Blog Growth Engine Review 2022

Updated: May 31, 2022

Let me start this review with the bottom line…

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Blog Growth Engine is the very best blogging course in the market today.

On this page, I will make my case for why you should believe that my statement is true.

I have been a blogger myself for well over a decade now, so I know more than a few things about blogging and digital marketing.

The Blog Growth Engine course, if you precisely follow the step-by-step lessons, will save you years of time and enable you the opportunity to make unlimited income online in the shortest amount of time.

And that in will enable you to experience true freedom for the rest of your life.

I really mean that.

Let’s get into it…

What Is Blog Growth Engine?

In short, this course is about creating your own blog in the shortest amount of time, with the highest profit…

Why do I think this course so great?

Because it’s much more than a blogging course.

It’s an actual case study put together by a friend and colleague of mine, Adam Enfroy.

Adam created one of the fastest growing and most profitable blogs in history and he started it in 2019.

Yup, you read that correctly.

His blog went from zero readers and no income to $200,000 per month and 500,000 monthly readers in only a few short years.

You may call B.S. on this, but I’ll prove it to you below.

Adam has personally spent $50,000 of his own money putting this course together with the help of a course creation specialist.

In the course, Adam reveals all of his strategies that made his blog become incredibly profitable so fast. Nothing is held back.

That makes this course one that you cannot pass up.

The course includes one-on-one coaching and time-saving templates to help you streamline the entire learning process.

Now, I can’t make any promises on how much money you can make online by following through on this course material.

But I can tell that, if you are serious about making life-changing money, and willing to put in the work necessary to get you there, this course is the one that will deliver for you.

Who Created This Course?

Adam Enfroy.

Adam Enfroy started his blog as a side project back in 2019 and grew it at a mind-boggling rate in just a few short years.

In fact he made over $1 million in under two years with zero dollars spent on advertising.

He now teaches his 500,000 monthly readers and 70,000+ blogging students how to start profitable blogs.

What Topics Are Covered In The Course?

There are 10 core modules that break the content into easy bit-sized chunks:

1. Niche Selection

Discover your unique brand using the authority flywheel framework.

2. Fearless Mindset

How to deal with imposter syndrome and forge ahead building your online business.

3. Startup Strategy

How to treat your blogging business like a startup company using feedback loops.

4. Decoding Search

Understanding exactly how search engines work and how to earn free traffic.

5. Website Creation

Step-by-step videos walking you through how to build it right the first time.

6. Keyword Mastery

How to identify monetizable keywords using the keyword research matrix.

7. Content Creation

How to save time with the content assembly line method to build your blog.

8. Link Building

Advanced tactics to scale critical backlinks to your blog to get you ranked.

9. Blog Monetization

How to start turning your blog into a reliable income-producing engine.

10. Scaling & Outsourcing

How to scale and outsource your blogging to maximize your time and profits.

The Blogging Secrets That Make This Work So Well

Those 10 core modules provide the fundamental lessons that most blogging courses cover.

The next area is where the course gets unique and will prove extremely valuable to you. This is really the ‘secret sauce’ that separates this course from others.

These next 8 elements will help you stand out from the crowd and provide the fuel that will allow you to grow your blog exponentially.

1. Authority Flywheel

A foolproof method to scale your online authority based on who you are, your expertise, and your market. The authority flywheel enables you to become the go-to person in your niche leading to more traffic, revenue, and partnerships.

2. The Brand Of 'You'

This is a key element that most marketers miss that ends up costing them a fortune. It allows you to hone in on your niche over time, discover your true value, and build a marketable brand around your digital identity.

3. Minimum Website Method

Adam based this method on startup principles. You’ll see an over-the-shoulder, step-by-step walkthrough, to get your blog up and running in a short period of time. This includes the exact theme, plugins, and settings to run your website at the lowest cost.

4. The Keyword Matrix

Understanding keywords are where most marketers fail. This unique matrix helps you understand which keywords to target based on search volume, intent, and revenue potential so that you know exactly which ones to target to maximize your profits.

5. Assembly Line Method

This is a systematized blueprint to assemble and publish more optimized, high-ranking content in far less time. The content assembly line utilizes SEO tools, templates, and AI to make content creation easier so you can make money faster.

6. Link Building Machine

This is the exact same link building system Adam used to grow his Domain Rating from 0 to 78 in under a year. This link building machine is based on partnerships, relationships, guest posts, and trades so that you can get more high-quality links in less time.

7. Startup Scaling Formula

To properly scale, you need an actual formula so you don’t waste time creating content that goes nowhere. Your scaling plan includes how to effectively outsource tasks, hire writers, and the most effective ways to spend your time as the CEO of your blogging business.

8. Monetization Timeline

Blogging is about making money. But you need to know when and how to monetize your blog in the most effective way based on its age and your traffic levels. The blog monetization timeline generates the highest ROI in the shortest timeframe.

At this point, I think it would be beneficial for you to watch one of Adam’s training videos so you get a feel of his depth of knowledge, teaching style, and the easy-to-follow actionable content that he provides.

This one is on link building. I just want to give you a taste of his content and the huge value he provides.

This entire blogging course is delivered in this step-by-step format that even beginners can easily grasp.

Adam Enfroy is an expert at using live examples, case studies, real-world data, and visual aids throughout the course that make learning easy.

The BGE Member Dashboard:

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Who Is Adam Enfroy?

