MyBid Ad Network Review 2024

Updated: January 7, 2024 by Bill Burniece

Ad networks are brokers that connect publishers to relevant advertisers.

One of the most important decisions you must make as a digital marketer is which ad network to choose to deliver your offers to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.

Making the wrong choice can be costly.

But ad networks are everywhere.

Who can you trust?

Who Is MyBid? Ad Network is a fully-managed advertising network that offers a variety of ad types and services.

Fully-managed means that they are not a self-service ad platform like most others.

Why is this important?

Well, because most marketers rely on their own instincts when placing ads and many of them either fail miserably or earn only a portion of the profits that they should be making from their campaigns.

When you work with MyBid, you get to tap into the expertise of media buying experts who know the ad business inside and out.

You’ll have a personal manager who is more of a teammate who will walk you through every step of your promotions.

This removes the guesswork and allows you to maximize your revenue and scale your campaigns like never before.

MyBid Network Features

MyBid understands how to help you make your advertising simple and very profitable.

Here are 9 strong benefits to partnering with MyBid:

Direct Traffic Source

MyBid has a list of their own premium websites, direct publishers, and inhouse extensions to match your advertising goals

Several Traffic Sources

You can advertise on web, mobile, and in-app traffic depending on your product needs

Global Coverage

High volumes in every country plus group targeting including Tier-1, EU, LatAm, DACH, Nordics, Asia, and others


Share the detailed real-time stats about your campaign performance for fast and accurate optimization

Flexible Settings

You can target any country, IP, browser, OS, OS version, and source. Plus you can define hours and days of when the campaign should be active

WL/BL Pre-Fill

You have the ability to view your list of sources to match your vertical market

Dedicated Personal Manager

You will get help from an affiliate marketing expert to save your time and maximize your profit

Case Studies

MyBid has market-tested creatives, approaches, settings, bids, and sources that give you the highest returns

Several Verticals

They have developed customized ads that are targeted by audience and interests in every vertical

MyBid Ad Formats

1. Banners: Old-school banner advertisements are still effective when displayed properly on a content page. They have different sizes of web and mobile banners.

2. In-page Push: In-page push ads delivers a new user-friendly and highly-engaging way for advertisers to reach their audiences on any device.

This ad format needs no subscription permission, and are displayed directly on publishers websites.

MyBid banner ad graphic

3. IOS Calendar: iOS Calendar push traffic is the newest ad format. It is displayed in a Calendar app on iOS and macOS in the form of a scheduled event. Calendar ads have a title, link, and optional description.

As well as for an upcoming event, users can see reminders of it from the Calendar app. This kind of advertising works best with push traffic.

4. Native (teaser): Native ads match your users’ interests and on-page content. They are also relatively non-intrusive.

AdBlock immunity is a plus. Ads will reach customers on any browser.

For publishers, native banners are a real goldmine since they are trusted by users and provide numerous clicks.

5. PopUnder: Pop ads are the new browser windows or tabs appearing over a currently viewed page (called popups) or beneath it (called popunders).

These ads are highly effective and display the landing page you are advertising.

6. Push Notification: Push ads offer a non-intrusive, user-friendly, and highly-engaging way for advertisers to reconnect and expand their audiences.

Push ads can be delivered directly to users mobile or desktop devices anytime and anywhere.

7. Video: In-stream video is one of the newest and most popular formats of advertising. People interested in your content are likely to watch your ads.

MyBid has both VAST and direct link available so that you can easily insert your in-stream.

Real-Time Bidding

MyBid also offers real-time bidding.

If you represent DSP/SSP and are interested in  integration on a base of RTB/XML they will work with you on this.

MyBid screenshot

How To Get Started With MyBid

  1. Click the button below to land on the MyBid platform
  2. Click the Sign Up button on that page
  3. Follow the prompts


Having an ad network that you can trust allows you to sleep better at night.

MyBid is a fully-managed ad network that will offer you a real partnership that you can grow with for the long run.

Your MyBid personal manager will walk you through every step in the process from matching the best sources for your offers, helping you select the best ad formats, choosing the right creatives, and setting up your campaigns to optimize your conversions.

Sure, you can try to figure everything out on your own using a self-service platform.

But how much is that going to cost you if you start making mistakes?

MyBid is a smart choice.

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