undoo® Affiliate Program Reviewed 2024

Updated: June 13, 2024 by Bill Burniece

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undoo® allows customers to maximize their cannabis consumption experience.

Their tagline is ‘your cannabis experience, on your terms.’ 

undoo® has a great affiliate program that allows you to earn a high 25% rev share plus second tier commissions so you can earn additional income by recruiting other affiliates.

But is undoo® legit?

Let’s take a deep dive into the undoo® platform.

About The undoo® Brand

undoo® is a pioneering cannabis-related health brand, helping people optimize their cannabis experience with their patented product line.

The brand’s mission is to help and empower customers to have their best cannabis experience possible.

undoo® Affiliate Program Benefits

High Commissions

Earn a generous 25% revenue share for every purchase made by customers who sign up using your tracking link or promo code

Solid Cookie Duration

undoo® has a nice 90 day cookie period to ensure you get your earned commissions

Two-Tier Commissions

Introduce qualified affiliates to the undoo® affiliate program and earn commissions every time they generate revenue – for life

Professional Creatives

The undoo® marketing materials are regularly optimized to ensure your audiences are seeing the products they’ll love

Expert Support

Their experienced affiliate managers are dedicated to your success and will help you maximize your earnings

Market Without Restrictions

undoo® products do NOT contain THC, CBD, or any other cannabinoids and thus can be shipped to all 50 states

How To Join The undoo® Affiliate Program

It’s really easy to join the undoo® affiliate program.

  1. First, click on the button below
  2. You’ll be sent to the undoo® website. On that page look for the affiliate sign-up button
  3. Then just follow the instructions to sign up
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Once you join their program, you’ll be allowed to earn commissions on sales you refer to the undoo® website using personally tracked links on your websites, emails, and banner ads.

When someone clicks on one of your undoo® tracking links and visits their website, that visitor is credited to you for a 90 day ‘cookie’ period until they place an order.

If and when an order is placed by one of your credited visitors within that time frame, you’ll receive a commission for the order.

undoo® Product Line

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The undoo® product line helps with pain, creativity, and relaxation.

Whether you are on the go or ready for bed their patented formulas are designed to promote clarity and help you optimize your cannabis experience.

undoo® products do not contain any cannabis, stimulants, CBD, or caffeine.

undoo® reset
the high tolerance solution
undoo® reset may be used as a tolerance reset – without requiring an extended tolerance break – for heavy/frequent cannabis consumers.*
perfect for
✓ heavy & long-term cannabis consumers
✓ high dose/frequent cannabis consumers
✓ those who are experiencing “diminishing returns” on cannabis’ effects

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undoo® relief
for managing your cannabis experience
undoo® relief is helpful in situations when cannabis is too strong, inconvenient timing & intense next-day fogginess.*
your cannabis companion
✓ when the cannabis is too strong*
✓ inconvenient timing situations
✓ when you’re seeking mental clarity*
Packaged in convenient, on-the-go packets and here for your peace of mind!

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undoo® refresh
your daily after-cannabis ritual
undoo® refresh softgels promote daily mental clarity, reducing haziness & combating the leftover effects of cannabis consumption.
✓ helps to clear lingering fogginess*
✓ promotes daily mental clarity*
✓ eases those less-than 100% feelings*

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undoo® has created a unique product line that appeals to nearly all cannabis users.

As an affiliate for them you will earn a generous 25% revenue share for every purchase you generate.

Their second-tier commission structure allows you to earn additional lifetime income by referring other producing affiliate into the program.

The undoo® affiliate team will provide you with all of the marketing materials, detailed reporting, and support that you expect from a high-end affiliate program.

undoo® is a great choice.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Affiliate Disclosure
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