RXgo Affiliate Program Review 2024

Updated January 3, 2024 by Bill Burniece

RxGo is a prescription discount card and website that offers discounts on prescription drugs.

People can save between 10% to 80% on their medications without an completing an application or paying any fees.

Plus, their are no health restrictions and the card will never expire.

As an affiliate promoting RXgo you will earn $1.00 – $1.50 every time someone uses your discount coupon.

It may not sound like a lot, but these small commissions add up as your referrals continue to use their card.

Over the past eleven years, RXgo has helped people save close to $100 million dollars on their prescription drugs.

Who Is RXgo?

RXgo.com is the marketer of the prescription discount plan.

Their goal is to provide people the largest discount available even when compared to other savings cards.

In addition, there are many drugs that typical insurance will not cover.

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These include anorexiants, appetite suppressants, antacids, anti-obesity, contraceptive devices and implants, cosmetic drugs for hair growth or wrinkles, diagnostic supplies and devices, hypnotics and sedatives, immunizations and vaccines, drugs for impotence, fertility, injectable supplies, medical supplies, nutritional supplies, smoking cessation prescriptions, prenatal vitamins, and many others.

The RXgo card will provide discounts on all of these in addition to any FDA approved drug.

Towers Administrators LLC is the licensed prescription discount plan organization.

RxGo is accepted at over 63,000 pharmacies in the United States.

RXgo Affiliate Program

This is a unique affiliate program that gives you a simple, easy, automated way to generate recurring income while helping
people save money on their medical prescriptions.

The best part is, all you have to do is give people a the free gift of a discount card that they need.

They currently pay out $1.00 – $1.50 every time someone uses their RXgo discount coupon. The payouts are relatively small, but the frequency adds up to some nice commissions. Since the average customer picks up several prescriptions over time, one card user has the potential to generate hundreds of dollars each year.

Plus, you can make money on anybody you refer who refers others.

They constantly split-test their offer to ensure the highest earnings per click possible.

They also use strategies to get people not just to download the coupon, but to use it over and over again.

All of these mean higher commissions for you with less effort and less selling.

How Does It Work?

People Click Your Link

People click on your link and get redirected to the RXgo website.

They Click A Button

They read our page, hit a button, and print their own personal card in seconds. This card is very much in demand and your referrals will love you for this gift.

They Use Their New Card

They take this card to the pharmacy, with your affiliate link coded into it. Each time they use the card, you make money. Your code stays locked into the system.

RXgo Affiliate Program Conclusion

The RXgo affiliate program represents one of the easiest ways make consistent passive income.

Many people struggle with the cost of prescription drugs in this country and often have to make tough choices on what they can afford.

They need this discount card to ease the financial strain caused by pharmaceutical company overpricing.

It’s a win-win program that you will be glad you are promoting.

Affiliate Disclosure
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