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Updated: March 11, 2023 by Bill Burniece

Leadsmarket offers affiliate marketers an opportunity to make huge commissions in the always-hot consumer loan vertical.

Their pay per lead (PPL) program is the very best loan affiliate programs.

They’ll even build a website for you to use if you need one to promote their program. Way cool!

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Who Is LeadsMarket?

LeadsMarket is the number one marketplace for affiliate marketers and lenders who are in the payday/installment loan niche.

Their platform operates like a real-time marketplace for buyers.

Based in southern California, LeadsMarket focuses on the following financial based verticals:

  • Personal loans
  • Payday/installment loans
  • Auto loans
  • Business loans

LeadsMarket uses a proprietary technology called LeadBrain that gives them advantages their competitors can’t touch.

LeadsMarket treats their affiliates and lenders as direct partners and not just vendors and advertisers.

It’s a true win-win-win approach and one that you’ll truly appreciate. Unlike many companies that have affiliate programs, they understand that the success of their affiliates and lenders is as important as their own success.

Let’s get into the specifics…

LeadsMarket Affiliate Program

As an active affiliate for LeadsMarket myself, I can tell you firsthand that you can make some high commissions by promoting their offers.

The LeadsMarket program really shines on their understanding of what is important to affiliates including providing marketing tools that convert.

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Ways To Promote As An Affiliate With LeadsMarket:

  • Send traffic directly to their websites
  • Integrate a form into your website
  • Host and post leads from your from to their website
  • Ping and post payday/installment loan leads on a tier structure
  • They can create a new website for you to use

The LeadsMarket affiliate program offers you a choice between Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Click or Pay Per Call:

Pay Per Lead Offers

LeadsMarket pay per lead program focuses on payday/installment loan leads. As an affiliate, you can choose from a flat CPL (CPA) plan, revenue share or a tiered structured payout.

Pay Per Call Offers

Pay Per Call affiliate marketing is a form of Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing. The ‘action’ is the form of a phone call rather than a click through. All you do as an affiliate, is promote the content that LeadsMarket provides you and the forms will collect the phone numbers. You don’t do any calling yourself. 

Pay Per Click Offers

LeadsMarket pay per click program offers simplicity so you don’t have to jump through hoops to earn your payouts. They provide website templates and high converting landing pages for you to use. 

LeadsMarket Affiliate Tools & Bene’s:

  1. Websites & Website Templates
    They have a wide range of options to craft the right web presence to generate leads. They offer fully hosted and maintained websites that take the backend hassle out of the equation. They’ll also assist you in setting up compelling branding and integration for any sites you host. This is super cool.
  2. Advanced JavaScript Forms
    They have developed forms that integrate directly into your website without any problems. Robust, flexible JavaScript forms ensure that your unique look and feel shine through while generating leads.
  3. SEO Expert Advice
    They work to help position your web properties within relevant keyword searches. They are focused on making it more likely that organic search methods will turn up sites within their network. They leverage individual copy from US-based writers and offer a detailed link-building guide to attain high standards of SEO.
  4. ML Integration
    Mobile 1st design with every website keeping both them and you  up-to-date with the latest trends in internet usage. Moreover, in keeping with the mobile spirit, they even offer high payouts for mobile generated leads and live phone transfers. Cool.
  5. Responsive Email Templates
    They have a variety of basic formats for you to choose from. Each is compatible with best practices in the industry as well as CAN-SPAM. Every one of their templates works well across all major viewing platforms, including mobile.
  6. Fresh Banner Ads
    In the quest to provide comprehensive support for their display marketing publisher partners, they generate updated content continuously. No recycled campaigns, just a fresh batch of eye-catching, original concepts to make the job of steering leads to them even more comfortable.
  7. Sub-ID Tracking
    They offer Sub-ID Tracking as part of the package. Use them to track unique user attributes, sources of traffic, banner ads, or link placement. You can create tracking links with up to 4 sub IDs and see where that engagement is coming from, to see what’s working and what isn’t.
  8. Ad-based Marketing Materials
    They offer regularly-updated Facebook ads and textual ads. These are compliant with all of the significant ad exchange networks.
  9. Self-service online publisher portal
    You’ll get 24/7 access to real-time statistics reports. You can also create multiple campaigns for different offers.
  10. You’ll enjoy weekly payouts
    They will send your payments via PayPal, Bank ACH, Wire Transfer, Check, WebMoney, EPESE, Payoneer and others.

The Bottom Line:

There’s a good reason why LeadsMarket EPLs are consistently 20-30% higher than their closest competitors and why they have so much traffic. They pay out 90 percent of the revenue to their affiliates to ensure they’re working with the best affiliates in the lending niche.

LeadsMarket understands that affiliate marketing is a two-way street. They believe that the affiliate network relationship is a true partnership and treat all of their affiliates as such. They’ll help you every step of the way.

LeadsMarket is a tremendous money-making opportunity.

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