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Traffic Junky Review 2021

Who Is Traffic Junky?

Traffic Junky is an advertising network that manages the banner advertisements for some of the world’s largest adult video sites.

They offer monetization solutions to publishers and advertisers, as well as provide top-of-the-class digital marketing.

If you’re not interested in the adult site market, that’s OK because they have great high converting offers in other verticals as well. 

How Can I Make Money Online With Traffic Junky?

For Publishers, Bloggers and Digital Marketers

Obviously, adult niche advertising is not an appropriate fit for every website, but if it’s a good fit for yours, you can make big bucks with Traffic Junky.

You start generating income that pays you weekly from simple ads placed on your website or blog.

By the way… is it Traffic Junky or TrafficJunky? They mean the same thing so you’ll see them both used here.

Here are some of the websites and offers you’ll be sending traffic to:

trafficjunky offers image

But as I mentioned above, TrafficJunky is not just about adult websites.

They also have high converting offers in Video Games, Health & Wellness Products, Food Delivery Websites, Business Opportunities, Dating & Gambling verticals.

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Ads By Traffic Junky

If you’re an advertiser big on mobile web advertising, the Junky has you covered.

How Do Ads By Traffic Junky Work?

Traffic Junky offers you a self-serve bidding, pre-paid advertising platform. It is based on a CPM bidding model.

You pick the sites and spots you’d like to advertise on and bid for traffic. The higher you bid, the greater the percentage of traffic you’ll get.

You can also dial in specific Geo locations if you want to target specific countries, cities and states, as well as time targets if you see that certain time ranges work best for your ads.

The amount you bid for a spot is taken from your balance every thousand impressions. You can also set daily budgets for ad campaigns, and pause a campaign at any time. Daily campaign stats are available to help you optimize your campaigns and maximize your revenue.

Mobile Ads Technology

TrafficJunky understands that mobile advertising is crucial for a brand looking to build its online presence and visibility. Take full control over your advertising location, targeting, and costs and optimize your target CPA goal with their Auto-Optimization technology.

Reach a Targeted Audience

Define your targets, reach your core market and maximize your profits. Target your mobile advertising campaign by geographic location, demographic and time of day. TJ’s targeting focuses on delivering the right ad to the right audience, in the right place and at the right time.

Mobile Solutions:

Traffic Junky has high performance targeting solutions for an audience on-the-go. You can get your mobile ads displayed to millions of people every day online on a cost-effective CPM platform.

They’ll help you scale your mobile ad campaigns with access to a high volume of ad impressions served daily, and optimize to your target CPA goal with their user friendly Auto-Optimization options.

Reach high volumes of Visitors Daily
Bid for CPM impressions on a Network that serves thousands of mobile ads in each country around the world.

Benefit From A Cost-Effective CPM Model
Get high volumes of targeted impressions at the CPM bid and campaign budget you choose.

High Performing, Precise & Powerful Targeting
Target your mobile advertising campaign by country, region, demographic, day of the week and time of day

Highly Visible Ad Spots
Display your mobile ads in their underplayer, header and footer spots and attract a heavy volume of potential clients to your product.

Advantages Of Traffic Junky

For Publishers

Publishers may want to consider TrafficJunky as their ad network. Just like with the leading and biggest sites, this ad network provides the same quality work with their every client. Also, because they are solely CPM-based, publishers will get paid for each impression delivered. TrafficJunky’s unique bidding system assures that publishers get the highest rate possible.

This ad network has algorithms that ranks websites based on the number of clicks and conversions. Meaning, if the publisher’s site performs well, they will get higher results too. This only denotes that TrafficJunky enhances the publisher’s success. In addition to that, the ad network’s enticing features include a provided an in-depth report, payment options, customizable payment terms, and a highly-functioning referral program.

1. Mobile Advertising

Reach your audience on all devices.

The ad-serving technology empowers mobile Advertisers by allowing them to run highly targeted, self-optimizing campaigns to millions of visitors worldwide as they use their smartphones throughout the day.

Join their Ad Network today and put our advanced mobile advertising and marketing solutions to work for you.

