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Clickadu 4Q Model

The affiliate marketing world is really huge.

More and more new companies are contributing to its growth and development, and a newbie media buyer can easily get lost among a sheer number of affiliate networks and programs, CPA networks, performance marketing agencies and advertising networks.

Today we will speak about the last ones as they are rather important in the chain of online affiliate marketing because they connect advertisers and publishers on one platform and make both groups happy with profits.

Ad networks buy traffic from placements all over the world and sell it to advertisers and networks according with their targeting settings and bids.

Everything is done through the ad network’s server with its tracking pixel to understand the number of conversions and amount of money earned.

So, let’s get deeper into the 4Q model offered by Clickadu Ad Network, the guys with not only a due expertise but also a good sense of humor:

  • Quantity
  • Quality
  • Qualification
  • Questions cleared

1. Quantity

The larger the network, the more traffic and campaigns it has, the more chances for you to monetize all your ad space or reach the relevant audience.

The size of the ad network is always a point! If you are choosing a traffic source for longer cooperation, have a look at their statistic reports or ask for such data.

There must be a consistent dynamic growth over the time. The more traffic your ad network can deliver from quality websites, the more conversions and money you’ll get.

‘When Clickadu Ad Network was established in October 2014, it delivered about 1 million impressions and 250 conversions per day.

Over the year we had started serving 47 million impressions and 28k conversions daily.

By June 2017 we’d reached 200 million impressions and 280K conversions on a daily basis”, — says Galina Grigoreva, Head of Marketing.

Speaking about quantity we have to mention targeting options.

Almost every advertising network has a common list of targeting options available.

There’s nothing new about it, but GEO targeting is the first thing you should think over before launching a campaign.

An average traffic cost depends on it, and so does a successful traffic conversion. Make sure the product you promote is highly demanded in the country you’d like to select.

Some advertising networks allow you to use more precise GEO targeting, such as area or city targeting.

With Clickadu it’s possible to choose from the following options: Geo, Operating System and its version, Device Types, Connection Type, Mobile Carrier, Browser and its language, IP Zones, Individual Zones, Time Schedule, IP and Frequency Capping, Delivery Method, Black- and Whitelists.

2. Quality

Quantity is nothing without quality.

The ad network may bring you thousands of hits and conversions, but if you see a poor CTR or little money on your account that means you are getting bots or fraud traffic.

It’s not necessarily the fault of the traffic source, even though it has anti-bot and fraud filtering tools integrated.

Shit happens, and sometimes one or another publisher turns out to be a cheater who violates the policy of the network.

Normally the system detects him automatically and excludes his placement, however it still takes time and money.

While advertisers are interested in a high quality and unique traffic, publishers would want clean feed which means traffic without viruses.

Malware is always a challenge for ad networks, because virus technologies never wait to progress. Some advertisers play bad games, trying to make a fortune on cheating.

However, this is under control too, as well as protection of personal data, transactions and products.

Max Baldwin, Head of IT Department at Clickadu, says that the Clickadu IT team regularly analyzes behavioral factors.

Bots are easily detected by their own IT tools which react to non-standard unknown requests.

They also check if clients’ devices comply with known models. Automated analytical reports for different profiles help them reveal any threats.

All transactions are totally protected. None but a client can administer funds which should also be approved by the financial department.

3. Qualification

Another step when picking an ad network is the qualification. Well, both — yours as an affiliate marketer and that of an ad network of course.

How to find out if the ad network’s team is qualified and experienced?

Quite a lot of publishers and advertisers are open to share their good and bad experience on forums, in social networks.

Just go ahead and search or ask!

To trust someone is nice but you should be well-informed yourself.

Everything’s changing, and you have to go with the times. A newbie usually makes a lot of mistakes in the beginning of his affiliate marketing way.

There are a lot of guys who have mastered all the terminology but ended up in a deadlock. It’s not surprising because the way to success in online marketing is cluttered up with rules.

Once you’ve handled them it will be much easier to pursue your goals in the future.

There are a lot of affiliate/media buying marketing resources on the web where you can share or receive experience with or from other affiliates and media buyers all over the world.

Collect all the tips you can get from professionals and draw your own conclusions so you can go on.

4. Questions Cleared

Finally, you may have a lot questions during the whole period of working with the ad network.

It’s very important that you get help anytime you need.

There must be several communication channels to reach your personal manager.

At Clickadu you can choose any convenient way to communicate: Skype, Email, Messenger, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. At the website you can also use a ticket support system and an online chat.

The huge FAQ section is right in the menu of the website.

3 Tips For Media Buyers

1. Don’t Be A Scrooge

A lot of newbie media buyers try to save money using the lowest possible bids.

It’s the obvious money loss.


Using the lowest bid may cause your campaign to gather all the low-quality traffic your source has or receive no traffic at all.

By bidding with a price above the average CPM you’ll be sure that you have paid for quality traffic and you’ll receive more high-qualified traffic for your campaigns.

