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Click Tracking Made Easy In 2019

Binom makes a strong case to be the fastest and best self-hosted tracker for professional affiliate marketing in the marketplace today.

What makes internet marketing so brilliant is that you can track, in almost ridiculous detail, the performance of just about every element of your campaigns. This data allows you to understand very quickly what’s working and what isn’t working allowing you to test, track and make better decisions that improve your bottom line.

Speed is the name of the game in affiliate marketing and Binom gets this. That’s why Binom is the leader in tracker processing speed. Even a difference as little as 100 ms can significantly impact your revenue. Their goal is to save you time and increase your efficiency – thus boosting your income.

The Advantages Of Binom Affiliate Tracking

1. Speed

  • Instant Click Processing: Binom’s tracker processes clicks in a lightning-fast 5 ms. regardless of the amount of traffic and clicks in database
  • Quick Reports: Most of the reports are grouped instantly and give you detailed analytics of all of your campaigns in a few clicks
  • Guarantee Of Zero Losses: With Binom you can be sure that all clicks sent to the tracker will be accounted for and processed for analysis
  • Reliable Storage: Binom uses transactional engines for click storage. This eliminates server emergency reboot danger to the valuable data-tables

2. Well Organized Platform

The group system will help you keep your campaigns in order, allow you to add notes to remind you of important things and additional users & permissions will allow you to organize your work for a team.

  • Group System: Gives you the ability to separate your campaigns, offers, and landing pages by groups
  • Notes Feature: Log your campaigns directly into the tracker and make important notes of your observations while optimizing the campaign
  • Offers And Landings Database: Store hundreds of your offers and landing pages in the tracker to make locating them easy
  • Add Additional Users: You can create additional users with limited access rights to the campaigns, offers, landing pages and traffic sources

3. Traffic Distribution

Binom’s flexible distribution system allows you to separate traffic based on a variety of options including:

  1. Tokens
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Offers and landings
  4. Conversion on offers
  5. Parameters of a click
  6. Perform A/B and MVT-testing
  • Distribution: Use different paths to test between direct and landing pages plus redirection to other campaigns and URLs
  • Rules by 20 metrics: Including by device, OS, browser, country, language, carrier, connection type, IP, user-agent, referrer, time of the day, uniqueness and proxy
  • Information in reports: Display of stopped/deleted paths, rules, offers and landing pages in campaign reports
  • Smart rotation: Traffic distribution by routes, offers and landings basing on the click uniqueness and conversion

4. Detailed Traffic Analytics

Binom leads the way in report speed generation too. In fact, most reports are generated instantly.

You’ll get more than 26 metrics without any restrictions on grouping that allows you to learn as much detailed data from your campaigns as possible. Plus a filter system that will speed up the optimization process.

  • Multilevel Reports: Allows you to dive deep into your traffic to learn as much as possible. For example, you can open report by grouping: offer-landing-banner
  • Campaign Group Statistics: The ability to track multiple campaigns or traffic sources can provide a lot of useful information. You can optimize several publishers in one group using this function
  • Filters System: Create black and white lists in two simple clicks. Filters can be saved and used through the API.
  • Row Tagging: Mark blocked publishers and those that you sent to white-campaigns
  • Statistics By Rules: You’ll have the ability to check a rule that was applied to a particular click. This metric can be grouped with any others too
  • Mobile: If you work with mobile traffic you’ll be able to group by connection type and IP-bands
  • Daily Statistics: You be able to view any segment of your traffic dynamics: whether it’s a publisher or OS, or simply daily profit of any campaign
  • Last Hour Statistics: Statistics for the last 60 minutes will help you to quickly notice if something goes wrong with your campaigns, landing pages or offers

5. Tracking & API


  • 30 Click Parameters: Including uniqueness, bot identification, proxy traffic, country, city, ISP, connection type and other.
  • Work Without Redirects: You can run traffic directly on the lending, keeping the possibility for offers split tests and still receiving full click information.
  • Improved Postback: Ability to set postback not only to the traffic source or tracker, but to any link (for example Telegram) or script.
  • Transfer Conversions To The Source: This makes it possible to optimize campaigns on the side of some traffic sources, such as Exoclick or Airpush.
  • Import Click Cost From The Traffic Source: Click cost on various publishers is often different. By using the CPC transfer, you will know the real cost of the click.
  • Updating Costs: Ability to update click cost by tokens, for any time ranges, including time zones and batch update for all campaigns.
  • Unlimited Additional Domains: We don’t mind.
  • Conversion Statuses & Upsells: You can transfer status for your conversions, for example: singup, approve, reject.


Our goal is to full tracker control through API.

  • Basic Structures: Access to all information about campaigns, offers, landings and traffic sources.
  • Campaign Statistics: All campaign analytics is available in a convenient JSON format. Any levels of reports, filters, labels.
  • Updating Costs: Costs synchronization between tracker and traffic source could be automated. Ability to change costs by publishers and other tokens.
  • Offers & Landers Management: You can add offers and landings with your scripts, as well as edit, delete and receive any information.

6. Conclusion

Speed is critical in affiliate marketing tracking. Binom leads the way in speed and every other feature that is critical to your success online. Their customer service is second to none which means that you will not be waiting for days to get your important questions answered.

Binom is the robust tracking platform you’ve been looking for. Go grab a free trial today and start making more money online today. 

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