9 Best Crowdfunding Affiliate Programs To Promote In 2024

Updated: March 26, 2024  By Bill Burniece

Best Crowdfunding Affiliate Programs

Crowdfunding affiliate programs are popping up as platforms continue to grow in both size and diversity.

According to industry statistics, the global crowdfunding market will exceed $3.6 billion by 2030.

It looks like the crowdfunding model is here to stay and that is good news for affiliate marketers.

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1. Featured Crowdfunding Affiliate Program

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2) Patronomy Project Funding Program

Affiliate Commission:

While the commission offered by each project will vary from project to project, the average commission will be in the region of 7% to 10% of the funds pledged by the backers that you refer to a project.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

Any new business has to define itself and this applies as much to us as the projects we will host campaigns for.

We want your funding experience not only to succeed but to be as easy as possible.  Not only do we accept a wider range of projects than most sites, but we are flexible to listen to our customers’ requests, suggestions and complaints and to act on them as quickly as possible.

We offer a range of campaign types that can be tailored to your individual projects.

3) Krowdster

Affiliate Commission: Earn 20% affiliate commission for all sales and recurring sales referred by you.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

We get it. Crowdfunding is a stressful adventure. Unforeseen challenges and setbacks appear at every turn. Statistically, most campaigns will fail. Marketing is the biggest obstacle between you and crowdfunding success, but you’re in luck (or you did your research) and found Krowdster.

4) GoGetFunding

Affiliate Commission:

50% commission share. So you’ll earn 2% on every donation that a referred fundraiser receives. For example, if you refer a friend that raises $5,000, you’ll earn $100.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

GoGetFunding is a crowdfunding website that lets you raise money for anything that matters to you. From personal causes and events to projects and more. We’ve helped people from all over the world raise millions online. 

We’ve been recognized by Forbes as one of the top global crowdfunding websites and our campaigns have been featured in a vast number of leading press publications.

5) Kickbooster.me

Affiliate Commissions: Please click through for current terms.

Affiliate Signup Link:  Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

Kickbooster allows campaign creators to run a referral program during their crowdfunding campaign and provides incentive for Boosters (backers or affiliates) to share and promote your campaign. Kickbooster is the best way for your campaign to go viral.

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6) Honeyfund

Affiliate Commissions: Earn $2-3 CPL on new Honeyfund sign ups and 3.5% commission on Honeyfund gift cards.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

And so it was when we, Honeyfund.com’s founders (that’s us up there), set out to find a free honeymoon registry . You see, we already had a home full of housewares. We just wanted one FANTASTIC honeymoon—half way around the world in Fiji.

We researched almost a dozen honeymoon registry services. To our dismay, it seemed high fees and expensive travel bookings were inevitable. Until we had an idea to build our own honeymoon registry —

A simple web page where guests could select a gift, print a certificate and bring it to the wedding along with cash or check.

7) Crowdfunding Exposure

Affiliate Commissions: Earn 30% commissions.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

Crowd Funding Exposure is a Crowd Funding promotion service that promotes Crowd Funding projects and campaigns.

With the use of social media promotion, targeted ads, and personal one-on-one consulting services and state of the art Newswire Services to over 80,000+ Editors and 400+ News websites.

Crowd Funding Exposure let’s users get the word out about their projects so they can focus on the daily activities of the campaign.

8) MyCrowdfunding 

Affiliate Commissions: Earn up to 10% commissions.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

My Crowdfunding is a crowdfunding platform, which focuses on fund-raising for causes online. My Crowdfunding envisions bringing together individuals and organisations to help raise funds for social causes.

9) DiversyFund 

Affiliate Commissions: This is a 2-phase program:

  • Phase 1: The first 30 days is paid on cost per signup basis at $25/signup. Depending on volume available, they try to cap this at 100 signups. At the end of the days they will evaluate conversion rates to determine if they can continue with you on a long term partnership.
  • Phase 2: After 30 days, they’ll move you to a CPA payment of $80 per funded account.

Affiliate Signup Link: To get started please email: affiliate@diversyfund.com

Affiliate Website: Here

Affiliate Program Description:

DiversyFund is a financial tech startup dedicated to providing everyday Americans with the same investment opportunities as the wealthy. We make it possible for all Americans to invest like the 1% by helping people diversify their investments beyond stocks and bonds and into “alternative investments.” Currently, we offer a real estate fund that allows everyday people to invest in apartment complexes through our private real estate investment trust (REIT).

DiversyFund aims to close the wealth gap and enable everyone to achieve financial freedom by providing them access to investments that previously were only open to the wealthy. Join our affiliate program and help us build our community and give all Americans equal investment opportunities.

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