Super Affiliate System Review 2023

Updated: January 1, 2023 by Bill Burniece

In this Super Affiliate System review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the features this training course offers so you can decide if it is the right fit for you.

I purchased and consumed this training course so I will be able to review all aspects of this product – both good and bad.

Here’s the thing. I have purchased tens of thousands of dollars of affiliate marketing courses over the past decade.

I judge training and course content on only one thing: my return on investment.


The Super Affiliate System is a step-by-step blueprint to start your own home-based affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn income each month in the area of interest or expertise of your choosing.

There are no caps on the amount of money you can earn online. You can work it as a full-time job or as a part-time side gig.

You are your own boss so you get to choose when and where you work and what you work on.

Affiliate marketers earn money for selling somebody else’s product or service online.

That means you don’t need your own product.

You also don’t need to buy or store any products, do any product fulfillment or shipping, or deal with billing and other customer service hassles.

What Is A Super Affiliate?

A super affiliate is a top producing affiliate marketer that sets the bar for other to follow.

A super affiliate dominates their market and is a top 1% producer for the lucky affiliate programs and networks that they promote.

In fact, they generate the largest percentage of an affiliate network’s or program’s profits.

super affiliate

A super affiliate is like the gifted student that blows the curve in every class test.

They are super successful and make obscene amounts of money on a consistent basis.

A super affiliate can earn $20,000 or more in a single day. They understand that the sky is the limit and they take full advantage of this fact.

What Is The Super Affiliate System Pro?

The Super Affiliate System Pro is a highly effective training course taught by a high performing super affiliate marketer named John Crestani.

More on who John is below.

John’s course will teach you how to get started in affiliate marketing the right way from the very beginning.

This training course is designed to help you create a successful affiliate marketing business that generates a sizeable monthly income.

The course includes 42 informational videos and 34 show-me-how videos that walk you step-by-step through the applications and processes that you’ll use.

In this hands-on training course, you will learn everything from how to create and design effective pre-sell pages and compose converting ads on search networks and social media to scaling your business for maximum income.

You will also learn skills in research, copywriting, and data analysis. This course contains note-taking guides, 10 handouts/worksheets, 14 quizzes, and one final exam.

The goal for this program is to help you consistently make $10,000.00 per month or more,

This step-by-step, proven system is built upon the People, Place, Product model which John has personally used to go from $0.00 to generating more than $20 million online.

super affiliate system dashboard screenshot

Free Super Affiliate Training

The very best way to learn more about the Super Affiliate System and John Crestani is to get a taste of the course itself.

Click the blue button below and sign up to learn…

[+] The obscure online business you can start in less than 48 hours – without any experience or technical skills and with $0 upfront.

[+] The beginner-friendly 3-step blueprint John’s students use to generate $5000 – $10,000+ quickly after when they just get started (just copy-and-paste it).

[+] The unique, click-the-button tool John developed that “auto-populates” 90% of the work for you (so you can sit back and wait for the first sale)… and much more.

Super Affiliate Course Content

Welcome Module

  • How this course works
  • Whats in the course
  • Why affiliate marketing?
  • The Super Affiliate System dashboard
  • The community
  • Badges & why they matter
  • How to get the best chances at success
  • Setting a goal
  • Support resources

Week 1

  • Affiliate marketing step-by-step
  • Joining an affiliate network
  • Choosing your niche
  • Finding Clickbank offers
  • Finding offers on other affiliate networks
  • Common mistakes in choosing an offer
  • Solo ads setup
  • Udimi solo ads, other offers
  • Other solo ad providers
  • Bryan Biscoe – Why leverage solo ads
  • Bryan Biscoe – Researching and selecting a solo ad provider
  • Bryan Biscoe – Tracking and testing your Solo ad campaigns
  • Common setup mistakes
  • Tracking, testing and advanced strategies
  • Affiliate marketing basics recap

Week 2

  • Websites & funnels introduction
  • Website, lander, presell, squeeze, funnel… What’s the difference?
  • Registering your website
  • Manual method
  • Clickfunnels method
  • Common presell page mistakes
  • Advanced website tactics
  • Funnel hacking recap

Week 3

  • Search advertising welcome video
  • Google Search ads setup
  • Google Display ads setup
  • Adwords conversion pixel setup
  • Common Google Ads mistakes
  • Advanced search tactics: intent
  • Search marketing recap

Week 4

  • Video advertising course welcome
  • Youtube channel setup
  • Youtube ad setup
  • Why exclude mobile?
  • Common Youtube mistakes
  • Advanced video advertising tactics: Shooting your own videos
  • Video marketing recap
Week 5

  • Social advertising course welcome video
  • Advanced Facebook advertising with Robbie Blanchard
  • Tim Burd introduction
  • How to keep compliant with Facebook
  • Advanced social advertising tactics
  • Social advertising recap

Week 6

  • Advanced affiliate marketing introduction
  • Scaling basics
  • Payout bumps
  • Events
  • Brian Pfeiffer: How to breakthrough
  • Ronnie: Speaking to the reptile brain
  • Ronnie: How to hack people’s trust
  • Ronnie: Highly profitable headlines
  • Ronnie: Famous copywriters
  • Next level affiliate strategies
  • Advanced affiliate marketing recap

Additional Resources

* Targeting data
* Ad Swipes
* Presell pages
* Affiliate networks
* Advertising networks
* Legal resources
* Other recommended vendors
* Course archives

Course Content Summary

As you can see above the course is divided into weekly modules to keep you on track.

