NextEvo Naturals Review 2024

Updated: January 5, 2024

NextEvo Naturals is all about CBD.

While there are hundreds of CBD companies out there, NextEvo Naturals applies cutting-edge solutions using technology that delivers CBD products that outperform all others in the industry.

More on how that process works below.

As an affiliate with NextEvo Naturals, you will earn a generous 20% commission for each sale you make for them.

And you will also be able to offer your referred customers more value per usage of their favorite CBD products.

Who Is NextEvo Naturals?

NextEvo Naturals is a premium supplement brand that has revolutionized the delivery of cannabidiol (CBD) and other nutritional compounds.

NextEvo CBD has accomplished this through their SmartSorb™ technology that optimizes CBD more efficiently (a process called bioavailability).

This process allows the body to absorb more of it to its intended destination. This is key since CBD is oil-soluble, which means it’s hard for the human body to naturally absorb.

The process was perfected by medical professionals and former scientists from large reputable companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Schiff Nutrition.

The bottom line is that NextEvo Naturals aims to bridge the gap between the many current low-quality CBD products on the market and the future of CBD supplements with proprietary technology backed by evidence-based data.

NextEvo Naturals Affiliate Program

The NextEvo Naturals affiliate program is managed by the ShareASale Affiliate Network and offers the following benefits:

Affiliate Program Features:

  • Easy Commissions: Earn 20% commissions for each sale per sale promoting this premium CBD brand
  • 30 Day Cookie: Earn commissions on referred sales up to 30 days after initial click-through
  • Creatives: You will get access to a nice library of creatives including banners, images, coupons, and more
  • Gifting Opportunities: To make selling easier
  • Dedicated Support: Gen3 Marketing provides fast professional support when you need it

How To Sign Up

  1. Click the button below to land on NextEvo’s affiliate program page
  2. Next, click the ‘Apply Now’ button on that page where you will be directed to the ShareASale platform
  3. If you are currently a ShareASale affiliate, simply log in
  4. If you are new to ShareASale, sign up for your free account first, then click through to NextEvo’s page on that platform

NextEvo Naturals Products

NextEvo gummies

NextEvo Gummies

NextEvo’s Premium Pure CBD Gummies are made in the USA with all natural ingredients.

These vegan CBD gummies do not contain gelatin and are gluten-free.

Each gummy contains a precise dose of 10mg SmartSorb CBD with 4x absorption, so users can take less to get more CBD benefits.

NextEvo capsules

NextEvo Capsules

NextEvo Naturals CBD Capsules are high-quality CBD edibles with 4x the absorption rate, allowing users to be at their best and sleep better within as little as ten minutes.

These capsules contain only the finest ingredients and, like all of their CBD products, contain zero GMOs, fillers, or additives and are compatible with vegan and gluten-free diets.

NextEvo topicals

NextEvo Topicals

NextEvo Topicals deliver soothing relief of deep penetrating body cream that contains soothing hemp CBD, Vitamin E, and Shea Butter.

NextEvo cream-based topical products can provide a soothing release from tension and help relax the body, which in turn reduces stress and anxiety and can help boost sleep quality.

NextEvo powders

NextEvo Powders

NextEvo Powders are easy to use and convenient.

Caliper CBD is fast-acting, dissolvable powder that comes in 20mg packets and delivers 30x more CBD than CBD oil in the first 30 minutes.

Clean, pure, and water soluble, it can be sprinkled onto any food or drink. Caliper Swiftsticks are poured directly on the tongue for easy CBD relief on the go.


While there are many CBD companies out there you can promote as an affiliate, NextEvo Naturals offers a product that simply outperforms their competitors.

As an affiliate for NextEvo Naturals, all you need to do is get the word out and explain the difference.

Their SmartSorb™ technology that optimizes CBD more efficiently is what buyers are looking for.

As an affiliate with NextEvo Naturals, you will earn a generous 20% commission for each sale you make for them.

In my opinion, this program is a great opportunity.

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