Binom Affiliate Tracking Review 2024

Updated: January 9, 2024 by Bill Burniece

Tracking is always a hot topic in affiliate marketing.

Tracking your data is critical if you want to maximize your earnings as an affiliate marketer in today’s competitive landscape.

Especially if you are an affiliate using the CPA (cost per action) model of making money online.

If you’re not tracking your results, you are wasting money and missing opportunities to make higher profits.

This Binom review will lay out everything it can do to help you make more money online.

Binom is a self-hosted tracker for CPA affiliates.

Binom has been in business since 2015 and has quickly grown into the second largest affiliate tracker with over 1000 clients from all over the world.

How Does Binom Work?

Right off the bat, Binom has simplified the process of getting started.

  • Binom gives you a 30 day free trial with no credit card needed to sign up.  After that I’ll give you a coupon that will discount your 2nd month 40%. Then you pay one fixed amount: $69/month billed annually. ($99 a month if billed monthly)
  • Binom is self-hosted and easy to set up on your own dedicated server. In fact, they give you two options for installation:
  1. A ready-to-go script that will install the tracker and all of the necessary software to your server and optimize it
  2. Or simply ask the Binom support team to do everything for you. You just provide them with access to your server, and in 30 minutes you will be ready to start tracking

If you need any help with a server, Binom’s support team will give you a $50 credit to Digital Ocean and handle all the heavy lifting to get you started.

The Binom Advantage

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Binon has one flat price without any restrictions or limitations. Regardless of your traffic volume or what kind of features you use, you pay one small fixed amount of $99/month.

Even if you drive millions of clicks monthly you still pay the same. Binom allows you to use an unlimited amount of domains and issues free SSL certificates for each.

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Binom has just about everything an affiliate marketer will need. But if you’re creative, they have all the tools necessary for you to customize your output.

With custom events you can pass any information from any point of your conversion funnel into the tracker and then apply any formulas to these data to display it in a way you want. They also have powerful API for you work with and url customization options too.

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Binom’s support team is second to none in the industry. In fact, it goes far beyond traditional support.

They will do things that you don’t expect from a support team – including providing tips and articles to help you use the tracker more effectively and allow you to make more money. The average response time for support is about 2 minutes.

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Binom tracking has the highest report generating speed on the market. If you’ve ever had to wait around for your analytic output reports before, you know how important speed is.

You’ll get all of the stats you need on your campaign performance and metrics almost instantly.

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Since you self-host the tracker, you will have all the data on your server that nobody else has an access to.

In affiliate marketing, it’s critical to secure your data and keep it out of the spying eyes of your competitors. Binom tracker gives you that competitive advantage. Further, you are in full control of your server infrastructure. 

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You can add as many users as you need. Binom really shines when it comes to teams. They frequently work with entire departments, so you can create a team of any size.

You can manage access rights as precisely as you want, even assign specific campaigns to specific team members. You can also hide revenue metrics to keep restricted employees from seeing the profit numbers on a specific campaign.

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Well Organized & Fast Interface

Not only is your data interface easy to understand, it is also lightning fast.

Binom is the leader in processing speed. Their goal is to save your time, increase your efficiency and boost your conversions and profits.

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  • Instant Click Processing
    The Binom tracker processes clicks in 5 milleseconds. At the same time, its speed is not impeded by the amount of traffic and clicks in database
  • Quick Reporting
    Most of the reports are grouped instantly. You’ll get all of your deep analytic data from your campaigns with just a few additional clicks
  • Guarantee Of Zero Losses
    With Binom you can be sure that every last click will be sent to the tracker, processed and available for your analysis

Binom Review Conclusion

If you’re a seasoned CPA marketer, Binom is a great choice to help you take your income to the next level.

Even if you’re using a different tracker now, Binom will quickly win you over once you see the speed, security and customization options their platform offers you.

If you’re a beginner, Binom will make it easy for you with ‘Godlike support’ and all of the room you need to scale your business up.

Binom will help you get started if you’re technically-challenged and new to self-hosted solutions.

What’s cool is that you can try Binom absolutely free for 30 days without even entering in your credit card info.

When you see what it can do for you I’ll discount the 2nd month for you by 40%.

Get started today for free by clicking the blue button below:

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