1xSlots Partners Review

1xSlots is your opportunity as an affiliate marketer make big bucks in the always-lucrative online casino niche.

That fact that you will earn up to a whopping 45% for referred customers should get your immediate attention.

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Who Is 1xSlots?

1xSlots is a licensed online casino that operates on the beautiful Dutch island of Curacao.

They offer over 3000 games and 160 payment systems in 51 different languages. Plus the best terms around to reach the widest audience globally.

1xSlots offers their partners all day professional support, maximum commissions, unlimited earnings and income growth.

Who Is A Perfect Partner For 1xSlot?

  • Digital marketers
  • Gaming and gambling bloggers
  • Webmasters and website owners
  • Youtube and Twitch broadcasters
  • Administrators of social media groups
As a 1xSlots partner, all of your referred players will continue to generate profits for you, even if you stop actively attracting new players.

But what would you stop referring new players to 1xSlots?

Why Promote 1xSlots?

High Commission Rates

Earn up to 45% for referred customers

Regular Weekly Payouts

Expect to get a payment every week.

Attractive Promo Tools

Attention grabbing tools to attract new customers.

No Negative Balance

Any negative balance at month’s end is reset to zero.

How Much Can Money Can 1xSlots Partners Earn?

Partners earn a percentage of the company’s total profits. It breaks down like this:

0 – 10 => 25% of net profit
11 – 20 => 30% of net profit
21 – 30 => 35% of net profit
31 – 50 => 40% of net profit
51 and above => 45% of net profit

Who Can Participate As A Partner?

All counties represented in dark grey on the map below are eligible:

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1xSlots Partners Conclusion

If you’re interested in making money in the lucrative online casino niche, 1xSlots Partners is a great choice.

Players love the games that they can choose from to play and as a partner you will earn up to 45% revenue for all of your referred customers.

Click the button below and get started today:

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