Case Study: Revolutionizing Ad Campaign Creation with RollerAds’ Auto-Generated Creatives

March 20, 2024 by Bill Burniece

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, time is a valuable asset.

Traditional methods of creating ad campaigns typically consume 8–12 minutes per campaign, including the laborious process of selecting and adapting creatives.

And while manual creatives creation gets the job done, it might take way too much time — a luxury you cannot afford.

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Enter RollerAds, introducing a groundbreaking feature: Auto-Generated Creatives.

This innovative tool has dramatically transformed the ad creation landscape, allowing users to launch campaigns in an average time of 53 seconds.

It’s not only about efficient time-management — Auto-Generated Creatives can outperform manual campaigns at times.

We’ve prepared a dedicated case study, showcasing the enormous potential of Auto-Generated Creatives.

The Mechanics of Auto-Generated Creatives

Before discussing the case study itself, let’s briefly go through the nuances of Auto-Generated Creatives.

With a decade of experience in traffic management, RollerAds has witnessed and integrated various tools aimed at bid optimization, traffic control, and overall campaign enhancement.

However, Auto-Generated Creatives stand apart by simplifying and expediting campaign creation without compromising quality.

These creatives are dynamically selected and optimized based on Click-Through Rate (CTR), offering a selection that is frequently updated to ensure only the highest-performing creatives are utilized.

Currently, this feature supports the Software & Utilities vertical, with plans to expand to other areas.

The user simply selects the relevant category for their landing page or offer, and the system takes over, ensuring an efficient and effective campaign setup.

Implementing Auto-Generated Creatives: A Step-by-Step Approach

The case study began with preparing two nearly identical ad campaigns for a mobile antivirus product, similar to known brands like McAfee and Norton.

The distinction lay in the creatives used — one campaign used manually selected static creatives, while the other utilized RollerAds’ Auto-Generated Creatives.

Manual Campaign Setup

For the manual campaign, explicit static creatives were chosen. Targeting settings were carefully inputted, including parameters like US/Mob/Android OS and browser language.

The bid was set at $0.232 CPC, following the recommendation of a RollerAds manager.

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Auto-Generated Creatives Campaign Setup

The campaign utilizing Auto-Generated Creatives was set up with nearly identical targeting settings.

The key difference was the activation of the Auto-Generated tab and an alternative link to track the results separately and compare them afterward.

The “Policy” category was chosen as a way to meet the requirements of moderation for the campaign with manual-creative.

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Throughout the active phase of both campaigns, no settings were changed or blacklists added for the comparison to be fair and objective.

Analyzing the Outcomes

To assess the campaigns’ performance, we opted for our in-house tracker and Binom.

While the manual campaign initially seemed to outperform, the Auto-Generated Creatives campaign demonstrated a higher quality of leads thanks to a more relevant audience, leading to better conversion rates despite a lower lead count.

RollerAds tracker:

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Binom tracker:

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Conclusions and Forward-Looking Perspectives

RollerAds’ Auto-Generated Creatives merge time efficiency with high-quality output — making the dream come true.

And while the feature might be in a beta-like phase, its current capabilities can already turn your daily marketing routine into a breeze.

Don’t just take our word for it. The future of ad campaign creation is already here, and you can become an early-adopter.

We invite you to register with RollerAds and test out the Auto-Generated Creatives feature firsthand.

Discover how you can revolutionize your advertising strategies and achieve better results with less effort.

Join RollerAds today and start transforming your digital advertising journey!