The LeadsMarket Affiliate Opportunity

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LeadsMarket is number one marketplace for affiliate marketers and lenders who are in the small dollar consumer loan niche. Based in southern California, LeadsMarket focuses on financial based products such as:

  • payday loans 
  • installment loans
  • personal loans
  • auto loans
  • small business loans

LeadsMarket started in the payday loan niche and once they mastered that they expanded into both the installment and personal loan market. They presently have over 150 lenders in their network that gives them the most coverage possible.

LeadsMarket treats their affiliates and lenders as direct partners and not just vendors and advertisers. It’s a true win-win-win approach and one that you’ll truly appreciate. Unlike many companies that have affiliate programs, they understand that the success of their affiliates and lenders is as important as their own success.

LeadsMarket Affiliate Program


LeadsMarket is a PPL (pay per lead) program.

LeadsMarket understands the importance of cash flow to affiliate marketers so they have implemented weekly payouts to help you grow your business faster.

You can choose your method of payment including direct deposit, wire transfer, check (by mail), PayQuicker, Payoneer, or Paypal. Payouts are made weekly assuming your revenues are over $100 for that period.

Reporting, Tools, And Support:

LeadsMarket will provide each affiliate with a dedicated Account Manager with several years of industry experience. This is huge because it allows you to develop closer relationships and get personalized service.

LeadsMarket’s affiliate program is flexible to meet the type of promoting that you do. They have affiliates who use SEO, PPC, mobile marketing, and even phone calls. They provide detailed statistics and data that you can use to determine how to improve your PPC, SEO, or other marketing methods.

The reporting LeadsMarket provides will allow you to break down your EPL (Earnings Per Lead) from each source you’re targeting and track them using custom sub-ID’s.

They’ll also provide you with all of the templates, forms, and tools you need to succeed. They can help you with anything from exit pages for your traffic to customized data and they’ll never charge you any fees for this level of service. 

The Bottom Line:

There’s a good reason why LeadsMarket EPLs are consistently 20-30% higher than their closest competitors and why they have so much traffic. They pay out 90 percent of the revenue to their affiliates to ensure they’re working with the best affiliates in the lending niche.

LeadsMarket understands that affiliate marketing is a two-way street. They believe that the affiliate network relationship is a true partnership and treat all of their affiliates as such. They’ll help you every step of the way.

LeadsMarket is a tremendous money-making opportunity!

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