Customer Direct Group Review 2024

Updated: January 4, 2024 by Bill Burniece

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CDG is a performance-based lead generation agency that specializes in the industries of insurance, home improvement services, solar, financial, and legal verticals.

Their extensive network of direct lead buyers allows them to provide their affiliates with exclusive offers and competitive payouts.

Their ready-made ad creatives and performance-tested landing pages make all the work much more effective, simple, and lucrative.

Who is the Customer Direct Group?

Customer Direct Group is a user acquisition agency that combines top of the line technology with the latest marketing techniques to help you grow your online business.

If you are an advertiser, they will be an extension of your marketing strategy.

As an affiliate marketer for CDG, you will make industry leading commissions promoting a great brand.

Customer Direct Group For Advertisers

Customer Direct Group’s deep lead generation expertise and in-house tools, built with a decade of industry experience, will give you instant access to high-potential leads that will offer high performance and fit within your budget.

They have in-house technology and vast experience with Google, Facebook, Instagram, and native display advertising.

They also have the ability to pinpoint target audiences with the highest potential of becoming recurring customers and bringing them to your company’s doorstep.

Advantages Of Working With CDG:

  • Brand-safety: The CDG team uses only pre-approved content and creatives, working with reputable trusted marketing partners. They offer proactive, professional, and performance-tested  service to ensure great results
  • Anti-fraud filters: They work with Jornay and TrustedForm to provide their advertisers with proof of consent and a certified history for every lead collected on their own-operated pages
  • User acquisitions expertise: Any scale and timeframe is possible. This flexibility is possible because of their experienced team of lead providing experts
  • Performance-based: CDG believes that their clients should pay only for results. That is why they work on a performance basis only – delivering KPIs instead of empty impressions
  • Ultimate reach: CDG provides access to audiences of prospective customers around the globe on every device and in all formats – including social, email, native ads, and more
  • A data-driven approach: Advanced analytics and in-house granular tracking solutions allow CDG to pinpoint high-value leads for their business partners, guaranteeing the highest ROI

Customer Direct Group Affiliate Program

For affiliates, Customer Direct Group has every offer, tool, and payout to help you skyrocket your income to new levels.

Affiliate Program Benefit Overview:

  1. In-house tracking platform
    CDG offers real-time reporting with detailed insights and every optimization feature known to performance marketers. Check the performance of your campaigns at any time 24/7 with real-time analytics that allow you to dial in your campaigns to increase conversions and income.
  2. Exclusive offer inventory
    In-house offers and exclusive deals with top advertisers ensure that you will not find these lucrative opportunities anywhere else.
  3. Optimized monetization
    On their platform, leads are processed and delivered to lead buyers in real-time using an algorithm that determines the highest possible cost for each lead. That is how CDG helps you maximize your ROI.
  4. Ready-made tested funnels
    Ad creatives and flows developed and market-tested by CDG are ready to turn your traffic into maximum profits.
  5. Advanced API options
    Create and deploy your own custom advertising solution and get integrated with CDG’s robust API for seamless traffic monetization.
  6. Direct Lead Buyers
    CDG works directly with a large number of the top lead buyers in all verticals to provide the maximum demand for your hard-earned leads.

Customer Direct Group Verticals

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CDG's Top Verticals

insurance vertical image

Insurance Vertical

financial services vertical image

Financial Services

legal services vertical image

Legal Services

gutter vertical image

Gutter Vertical

roofing vertical image

Roofing Vertical

HVAC vertical image

HVAC Vertical

solar vertical image

Solar Vertical

windows vertical image

Windows Vertical

bathroom vertical image

Bathroom Vertical

CDG’s Affiliate Marketing Tech Tools

  • Intuitive UI with flexible and customizable reporting options
  • Robust advanced API tools
  • Reports can be displayed in multiple currencies
  • Flexible offer search by different criteria available on the platform and via API
  • Offer request form
  • Tools for splitting creatives and adjustable LP rotation
  • Ability to stop global postback on the event/campaign level
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Every team member of Customer Direct Group has a background in performance marketing.

This makes a huge difference in the professional level of cooperation you’ll receive when you partner with them.

The CDG team knows how to successfully run campaigns as both advertisers and publishers.

They know what it takes to find and monetize high quality traffic, and their business standards reflect that.

Customer Direct Group is a great choice to promote.

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