VYPER Review

If you’re interested in growing a fanatic customer base with referral marketing, VYPER has you covered.

You can create your first interactive giveaway or referral program in less than 10 minutes, for free. 

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What Is VYPER?

VYPER is a platform that allows you to quickly grow your brand and your customer fan base through the use of viral contests & reward programs.

You can leverage VYPER to rapidly:

  • Grow your email list
  • Create brand awareness
  • Build your audience
  • Forge a loyal following
  • Increase social engagement
  • And boost your revenue

Please have a look at this 31 second video overview:

How Can VYPER Help Me Grow My Online Business?

Word Of Mouth Marketing: If you’re on social media, you know how long it takes to create a buzz in your marketplace. It’s a lot of trial and error with constant posting, liking, commenting and following on the various platforms. VYPER will help you shorten that timeframe with incentivized bonus actions and gamified rewards that people notice and share. 

Referrals, Giveaways And Rewards Programs: Everyone likes getting free stuff online. VYPER will give you the ability to quickly create eye-catching giveaways, contests and referral campaigns to boost your online brand. The premade templates and bonus actions streamline the entire process making your work easy. 

VYPER Affiliate Program

  • You get 25% recurring commission for each new referred customer
  • Your bonus for referring 15 customers: $200 cash reward
  • Recruit affiliates and get a whopping 50% sub commission from their earnings
Features Of VYPER:VYPER logo image
  • Bonus Actions
    All done by premade templates or if you’re creative you can use your own. This allows your participants to collect points
  • Brand Personalization
    You’ll have the ability to customize all of your campaigns to help boost your branding with the right colors, images, video, fonts and more
  • Cheating Detection
    VYPER’s cheating detection feature helps you weed out the inevitable cheaters who will try to game the system
  • Easy To Use Designer
    The newly updated visual designer allows you to make beautiful content effortlessly
  • Flexible Display Options
    You can choose between a landing page, widget or embedded form on your site. Or use all three
  • Mobile Friendly
    Toggle between desktop and mobile preview options to dial in your designs
  • Modern Designs
    The templates have been tested for attention and conversions and there are plenty to choose from
  • Referral Analytics
    Helps you learn from and improve your campaigns through performance data
  • Reward And Loyalty Programs
    Allows you to easily turn customers into raving fans through loyalty rewards and redemptions
VYPER Review Conclusion

If you’re looking to build happy customers and a legion of raving fans online, VYPER is a great tool. You can leverage this automation to rapidly build your email list, create awareness, boost your audience, explode your loyal following, skyrocket your social engagement and increase your revenue.

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