Here is a summary of each week’s lessons:

john crestani super affiliate logo
Welcome Module

This section lays the foundation for you.

You’ll learn how the course is laid out and how to navigate the course in the most efficient manner to meet your goals as fast as possible.

Week 1

The first part of this module covers the basics (for those who need them) plus how to join affiliate networks, choose affiliate products, and mistakes to avoid.

The second part of this module will show you how to use solo ads to drive traffic to your offers. It includes pro tips and strategies from Bryan Briscoe.

Week 2

This module covers websites and funnels and how to set everything up.

Even if you already have a website and/or funnels, this section has some great tips that can help you improve both to make more money.

Week 3

Week three is all about making money with paid advertising with Google.

You’ll learn how to set up your ads, test and track them, and scale your profits.

Week 4

This module covers video content and advertising tactics.

Video has become one of the most important elements of affiliate marketing.

You’ll learn how to use the YouTube platform to get massive exposure, traffic, and sales from your videos.

Week 5

The fifth week is all about social media and how to get attention and targeted traffic to your websites and funnels.

It includes advanced FaceBook advertising tactics and other social media advertising options.

Week 6

The final module covers advanced strategies and tactics that will help you scale your successful campaigns to make maximum profits.

Included are some really valuable copywriting tips that can help you turbocharge your affiliate marketing business.

Is The Super Affiliate System Legit?

Yes, John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System course is legit.

I know because I own the course and have implement everything I learned.

For beginners, it covers that basics first so they have an understanding of how affiliate marketing works and how to build the foundation for a sustainable and profitable online business.

For veterans like me, there are some real gold nugget strategies that will help you increase your income and expand your revenue streams.

Who Is John Crestani?

John Crestani is a successful influencer in the affiliate marketing industry, a Youtube personality, and has used online marketing to acquire over 200,000 customers.

John has been in digital marketing business since 2011.

John has been featured in mainstream publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Fox News, CBS News, Yahoo Finance, and more.

Super Affiliate System Review: Pros And Cons

Let’s face it. No digital marketing course is perfect.

In this section I will tell you what I like about this training course and what I don’t like.


  • John Crestani did not get wealthy by selling his Super Affiliate System. He got wealthy by implementing the principles and strategies he teaches you in this course. Nothing is held back or held for ransom looking for more money from you later to complete a missing element
  • The program is step-by-step easy to follow and broken down into easy-to-consume modules. It’s perfect for both beginners
  • I don’t know about you but I’m a visual learner. The video tutorials and whiteboard presentations make the course concepts easy to understand
  • The program is up-to-date. Not a stale product showing you what worked years ago
  • The course is set up cafeteria style meaning that you can skip the parts you don’t need and focus on the elements you do need
  • Prompt and professional product and customer support
  • There is a nice payment plan option if you don’t have the full price on hand
  • Includes bonus products
  • A no-questions-asked full money back guarantee within 30 days of your purchase


  • It isn’t cheap. It requires a significant money and time investment on your behalf

Q & A

How much is the Super Affiliate System?

You have a choice. You can get the Super Affiliate System for a one-time payment of $997 or three monthly payments of $397, which totals $1191.

Does the Super Affiliate System come with a money-back guarantee?

Yes. The course includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, which eliminates your risk if the course does not work out for you.

Is the Super Affiliate System Pro real?

Yes, the Super Affiliate System Pro is legit. It was created by super-affiliate John Crestani, who teaches his own successful strategies.

What is super affiliate marketing?

Put simply, super affiliate marketing is results-based term that refers to super affiliate marketers who consistently drive the highest sales totals in the programs they promote.


Over the past decade I have spent well over $20,000 on digital marketing courses.

I base my opinion on them by how much money I make directly from what I learned in the course.

I apply that same standard here.

This course is worth every penny in my opinion.

Why do I say that?

Because even an old online veteran like me learned some new strategies I never heard of before.

By implementing these strategies, I was able to boost my monthly income by around 12% which makes my investment smart based on my ROI.

Grab this course for yourself and let me know what you think.

Super Affiliate System Pro (SAS Pro) is a great investment.

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