VeePN Affiliate Program Review

The VPN market has never been more in-demand than it is now with unprecedented concerns about online privacy and security.

VeePN is leading the way for affiliate marketers to cash in on this hot market. As an affiliate with VeePN, you’ll earn:

  • Up to 117% commission for each buyer
  • 35% recurring commissions for rebills
  • 10% on the second tier (affiliates you refer who produce)

Updated: January 6, 2024

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Let’s take a step back…

What is a VPN?

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. A virtual private network extends a private network across a public network, and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

In simple terms, think of VPN as a private tunnel that creates a secure connection between multiple electronic devices. It allows internet users to browse the web in complete privacy without any outside external tracking or restrictions.

Here is a diagram:

VeePN Affiliate Program

As an affiliate for VeePN, you can earn up to 117% commissions – which are among the highest in the industry.

VeePN Affiliate Partner Benefit Summary:

  • Bring in new customers to VeePN and earn a 117% commission from every subscription purchase and 35% per rebill
  • Earn 10% on the second tier for any other affiliates you bring on board who sign up new customers. This allows you to create your own ‘network’ of partners whom you refer into the program
  • Enter from any GEO
  • Benefit from their extended cookies system which will pay you for any purchase up to 120 days from clicking your affiliate link. This is a very rare advantage that few other companies offer
  • Weekly payouts to keep you motivated and your pocket full. You can choose from multiple payment methods including bank wire transfer, Payoneer, PayPal, WebMoney, BitCoin, Paxum, eCheck, ePayments, ACH and others
  • First class service including a personal manager who can help you with any questions and assist with campaign customization

VeePN Customer Benefit Summary:

  • Allows your customers to bypass any geo-restrictions. They can read, watch or listen to any content they like without any geographic restrictions or censorship
  • Open access via 2,500 servers in 50 different locations
  • The ability to download torrents without risk of punishment
  • Compatibility with popular platforms such as iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Android and apps for popular browsers such as Chrome, Opera and Firefox
  • Protects personal data and content and ensures personal data is protected no matter where your customers are
  • Blocks any attempts to track their online activities by any third parties – sometimes without any consent including:- government agencies. internet providers, search engines and website owners
  • Simple to u giving your customers a fast and secure VPN connection on any device with one simple tap or click and everything is up and running in seconds
  • One license covers up to 10 devices with complete anonymity

Why Promote VeePN In This Vertical Market?

According to data from Statistica, by the end of 2018:

  • There are over 3 billion VPN users worldwide
  • 70% use VPN at least once per week

VPN’s are now being used by 99% of serious webmasters, and the 1% are quickly being left behind as their customers and clients demand more in return for their investment. Take a quick look at these growth statistics and forecast:

The VPN Global Market:

  • 2017:   $18 billion 
  • 2018:   $20 billion
  • 2019:   $23 billion
  • 2020:  $27 billion
  • 2021:  $31 billion

Make no mistake about it, the VPN market is just getting started. Online security concerns, privacy breeches and blocked content are becoming more frequent each and every year. This marketplace will pay you dividends as an affiliate now and well into the future. 

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