpot prizes in the world and at a discounted rate, too.

New offers for 2022:

  • By 1 Get One Free USA Powerball
  • Free Power Ticket
  • Buy 1 Mega
  • Buy 1 Powerball
  • Buy 1 France
  • Deposit Promo
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free Mega Millions

4) LottoElite

Affiliate Commissions:

  • You can earn commission through Revenue Share of Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).
  • For WinTrillions, which is branded as Trillonario in Spanish jurisdictions, the Revenue Share commission rate varies between 10% and 15% depending on the number of sales you generate per month. The threshold to achieve 15% isn’t too strenuous however, with just 25 sales required.
  • For CPA the payment per new active customer varies from US$35 to US$45 and 25 sign-ups is the threshold for the full rate.
  • Congalotto operates as a single ticket site, as opposed to subscription, and for this reason the CPA payment is lower at between US$10 and US$14. Revenue Share is available for Congalotto partners, and it pays the same rates as WinTrillions.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

LottoElite is the most comprehensive and potentially rewarding affiliate partner in the online lottery sector. The site forms an umbrella for links with two leading lotto brands, the best known of which is WinTrillions, and partners can choose to work with one brand or both. The service offers a comprehensive range of features to help partners keep track of their income streams and support is also available from a dedicated account manager – Always an advantage even in the connected world of affiliate partnerships.

The LottoElite site offers everything you need to get started with each brand (The other one being Congalotto), including regular promotions and marketing collateral available on the site. I also like the fact that, if you can’t find exactly what you want, the team will create it for you.

5) TheLotter

Affiliate Commissions: Both CPA and revenue share options. Click through for details.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

Founded in February, 2002, theLotter is the first of its kind, offering people the freedom to purchase official lottery tickets from around the world. Over the years we have provided millions of players with tickets to lotteries across the globe, and enjoyed having more than one million winners on this site. We charge a handling fee, already included in the ticket price, which allows us to operate without taking any commissions from what our users win, no matter how big their prize is.

6) Lottoland

Affiliate Commissions: Earn 25-35% net revenue.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Affiliate Description:

Over the last 2 years, our team has grown from an affiliates focus to a more holistic commercial partnerships team.

We work alongside our partners to cover acquisition via email, mobile and display in different markets such as; Germany, Austria, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Brazil, India, Japan, South Africa and Hungary.

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7) MyLotto

Affiliate Commissions: Earn 10-15% net revenue.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Affiliate Description:

Launched in 2006 as the first ever affiliate program in the lottery field, MyLotto.com is the official affiliate program for Jackpot.com. With more than 10,000 affiliates, 10 years of experience, and an industry-leading reputation the MyLotto.com affiliate program is the frontrunner in its field.

8) MultiLotto

Affiliate Commissions: Revenue Share is their ‘go to’ model, but they also have CPA and Hybrid reward models available too.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Affiliate Description:

Multilotto is the successful B2C business offering players the chance to win the world’s biggest and best lottery jackpots. We’ve got America’s super lotteries Powerball and Mega Millions, Europe’s top 2 EuroMillions & Eurojackpot plus many more. Our players can take the chance to win hundreds of millions every single day.

9) Lottery Partner

Affiliate Commissions: Choose from several different income models including Revenue Sharing, CPA and a Hybrid Plan.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Affiliate Description:

Lottery Partner is an official affiliate program of Lotto Agent, international concierge service for the acquisition of lottery tickets on users’ behalf.

Lotto Agent offer tickets of popular American and European lotteries, including MEGA Millions, EuroMillions, PowerBall, EuroJackpot, SuperEnalotto, La Primitiva, El Gordo de la Primitiva and UK Lotto.

10) Winners Only Lotto

Affiliate Commissions: Earn 28% commissions.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Affiliate Description:

Everyday lottery players across the country focus on playing lottery games with five and six digits such as your state’s local Play 5, Mega Millions, and Powerball. With all the media hype surrounding the huge jackpots, who hasn’t dreamed of hitting it big? We all have.

Here’s the reality. The odds of winning one of these jackpots are in the millions, which are stated on the back of all play slips. I’m not saying don’t play because I do.

Although. It’s impossible to predict the winning numbers every day. Winners Only Lotto Guide has formulated a system using The Law of Averages, The Science of Numbers along with our Modern Day Computer Algorithm, Winners Only Lotto on average picks and delivers winning results 3 to 7 times PER WEEK playing any official state lottery Play 3 or Play 4 games. These are the best odds of winning any game of chance, period.

11) 24Monetize

Affiliate Commissions: Click through for details.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

  • The fastest growing platform in the lottery industry – over 100,000 happy members.
  • The simplest platform to play the lottery: user-friendly interface, official lottery games, single entries and latest results.
  • Over 12 local payments in Africa to get the best conversion possible. Our team continues to add more payments all the time.

12) LottaRewards

Affiliate Commissions: Three models to choose from:.

  • CPA Commissions: Earn a fixed amount for every successful First Time Deposit (FTD) from the customers you refer.
  • Revenue Share: Earn a percentage of all recurring revenue generated by the customers you refer. The more they play, the more you earn.
  • Hybrid Deals: Looking for a combination of CPA and Rev-Share? Chat to us about a customized solution for you.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Affiliate Description:

LottaRewards are of the industry leaders in online lottery. Powered by Income Access, LottaRewards is the longest running affiliate network in the industry.

Their core brands Lotto247.com, PlayHugeLottos.com, GrandesLoterias.com and PlayUSALotteries.com operate in more than 100 countries, and provide support in over 8 languages.

Their brands make it possible for players from all around the world to participate in the world’s biggest lottery jackpots, including the famous US Powerball, Mega Millions, Mega Sena, Euromillions and more.

13) The Lottery Office

Affiliate Commissions: Choose from 4 different commission structures.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Affiliate Description:

With 16 years of experience in the global lottery industry, we are the smarter choice. Real tickets, no bets.

Global Players Network Pty Ltd, the parent company of The Lottery Office, has been licensed to operate various lottery products globally since 2003. We hold both a Mail Order Lotteries Licence and an Internet Gaming Licence issued and actively regulated by the Northern Territory Government of Australia.

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Do you have a lottery affiliate program that isn’t listed here?

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