Gaming Affiliate Marketing 2024

And 10 Popular Gaming Affiliate Programs

Updated January 3, 2024 by Bill Burniece

Affiliate networks allow companies to promote games and their products to a wide range of new customers.

For users, this is an opportunity to earn money and support their favorite developer.

There are so many programs out there that it can be difficult to choose one on your own.

For example, you can promote blackjack online, card games, or some role-playing games.

Each developer offers their own terms of cooperation.

You should check out the best affiliate programs today for yourself now.

Simple recommendations will help you choose something truly worthwhile and exciting to earn money from.

Profitability Of Games

Games are a truly large and profitable modern niche in the field of affiliate marketing.

Nowadays, you can choose from various mobile gaming services or video games. They never lose their popularity.

With the help of advertising campaigns, many organizations promote certain goods, services and ideas to the general public.

Partnership offers are truly numerous and desirable for actively developing companies.

Amazon, Microsoft and other giants use player engagement to make any game more popular.

What Are Gaming Partners Like?

A gaming partner is a user who receives a certain amount of money for promoting services and goods.

They are presented on social networks, YouTube channels or other sites.

Partnerships are formed with leading companies in the industry.

Already participating users note the following features of existing programs:

  • the gaming industry has billions of fans around the world;
  • the pace of development does not stop, which attracts more and more new users;
  • demand is growing not only for the games themselves, but also for gaming peripherals;
  • gaming partners receive support from developers and assistance in the gameplay;
  • the commissions are quite large, which makes such advertising a good way to earn extra money;
  • there are really many options for free registration and earning money;
  • online you can monitor the number of sales to check the effectiveness of your work.

However, sales growth is often minimal.

This is due to the need for constant work and development.

This approach will increase the number of engaged audiences.

If no one buys anything, then you won’t be able to make money.

How The Affiliate Program Works

To begin with, the partner selects a company to cooperate with. It is important to register.

Usually this procedure does not take much time and does not require much effort on the part of the partner.

After creating an account, the affiliate receives a special affiliate link. It is unique, which allows the seller to quickly identify traffic.

This indicator serves to pay for incoming traffic and accrue a certain reward.

Benefits From Affiliate Networks

Let’s start with the simplest.

You don’t have to create any product or product yourself, or think about creating additional marketing tools.

Usually the partner already has everything necessary to earn money.

Affiliate programs allow you to start earning money at home without investment.

gaming image

Let’s start with the simplest.

There are usually no commission fees for partners. The gaming niche is considered one of the most popular and profitable.

For example, in some cases, partners receive up to 60% of product sales. Other digital platforms offer more lucrative and attractive deals.

In addition, you can offer your services in various niches. You can choose to cooperate with several companies.

After improving your skills, you will be able to participate in more profitable organizations. There are other incentives that companies offer for cooperation.

This includes certain product discounts and promotions.

10 Popular Gaming Affiliate Marketing Programs

In general, every game lover can choose from a wide range of affiliate programs.

There are great offers from brands as part of their marketing campaigns to attract the attention of new customers.

For example, this ten is considered the most notable:

  1. GameFly: The company offers a special affiliate program for real fans. Up to 5 percent are provided on sales of the latest console games on the platform.
  2. GameStop: To participate, you must advertise games and products to the developer. Partners receive up to 5% of income.
  3. Zavvi: The platform allows you to promote your own gaming products. As a result, you receive a commission once a month.
  4. G02Games: Here you need to advertise the developer’s software. Earned money is transferred to the user’s account monthly.
  5. Simply Games: Through an affiliate link, participants receive up to 4% commission on product sales and views.
  6. Amazon Associates: The company offers an extensive list of referral programs for games. As part of an advertising campaign, you can receive up to 10% profit from advertising one product. The payment is made after the user has collected $100.
  7. GearBest: GearBest has closed their doors for good. Try Best Buy instead
  8. 365 Games: The company pays a commission of up to 3% for displaying various products on the Internet. It is important to actively advertise all presented products of the developer.
  9. Microsoft: The company pays up to 10% commission for advertising and distribution of games in the Microsoft store.
  10. Razer: The company develops various games for mobile devices and game consoles. They represent high-quality and reliable products. Gemeirs can also take part in the affiliate program. To do this, you need to sell the company’s products. The partner receives up to 20% per sale.

These are the 10 most popular affiliate programs that exist in the current market. If you would like to see more, go here: best gaming affiliate programs.

You can choose from different offers to advertise and distribute online.

This is a good way to earn additional or main income. Start working with the best gaming affiliate networks.

Stay focused and set achievable goals. Only then will you get maximum returns and good profits.