The Clickadu inventory planner called Traffic Estimator can show you the overall amount of traffic the source has with the bids sets.

Just sign up as an advertiser and try it for free while drafting a campaign at the self-serve platform.

Play with the targeting options and bids to receive an exhaustive information.

2. Don’t Cut Anything That Is Not Properly Optimized

If your advertising campaign stats seems inappropriate, first you should think of both optimization on your side and that of the traffic source.

3. Check The Bounce Rate Of Your Landing Page

If the numbers exceed 60%, you’re in trouble.

Make sure your landing page matches the audience needs.

Test a good portion of LP designs and do not be lazy with A/B testing. 

Run several ads with different inscriptions and creatives and choose the ones that convert the best of all.

Use tracking systems to receive more detailed information.

Why Work With Clickadu?

Clickadu Ad Network is a huge and very fast-growing source of high-quality mobile and desktop popunder traffic from direct placements of 240+ countries.

For media buyers there are CPM, CPA, CPL models, and for media sellers — CPM and RevShare.

The network can work with API, Smartlink and RTB, and has a user-friendly self-serve platform along with the dedicated management.

Advanced targeting and real-time statistics are among the biggest strengths.

The best-converting verticals are the following: Apps, Tools, Games, Software, E-commerce, Mobile Subscriptions (1-click), Adult, etc.

Clickadu works both with mainstream and adult traffic of onclick formats which have over the years proved to be very effective (popunders, pop-ups, tabunders and tab-ups).

The reasons are numerous: a higher conversion ratio, a competitive price, no ‘banner blindness’ effect.

Nevertheless, the guys at Clickadu are now introducing new ad formats which are in high demand with advertisers and publishers.

There is already a choice of display banners and direct links. Soon we’ll get video banners and sticky footers for mobile placements.

The individual approach is not only a word!

Usually advertisers with bigger budgets enjoy personal managers with the key features of 24/7 support via any convenient communication channel (Skype, Email, Messenger, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).

The managed platform differs from the self-serve one by IP and city targeting options.

Your personal manager does everything for you: rates optimization, campaign launch, management and optimization to ensure better conversions and budget economy.

Landing pages, A/B tests are also not your concern, as the guys know how to do it in order to increase conversions and ROI.

Also, black and whitelists which can be extended to maximum 1000 zones each is no problem for you with a personal manager. Make sure you get traffic from a lot more premium placements.

Anyway, if you prefer controlling everything, you are welcome to the user-friendly self-serve platform equipped with advanced targeting, real-time statistics, multiple payment methods from wire and e-wallets to credit cards, tracking setting, support and API integration.

What can you do at the Clickadu SSP?

At the self-serve platform you are able to create, edit, pause/stop, copy and do multiple copies of advertising campaigns; check the volume of available traffic by bid and country; check a real-time statistics by impressions, conversions and rates; see the budget spent in USD; filter data by date, product, campaign, material, zone, country; see/download daily expenses since the date of registration; see/download invoices and their statuses.

Media Buying Experience With Clickadu

A4Games Case

Vertical: Game Desktop
Offer: Blade of Queens
Price model: CPL
Traffic type: Popunder
Work time: 1 week


1. Division of the traffic sent into smaller segments: OS Win version (Win XP, Win7, Win8, Win10) and Browsers (Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox, Opera), OS Mac version (10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12) and Browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera).

2. Creative work

10 landing pages (5 for Win and 5 for Mac)
8 A/B tests
We have received a 140% growth in conversions after we have introduced our landing pages.


Impressions – 7.8M
CR — 0.8%


Vertical: Tools Mobile
Offer: APUS Launcher
Hard KPI: Retention rate >50%
Price model: CPI
Traffic type: Popunder / In-app
GEO: Thailand
Work time: 1 month


Division of the traffic sent into segments by phone/tablet and time schedule.

Device: Phone
OS Android (OS version Android 4+)
Connection type 3G/WiFi separately
Time schedule: 2 campaigns on Monday-Friday ( 5 p.m. – midnight) and on Saturday-Sunday (11 a.m.-10 p.m.)

Device: Tablet
OS Android (OS version Android 6+)
Connection type 3G/WiFi mix
Time schedule: 2 campaigns on Monday-Friday ( 5 p.m. – midnight) and on Saturday-Sunday (11 a.m.-10 p.m.)

2. Creative work
Individually for each Device type and Traffic type (Popunder и In-app)

12 Landing pages (6 for phone and 6 for tablet)
20 A/B tests
CR +138%
We have received a 138% growth in conversions after we have introduced our landing pages.


Impressions – 303 M
CR – 0.93%
RR – 54% (retention rate)

By the way, Clickadu Ad Network has been recently shortlisted for the Industry Choice of Network, a world nomination by International Performance Marketing Awards 2017. It is one of the 3 non-self nominations made by clients and partners — direct brand promoters and advertising and affiliate networks.

We think it means a lot and the guys are doing great.

And surely, we recommend trying this traffic source we trust.

Follow this link to sign up and boost your ROI.

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