Rontar Review 2024

Updated: January 16, 2024 by Bill Burniece

If you are marketing online and not using a retargeting strategy yet, you really need to pay attention to this.

Conversion studies have shown that on average just 2% of website visitors convert into a sale on their first visit.

The other 98% of visitors leave without buying and in fact never come back.

Dynamic retargeting helps you re-engage those lost visitors and compel them to come back to your site and buy from you.

Rontar is a great choice to help you boost your performance marketing to profitable levels you never imagined before.

Rontar provides a complete advertising suite for customers of all experience levels and sizes.

  • You can start a Native Acquisition campaign to drive new high-intent visitors to your website
  • Then you can run retargeting to turn those visitors into buyers when they leave your website without purchasing

Who Is Rontar?

Rontar is an adtech company that specializes in performance marketing for eCommerce and other types of businesses who’s goal is to increase their number of leads and sales.

Specifically, Rontar specializes in retargeting campaigns.

What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting, sometimes referred to as remarketing, is a type of online advertising that helps you keep your content and sales messages in front of your website traffic after they leave your website.

Retargeting has proven to be a valuable tool to help internet marketers explode their conversions.

How Does ReTargeting Work?

Retargeting uses ‘cookies’ thru simple Javascript code to anonymously follow your website visitors all over the internet.

It works like this: first you place a small, inconspicuous piece of code on your website called a pixel.

The pixel is unnoticeable to your site visitors and won’t slow down or negatively affect your site’s performance.

Once a new visitor comes to your website, the code drops an anonymous browser cookie.

When your cookied visitors browse the internet, the cookie will notify your retargeting provider to serve ads, ensuring that your ads only appear to people who have previously visited your site.

Pretty cool.

Why Choose Rontar?

  • Rontar customers average a whopping 420% ROMI
  • They partner with the largest third-party networks such as Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange and OpenX. This enables them to reach your customers’ visitors anywhere on the Internet
  • Rontar’s advertisers have access to more than 80,000 websites worldwide. Rontar has its own ad network of about 500 websites and cooperates with their third-party networks via RTB protocol
  • You’ll see a noticeable lift in brand awareness, thanks to the fully customizable look and feel of ad creatives they produce
  • Integration takes only a few minutes with most eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce

The Rontar Advantage:

  1. A.I. & Machine Learning Algorithms: Not all visitors are the same. Rontar’s machine learning algorithms consider hundreds of different parameters to target only those visitors who are more likely to convert on your website
  2. ROI Control: You get to define & specify your target ROI. The advanced algorithms allow you to optimize your campaign and make sure you stay within your target ROI
  3. Ad Branding: You can create and configure the look and feel of your ad creatives. Upload your logo, integrate your corporate colors or entire website’s elements into the ad. This will make sure your visitors recognize your branding wherever they go on the internet
  4. Detailed Online Statistics: You will have a highly detailed dashboard where you can track your retargeting campaign performance. Impressions, clicks, conversions (including order ID and items), revenue and profit – all the necessary data you need at your fingertips
  5. Quick & Easy To Get Started: Rontar seamlessly integrates with dozens of platforms including the biggest ones – Magento and Shopify. It usually takes no more than a few minutes to start your retargeting campaign
  6. Your Own Dedicated Account Manager: Even though all the optimization is done automatically in the background by Rontar’s AI and machine learning algorithms, you will have a dedicated account manager who will keep an eye on your campaign performance and provide options if your ROI expectations are not met. This is big

Native Acquisition

Advertise your products using native placements and get new visitors to your website

Dynamic Retargeting

Feature the specific items the visitor was interested in when browsing your eCommerce online store


Show your past visitors a sequence of ads featuring content that will appeal to them

Become A Rontar Affiliate Partner

Get the most from your online marketing audience by offering them the Rontar retargeting product as an affiliate, and earn an average of $320 for each customer acquired.

You see, the average Rontar customer spends around $3,200 with them. 

Rontar features a two-tier partner program:

  • get 10% of your direct referrals’ ad spend and
  • 3% of your sub-partner referrals’ ad spend
rontar affiliate program

And this exclusive offer for your referrals (which is no available to Rontar’s direct customers): Earn an additional $100 bonus after the initial payment is made.

Rontar offers a wide variety of marketing assets: pre-written blogposts, emails, social media posts, narratives for YouTube, banners, etc.

And a well laid-out dashboard allows you to see all of your stats and payments in one place.

Start referring customers today, and earn commissions every time they spend money on retargeting ads:

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