2. Targeting Your Audience

Knowing your audience is key and being able to target them specifically is what will be the driving factor to your campaign’s and company’s success.

3. Traffic Buying Opportunities

Get access to large volumes of high quality traffic at a fraction of the price. Advertisers can be confident that with TrafficJunky, they will not exceed their predetermined spending limits.

4. Comprehensive Statistics & Analytics

Get a clear view of your overall marketing performance as well as individual campaign efficiency with our advanced analytics reporting tool. Measure your growth and performance with ease so you can focus on reaching a larger target audience.

5. Demographics

Target the countries, regions, cities and people you want. Discover the best times and locations to reach your specific audience. TrafficJunky serves large volumes of traffic, with the majority coming from premium countries and cover all related demographics.

For Advertisers

TrafficJunky is the best choice if you’re an advertiser who’s looking for a space to endorse your product or service. If you’re asking why, it’s because they have billions of visitors and impressions on a daily basis. Furthermore, because TrafficJunky works with the top publisher websites, advertisers can choose where they would like to promote their goods.

When working with TrafficJunky, you will have an account manager who will assist you with any question you may have and help you achieve the best results possible. They also use tools and a wide range of options to hit specific goals. TrafficJunky’s team can target visitors by location, time, keywords, device and time. Their efficient system prioritizes ads that convert. They also provide a detailed performance report, making every detail transparent and clear.

How To Get Started

Interested advertisers and publishers can click the teal button below to complete TrafficJunky’s form, and submit it to sign up.

After that, they will receive the confirmation email for their sign up which includes the activation link that has to be clicked to activate the account. Once you have activated your account, then you can instantly log in and have access to your dashboard.


TrafficJunky is the number one platform to partner with for adult site ad placements. 

But they’re not just about adult websites.

They also promote in the following verticals:

  • Dating
  • Entertainment
  • Gambling & Gaming
  • Health & Beauty
  • Sexual Health

TrafficJunky uses a CPM-bidding system to make sure their clients acquire the maximum profit possible.

Advertisers can bid for TrafficJunky’s ad spaces available on top websites. Once acquired, they can choose the best space for their ad. On the other hand, publishers can get the highest price for the ad space. Thus, this system for bidding clearly shows it’s a fair and a winner deal for the both parties, whether you’re a publisher or an advertiser.

TrafficJunky is a full-service platform that is easy to navigate and use. And if you need assistance, they provide around the clock support.

Despite being a veteran and a well-renowned adult advertising network, TrafficJunky bears a CPM 90% cheaper than the big guys (AdWords and Facebook ads). Since 2008, they have acquired and maintained a firm reputation for providing quality service.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Traffic Junky review.

Traffic Junky Review Q&A

What is Traffic Junky?
Traffic Junky is an advertising network that manages the banner advertisements for some of the world’s largest adult video sites. Traffic Junky uses a self-serve bidding, pre-paid advertising platform to provide ad space to advertisers.

What are Traffic Junky’s markets?
Traffic Junky is focused primarily on the following online markets: Adult Dating, Adult Pay Websites, Gambling & Entertainment, Health & Beauty, Sexual Wellness, Gaming and several other markets.

What are Traffic Junky’s sources of traffic?
Traffic Junky’s primary network is made up of the world’s most visited PC, Mobile and Tablet Adult video sites. Many of the websites are ranked in the World’s Top 100.

How much traffic does Traffic Junky get?
Over 3 billion daily impressions and more than 150 million daily visitors. Their visitors are from around the globe including over 75% from tier 1 traffic countries in North America and Europe. They also have a significant presence in Asia.

What are ads by Traffic Junky?
Unfortunately there are some bad adware apps and programs on the internet that inject these ads onto some websites that you visit without the permission of the publisher in order to generate revenue. Traffic Junky takes action to remove these ads as soon as they’re reported.

Can I promote Traffic Junky as both a publisher and an advertiser?

Yes, you can. Once you sign up for a free account, just contact customer service and they will designate your account as both a publisher and advertiser. You can then toggle between the two in your dashboard.

What are the target audience demographics for Traffic Junky?

68% male vs 32% female. 91% straight, 7% homosexual and 2% transgender:

trafficjunky demos info graphic
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