Done-For-You Reseller Websites

Your solution to making money online without all of the work:

  • The websites are complete and ready to deliver to you
  • The outsourcers are already in place to complete the services you sell
  • All you do is choose the niche market website you want then send traffic

What Is A Reseller Website?

A reseller website is essentially a business-in-a-box ready for you to turn on to start making money online.

It’s not the same thing as a ‘resale website’ which is a platform where you sell your own goods on consignment.

A reseller website is one that you control to sell a service online to others. You don’t even have to know the first thing about the service you are selling because all of the work is done by pre-qualified professionals who are already lined up for you.

For example, if you choose a reseller website selling social media posting services, a social media expert will perform the services once you sell them. You collect the profits from each sale you make.

Reseller websites are perfect for you if you want a turnkey internet marketing website that can make money for you right out of the gate – even if you have no previous online marketing experience.

A reseller website is a completely done-for-you website that allows you to make money by selling products and services (you decide which niche market) directly from the website. Each one is already set up with high-quality outsourced vendors who will fulfill your orders and perform the services that you sell. You don’t even need a hosting account since we’ll host your site(s) on our high-speed servers free for life. 

You act as a go-between from your website visitors to the suppliers and companies providing the products and services that they need. The products and services typically break down into two main categories:

  1. Physical products: In this reseller model you enter into a dropshipping agreement where you sell physical products and the supplier/producer ships them directly to your customers.
  2. Digital services: This reseller model focuses only on digital services such as web design, social media management, app design, virtual assistant and video production – to name a few.

Step 1: Buy Your Reseller Website

Choose from over a dozen reseller websites to market products & services on the front-end of your business. These websites are completely done-for-you. 

Step 2: Sell Your Reseller Services

Sell your products and services from your new website. Professionals are already lined up to deliver your services for you.

Step 3: Sell Other Related Services

Now that you have happy buyers, you can sell them other related services on the back-end of your business, such as affiliate products.

Step 4: Rinse & Repeat To Scale

Keep driving traffic for new customers and ask your current buyers for referrals to scale your business and profits. There is unlimited income potential here.

Best Reseller Programs

Should You Choose Physical Products Or Digital Services?

On the surface, dropshipping physical products can seem very appealing; so lets dig deeper.

Dropshipping solves the number one problem of selling somebody else’s physical products and that is the old model of pre-purchasing inventory, storing it and then shipping it to your buyer.  I knew scores of people pre-internet who always had their cars parked in their driveways because their garage was filled with crap they had to resell to earn their money back. This was the basic ‘Amway model’ and not only was it was a royal pain, but most people I knew ended up consuming half of their inventory because it wouldn’t sell.  

Luckily the internet has solved that problem.

But the dropshipping reseller site method still has other major obstacles today:

  • Dropshipping is oversaturated with competition. An oversaturated market, combined with price flexibility, creates a race to the bottom where many marketers will sell at the lowest price possible eating into everyone’s profit margins
  • If that’s not bad enough, don’t forget about the shipping expenses you’re responsible for. These can add up and further cut into your thin profit margins
  • Another problem is that you lose control of the customer experience. What happens if your customer orders something that is out-of-stock, or delivered broken or if shipping takes longer than expected? These become your problems because to your customer -you were the person who sold the products to them
  • Finally, there is the problem caused by returned goods. You may not know this but over 30% of online purchases are returned by buyers for whatever reason. This may lead to more shipping charges (for returns) refunded commissions and poor customer reviews    

Reseller Websites For Digital Services

Reseller websites that only sell digital services is the perfect alternative to dropship sites and perfectly augments what we do in affiliate marketing. And the best part is that it has far less competition for you to deal with.

My go-to place for digital services reseller websites is

Why ResellerSitePro?

  • This website belongs to me so I personally stand behind each of these reseller websites to make sure you make money with them and learn how to scale your income with them
  • You don’t need any experience or tech skills to run a this business
  • Your business comes dedicated suppliers that do the service work for you and even comes with back-up suppliers
  • The profit margins are huge and as mentioned above, unavailable outside of the Digital Services space
  • The business has unlimited growth potential meaning it is easy to scale up to increase your income without a lot more time being spent
  • You’ll have 11 different ‘hot’ markets to choose from (listed below) for your niche reseller website:
11 Hot Markets To Choose From For Your Done-For-You Reseller Website:

Please Note: These are actual examples of what you’re getting but these sites are frequently updated and improved so please contact me if you want the latest live examples. There will be a domain name available for you, or you may use your own domain name.

