What is Wishpond?

Updated: July 26, 2022 by Bill Burniece

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Wishpond is a complete lead generation and marketing automation platform. It allows marketers or  business owners to capture leads via landing pages, pop-ups, contests, and forms, then provides the  ability to nurture those leads through the use of marketing automation.    

The Wishpond platform provides marketers of all skill levels the ease of running their business online.  From small business owners to professional marketing agencies, Wishpond makes it possible to execute  an entire online marketing campaign in one place.   

Wishpond Facts And Highlights 

  • Over 200,000+ marketers around the world have used Wishpond 
  • The company has a team of more than 100+ people 
  • Over 300,000 people visit wishpond.com every month 
  • Wishpond serves customers in more than 100 countries worldwide   

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Wishpond 

Wishpond’s page builder has an intuitive drag & drop interface and makes it easy to set up high  converting landing pages in minutes.    

Full marketing automation allows you to set up both basic as well as more complex marketing funnels.  Plus you get a ton of options including over 50 pre-made landing page templates. Analytics allow you to  split-test your offers to optimize your campaigns.   

Wishpond Is Loaded With Tools To Help You Succeed: 

  • Easy Drag & Drop Functionality – Simply drag and drop objects to build beautiful landing pages.  No coding or experience is required. 
  • Mobile Responsive Design – Build landing pages that look great on desktop, tablet & mobile  devices. This vital now that Google penalizes non-mobile-friendly-sites in the Google Search  results. 
  • Powerful Form Builder – Add customizable forms with checkboxes, multiple-choice questions,  drop-down menus, file upload fields and more. 
  • Custom Javascript & CSS – Use advanced CSS & Javascript to customize the look of your  landing pages and add your own analytics tracking code. No advanced coding experience is  needed.
  • A/B Split Testing – Test different variations of your page to maximize your landing page  conversions. 
  • Dynamic Text Replacement – Use merge tags to personalize your landing pages based on  information you know about your visitors. 
  • Real-time Stats – Watch how your landing pages are doing with real-time analytics. This will  allow you to make changes on-the-go as needed. 
  • Facebook Integration – Publish your landing pages to Tabs on your Facebook Page with a single  click. 
  • Multi-User Support – Create multiple user accounts to make it easier to collaborate with your  colleagues and/or co-workers. 
  • Publish on your Domain – Easily publish your landing pages to your own domain and  subdomains. 
  • Lead Notification Email – Receive email notifications as soon as you get new leads on your  Landing Pages. 
  • Lead Activity Tracker – Your leads are kept in Wishpond Leads Database, where you can see all  attributes and activities related to each lead. 
  • Fully Integrated System – Wishpond Landing Pages are fully integrated with its Leads Database  and Marketing Automation. 
  • Embed on your Website – You can easily embed Wishpond’s mobile responsive landing pages on  your own website. 
  • WordPress – Use the WordPress Plugin to build landing pages in your WordPress dashboard and  publish them to your site in a click. The WordPress platform is simply the best on the market. 
  • Friendly Customer Support – Wishpond’s friendly support team is available 24 hours a day to  answer your questions and help you along the way. 
  • API – Use Wishpond API to query your leads or synchronize your leads between your existing  systems and Wishpond. 
  • Fast Platform – Landing pages are designed to load fast to give your visitors the best experience,  minimize bounce rates, and make the search engines happy. 

Unparalleled Resources: 

Take advantage of a number of resources including the Wishpond Blog, Wishpond Academy, case studies  and real-time live chat support. Even marketers with very little knowledge will have no problem getting set  up right away. 

● learn.wishpond.com 


Done for you services   

Beyond the suite of tools that Wishpond offers to marketers and business owners, they also have a “Done  for You” service for those who want the benefits of Wishpond’s all-in-one marketing suite without having  to use the tools themselves.   

Through the “Done for You” service, Wishpond’s team of marketing experts will run your marketing  campaign from start to finish. The team is made up of Account Managers, Designers, Coders, Strategists,  Project Managers and Copywriters whose job it is to:   

  • Come up with ideas for your marketing campaign 
  • Design landing pages to collect leads for your campaign 
  • Create Facebook ads to promote your contest/giveaway and drive traffic to the landing page
  • Create email sequences to nurture the leads collected and promote your products/services 
  • Provide you with reports on all of this so you’re kept in the loop. 

 A perfect option for those who are strapped for time or who have limited manpower.   

Buy Wishpond For YourSelf Or Promote It And Earn Cash (Or Both)  Buy It: 

Buy Wishpond For Yourself Now: https://www.wishpond.com/pricing/  

Wishpond Affiliate Program   

Wishpond has just launched a new version of their affiliate program which allows website owners,  bloggers, and online marketing experts to earn up to $120 dollars on each new lead referred. 

With the new pay-per-demo-held program, $20 will be awarded to affiliates based on all qualified demos  held with additional bonuses of $100 for all deals closed. This means faster payout times, multiple  earning opportunities and a higher earning potential for all affiliates involved.    

“This program’s going to change the game,” said VP of Marketing, Kevin Ho speaking on the new program  set to replace an already successful affiliate program, paying as much as $10,000/ month to individual  affiliates. “It’s more revenue for them, and it’s more revenue for us. It’s a win-win.”   

Among the many changes to the old structure is the transition to a new affiliate dashboard to provide  better tracking of campaign success and visibility of earnings for all affiliates.   

Wishpond will continue to provide an extensive library of marketing materials like promotional banners  with built-in tracking codes and HTML responsive emails for affiliates to share with their audience.   

The new program will replace the old model by March 2019 as old affiliates will be given the option to  transition into the new model.   

Promote It And Get Paid: 

Click Here To Learn More Now https://wishpond.com/affiliates/ 

Whether you decide to use it yourself or promote it (or both) Wishpond is a robust product that delivers!

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