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How To Promote The Payday Loan Vertical As An Affiliate

The payday loan segment represents one of the most lucrative lending niches in the industry.

Despite the reputation problems the industry suffers as a whole, there are many companies in this niche that are providing loans in a professional and ethical manner and following all legal guidelines.

By partnering with only ethical payday loan companies you’ll be offering people a valuable service while making some of the most lucrative commissions in the affiliate marketing arena.

This is exactly what LeadsGate does.

In fact, as a lead network, they have the ability to pick and choose amongst all of the available payday lenders to ensure they only work with the best.

Who Is LeadsGate?

LeadsGate is an affiliate network that was started in 2013.

It’s primary focus is lead generation.

They have more than 10,000 affiliates that have generated over 75 millions leads.

LeadsGate uses a Pay Per Lead (PPL) model and not a Pay Per Sale (PPS) so you’ll receive commissions based on the number, quality, and conversion percentage of leads you provide, instead of only when a loan closes.

They offer a very balanced package solution for affiliate marketers who work in US payday loan niche.

Why Promote LeadsGate As An Affiliate?

  • Get paid by qualified lead instead of only when a sale occurs
  • Fast 24 hour approval for new affiliates
  • A two-tier compensation model so you will paid an additional 3% of referred affiliates
  • LeadsGate can lend in all US states except New York and West Virginia
  • They provide real time statistics and reporting
  • LeadsGate provide 24/7 personalized customer service. They have assembled a team of uniquely qualified professionals, allowing them to provide affiliate partners with the highest possible level of service
  • LeadsGate will provide you with an array of effective promotional tools
  • You may incorporate their loan application form with your own website design
  • Many payment methods to choose from including PayPal, Wire Transfer, EPESE, ePayments, Webmoney

LeadsGate Payouts

This is where the program gets really cool.

3 Different Ways To Make Money With LeadsGate:

1. Auction-Based Lead Sales:  This model uses factors that depend on the current demand of the lenders in their network and current market conditions.

The pricing system is based on a number of facts, so payout per lead will vary between $1 and $220 per lead (90% revenue share).

In order to maximize your payout per lead they present each one to their lenders and actually put it up for auction.

They begin with a high asking price. The price is lowered until one of their lenders is willing to accept the bid price.

Therefore, you’ll get highest possible commission per lead.

2. LeadsGate Rebill:  Unlike most affiliate programs, who only pay you for the initial sale, LeadsGate focuses on long-term affiliate relationships by paying commissions on repeat sales.

3. Payouts For Declined Leads:  For real. In the payday lending niche declined leads is one of the most persistent and frequent problems you’ll face.

That’s why LeadsGate provides declined leads monetization that will earn you, the affiliate, an extra 5-15% profit.

How To Get Started With LeadsGate

Webmasters and affiliates from all countries are invited to participate in the LeadsGate network.

Once your application is submitted their Account Manager will contact you and provide you with a response for further steps.

After registration you will receive a personal account.

LeadsGate will provide new educational materials for both beginners and advanced webmasters.

Click the button below to get started now:


Even if you’ve never participated in the lending niche before, LeadsGate is a great choice.

You’ll have a golden opportunity to make high commissions by helping others get the money they need when they need it.

With the three different compensation methods you will be well-rewarded for all of your efforts.

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