  • Market 1: Web Design This business comes with a dedicated professional supplier that delivers all the web design skills. As the owner of this business you offer website design services for $600 and make $300 net profit per transaction. Your supplier deals with the customer through every step of the development stage and does all of the design, delivery and after-sale customer service. 
  • Market 2: White Board Video Production Services A dedicated supplier will deliver all of the production services needed for this business. You just offer a service that provides Whiteboard Animation Video for $249 and you make $163 net profit per sale. 
  • Market 3: Resume Graphic Design This business comes with a dedicated graphic design skills professional. You provide a service that offers Resume Graphic Design for $59 and you keep $54 net profit. 
  • Market 4: Facebook Page Apps and Designs A Facebook dedicated page app and design pro handles all of the work here. You sell a service that offers Facebook Page Apps for $249 and you make $216 net profit.
  • Market 5: Social Media Posting This option provides a dedicated supplier specializing in Social Media posting skills. You simple offer a service that offers Social Media Posting Daily over 1 month for $149 and you make $100 net profit, then can optionally set each customer on recurring billing if they wish to continue. 
  • Market 6: Virtual Assistant Placement and Services This business comes with a dedicated professional in Virtual Assistant and Admin experience. You provide a service that offers a Virtual Assistant for 40 hours over 1 month for $200 you make $100 net profit, then you may set up each customer on recurring billing as needed. 
  • Market 7: Personal Branding and producing Personally Branded websites This business comes with a dedicated supplier that specializes in personal branding strategies. You just sell a service that offers to develop a Personally Branded website for $800 and you make $400 net profit. Your supplier deals with the customer through the development stage and does all of the delivery and after sale-service. 
  • Market 8: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Yup, as you may have guessed, this business provides you a dedicated supplier specializing in SEO. You just provide a service that offers to optimize SEO to drive traffic to your customer’s website for $99, you make $94 net profit per transaction, then you may optionally set each customer on recurring monthly billing if needed. 
  • Market 9: App Optimization: A business website that specializes in Mobile App store optimization & App promo video services. Like the other markets, you get a dedicated App Store Optimization pro. You just provide a service that offers to Optimize Apps in the App Store and Google Play plus produce App Promo Videos. You charge $59-$159. You profit $54-$130 per customer.
  • Market 10: FB Ad Management: Facebook Ad Management Agency business, specializing in monthly management & optimization of Facebook Ad campaigns. Like all the others, you get a dedicated supplier with expertise in Facebook Ads. You just sell a service that offers monthly management & optimization of Facebook Ad campaigns. You charge $149-$399. Your profit $99-269 per customer. Everything is outsourced.
  • Market 11: Shopify Dropshipping & eCommerce Stores: This business website comes with a dedicated supplier so you don’t need any web design or Shopify experience. As the owner of this website you will offer a Shopify eCommerce Store Package for $449 and make $249 net profit per transaction. Everything is outsourced. 
reseller website examples image

If reseller websites sound like a good fit for you please click the blue button below to get started now:

Reseller Websites Q&A

1. Do I need my own hosting account for my new reseller site?

No. We will host your website on our server free of charge with no ongoing expenses to you, ever.

We use high-performance servers that will ensure your websites run fast. You will have full cpanel access and control of your website on our servers.

If you have your own hosting that is OK too since we can migrate the site to your hosting free of charge.

2. Do I need a new domain different from the sample sites you showed me?

Yes. We will show you how to get one.

If you have your own domain, that’s OK too. We will set the site up on your domain and point it to our hosting account.

3. Does my new reseller site come with an email account or instant chat?

Yes. And it won’t cost you anything, ever. We use an instant chat and ticketed messenger service called

This is a neat tool that will allow your site visitors to enter their email to initiate a chat with you even if you are not online. All tickets are sent via and will never get stuck in spam filters of webmail providers meaning you will never lose the dialog with the prospective and existing customers this way.

4. Do I need a PayPal Account?

Yes. You will need a PayPal account. A standard PayPal account is fine. You don’t need a business PayPal account. We use Paypal to send you proceeds of your website sales.

Paypal is the only gateway we use on our sites. This is the most trusted payment gateway worldwide and customers feel most comfortable when checking out via PayPal. Your customers do not need a Paypal account to complete a payment to you. Paypal accepts all major credit cards from your customers even if they do not have an account.

5. What platform is the site built on?

WordPress. All of our websites are built in WordPress using the high-performance Divi Theme which is the same theme the website you are on is using. Divi delivers awesome performance and all sites are optimized for mobile devices.

6. Can I make changes to my site?

Yes. Since the sites are built in WordPress you can make changes quickly and easily. We recommend leaving your site as is so your are fully focused on marketing to drive traffic rather than making cosmetic changes. But if you want to make changes… go for it.

7. Do you offer marketing assistance to help me get started?

Yes. We provide valuable social media marketing materials which were as put together incorporating the most popular and proven methods of driving traffic.

Most of the marketing methods on the plan are free methods so there is not need to have an advertising budget unless you want to outsource the marketing, which some customers do. I would follow the marketing materials and try what suits you in terms of social media marketing first, then you should do well.

You can also use the free marketing tools and training you’ll find on this website on my well-traveled affiliate marketing blog.

8. How do I measure traffic on my reseller website? is a great way to see your live traffic which will give you the ability to communicate with them as they browse your website. also provides your total traffic numbers and provides 24/7 support.

You can also use your own analytics services to track your numbers.

9. Who are the suppliers on the Digital Services Reseller Sites?

Full supplier details will be given upon handover. This is sensitive and valuable info that we can only provide you if you buy one of our sites.

All suppliers are fully verified and vetted, have excellent reputations and feedback for the services they perform. And they all provide the specific services full time 24/7.

10. Are there any additional charges after the intial purchase?

The only additional charge is completely optional and that is an SSL certificate for the website if you would like one. It is a one-time (not annual) charge of $20. This is a steal since most companies charge more than twenty bucks annually for an SSL certificate. Plus, remember that your hosting is free for life.

Do you any other questions?

Please email me, Bill Burniece, at or chat me up on Skype: bill.burniece

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