LOVLEI Affiliate Program Review 2024

It’s time to live, “the LOVLEI” life!”

Updated: January 7, 2024 by Bill Burniece

LOVLEI apparel offers generous commissions of 25-35%, simply by promoting their


LOVLEI is a premium athletic, beach and resort wear apparel brand that has a profound mission to embrace, empower, and support women all over the globe.

LOVLEI was the creation of Robin Hoffman-Haack, a third-generation co-owner and CFO of the famed Hoffman California Fabrics; a 98 year four-generation family-owned business, who designed and supplied fabrics for companies as Ralph Lauren Polo, Quicksilver, Roxy, O’Neil, and Billabong to name a few.

She, along with her partner Ben Woodward, birthed LOVLEI, in hopes to create financial independence and community for women around the globe.

They call it, the LOVLEI life.


LOVLEI’s mission is to help women glow more confidently, by selling beautifully designed and ethically sourced athletic, beach and resort wear in a highly supportive, uplifting and inclusive brand culture.

The LOVLEI Affiliate Program

LOVLEI has created a revolutionary business model, with a highly competitive reward plan, offering affiliates up to 35% commissions and retreat rewards for those who partner with the LOVLEI brand.

They aim to nurture successful, long-term relationships with those they partner with.

They call their affiliate program the LOVLEI Ambassador Program.

Here are the highlights:

High Commission Earnings

Every sale you refer will earn you between 25-35% sheer profit. This is a very high percentage in the competive clothing vertical.

Lifetime Referral Bonus (Tiered)

You will also earn an additional 7% revenue on the production of other referrals (2nd tier) and 5% on their referrals (3rd tier).

Toolbox Of Customer Incentives

Affiliates get discount codes, automated email campaigns, free gifts, special offers, and other incentives to keep your customers buying.

LOVLEI Premium Athletic & Resort Wear Brand

What really sets LOVLEI apart from all of the competitors is their exclusive Hoffman® prints.

LOVLEI prints have a unique SoCal flair which are ethically sourced and traditionally handcrafted. Their ‘Bali Batiks’ are made at their exclusive Hoffman California Fabric facility on the magical island of Bali.

They intentionally wanted each LOVLEI print to be unique and beautiful – just like you are. It’s the LOVLEI way!

LOVLEI is the “talk of apparel,” with its all new, must- have premium athletic and resort wear fashion brand. The founder and her family have famed-roots and steeped in fashion and unique textiles.

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They are credited with pioneering the Southern California surf lifestyle culture.

If you are familiar with brands such as Ralph Lauren Polo, Billabong, O’Neil, Hang Ten, Ocean Pacific (OP), Offshore, Quicksilver, Gotcha, Roxy, Volcom, or Vans – then you are aware of their fabrics, prints, and styles.

Being they release new collections weekly, showcasing exclusive one-of-a-kind archived Hoffman prints, and your customers are always credited to you, it’s easy to stack up residual sales.

How To Sign Up With The LOVLEI Ambassador Affiliate Program

  1. Click the button below to land on the LOVLEI website Sweet Rewards page
  2. Scroll down and click on the Become An Ambassador button
  3. Complete the information requested to set up your free affiliate account
  4. Look for an email confirmation from LOVLEI to get started


I really like everything that LOVLEI stands for.

Not only do they make hot-selling, premium quality resort and athletic wear, they have created a brand and mission that women can be proud to support.  

Their affiliate program pays you high commissions for direct sales, and rewards you for recruiting other performing affiliates into the program.

The incentives you are provided with will get your referrals to buy and the quality clothing and mission will keep them coming back for more.

The LOVLIE affiliate program is a great choice.

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