At this point you probably believe that Adam has been blogging and making money online for decades.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is that he is just like you and I are. In fact, just 7 years ago he was making $9 an hour working in a pizza joint.

Adam Enfroy first crossed my radar in 2018 when he had upgraded his ‘career’ by working for BigCommerce as an affiliate manager. At that time, we corresponded and did some cross-promoting between our platforms.

Then, Adam started his blog in 2019 and did this…

adam enfroy traffic growth

Who Is Blog Growth Engine Perfect For?

1. New Bloggers

BGE is perfect for anyone getting started in the blogging game who is interested in making money in the shortest period of time.

But newbies must be prepared to invest in their future and commit to the course content.

2. Established Bloggers & Digital Marketers Who Haven’t Experienced 6-Figure Success Yet

If you are already online blogging and making income but haven’t yet had the breakthrough success that you expected, this course is also a perfect fit for you.


Because it will help you fill in the gaps in your strategy that have perhaps sidetracked you.

I have made a consistent 6-figure income online for a decade now, and I had so many ‘aha moments’ when I went through the course material it really helped me reshape my business.

By implementing this knowledge and Adam Enfroy’s strategies, I now know that I will break through and reach 7 figures in a short amount of time.

How Much Does Blog Growth Engine Cost?

The can own the Blog Growth Engine Course for a one-time payment of $2,997.

But for a limited time you can get it for only $997 if you watch Adam’s Free Masterclass.

I don’t have to tell you that cost is always attached to benefit. Here is the question you should be asking…

What is the measurable value of the benefits that I will get by paying xxx amount for this course?

Everyone is different.

Unfortunately, some people will buy this course, go through the first few modules, then quit.

Others will watch the modules in sequence, take action on the lessons they learn, and start building a real online business that they can profit from and scale.

Only you know your level of commitment and willingness to take action.

Those who do will be well-rewarded.

Is Blog Growth Engine Worth The Price?


In fact, I believe Adam should be charging even more for this course.


Because Adam Enfroy walks the walk. He’s not pretending to do any of the things that he teaches you to do.

As I mentioned above, this course is really a case-study in blogging success and digital marketing.

Not a course put together by a ‘poser’ pretending the be successful online, then making money only by selling his bogus course.

I started my own online business over a decade ago. Had I known what Adam teaches in this course, I would have acheived success in a fraction of the time that I did.

Instead I wasted thousands of dollars on ‘poser courses’ by self-glossed ‘gurus’ that got me nowhere.

After that, I decided to just go at it alone knowing that I would have to learn through trial and error. Mostly error.

Using this model I basically failed my way forward to success. Please don’t do it this way.

Trust me, the money you spend on this course can be made back in one single affiliate sale online. And I will show you how by focusing on high ticket sales.

But first, you need a blog, and thus this course.


In my opinion, Blog Growth Engine is the best investment you can make in your online business.

From blogging newbie to digital marketing veteran, the actionable content in this course is second to none.

I know because my primary focus is promoting courses and tools to other affiliate marketers. I have personally made over of 44,000 sales online of everything from software tools to full-on A-Z courses. And this product is simply the best.

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My Bonus For You

So you’re thinking about investing in this.

And that’s what is. An investment.

In both yourself and your financial future.

If you’re still on the fence at this point, please allow me to sweeten the pot for you.

When you buy this blogging course, I will personally coach you along during the entire process.

bill burniece image

I have been a full-time digital marketer for well over a decade now. I have made more than 44,000 online sales to date.

If you’re just getting started, I will hold you accountable to make sure you are doing everything you need to do on a daily basis to succeed as fast as possible.

I will show you additional time-saving tactics, and profit-grabbing opportunities not covered in Adam’s course.

If you are an online veteran, I will personally audit your entire business including your website, funnels, social media campaigns, and traffic sources.

Together, we will identify areas of your business that need improvement to increase your market exposure and profitability.

What You Should Do Next

It’s simple. Click the button below and don’t walk but run to the checkout page.

  • This course is brand spanking new (2022)
  • Your competitors will soon know about this course
  • This is your one chance to get the drop on them and get a head start they will be hard-pressed to catch

What Buyers Are Saying

Eddy Balle

“I am so glad I found Adam’s course. His strategies have really helped me in my blogging business and I’ve been able to grow from 0 to $4000 per month in 9 months.”

Hanson Cheng

“I am absolutely blown away by everything that I have learned from Adam. I was able to grow my domain rating from 0 to 60 in less than 6 months and start ranking on page one of Google for competitive keywords in less than 90 days.”

Chris Bournelis

“Adam’s work has been such a valuable resource to help me get my business off the ground. He makes things simple and really easy to follow. Totally recommended.”

Blog Growth Engine Q&A

Q: Is there a refund policy if I buy Blog Growth Engine?

A: Yes, there is an unconditional money back guarantee for 14 days.

Q: Will the course be updated?

A: Yes, regularly. Plus as an owner of BGE you will have access to the course updates for life.

Q: Is there one-on-one support for the Blog Growth Engine course?

A: Yes, you will also get unlimited 1:1 support and coaching calls.

Q: How much content is included with Blog Growth Engine?

A: Yes, there is an unconditional money back guarantee for 14 days.

Q: Can I get a discount if I buy Blog Growth Engine?

A: Yes, but only if you take his free Masterclass first. Do that, and you’ll only pay a onetime price of $997 instead of the non-discounted cost of $2,997.

Q: Is the Blog Growth Engine course related to Social Growth Engine?

A: No. That is a separate product.

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