mSpy Affiliate Program Review

Updated: July 6, 2022

mSpy has multi-tier payouts, recurring commission and bonuses, all wrapped in a high-performing tracking platform.
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When it comes to choosing a product or niche, affiliates are prone to stick to 2 basic approaches:

  • Choose a niche or product, which appeals to you the most – and focus on it in the long term.
  • Find something trending – a product of its time – and stick to it for as long as conversions are decent.

Marketers, including affiliates, are opportunists by definition. It is only a matter of area where they are comfortable to be flexible in – can they only adjust their promotion tools, or is it ok to change the product entirely?

The product and niche I’m about to introduce you to is something the latter cohort is most likely to go in for. But since all my readers are open minded – I believe everyone will find something to think about here.

Meet mSpy – a smartphone activity tracking (monitoring) software.

What is mSpy?

mSpy is an online-based service for tracking activities of a remote smartphone. It works by installing a piece of software on a target device. After that the application just gathers the information from the target device and sends it to a remote server, allowing mSpy clients to view the data online at any time from their personal online accounts. Plain and simple.

The application has options to be either visible or placed out of sight, depending on clients preferences (with strict User Policy Agreement entailed to prevent misuse).

At this time mSpy supports Android devices (both with and w/o root) and iOS (both with and w/o jailbreak)

Here is a short list of mSpy features:

• Monitoring all text messages (SMS, Emails etc)
• Checking Online chats (WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, etc.)
• Capturing Internet activity and Browser History
• Tracking GPS locations in near real-time
• Transferring all Media info (Photos, Videos etc.)
• Monitoring Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, etc.)
• Controlling/blocking the phone remotely

The list goes on, but that is just to give you the proper impression of the product’s capabilities.

Quality of the Merchant

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Before we delve into reviewing the selling points of mSpy’s affiliate program, I would like to make a short overview of mSpy reliability points – it goes without saying that any affiliate should make a thorough assessment of the merchant to make sure nothing would hurt the conversion rate or the perspective of future payouts.

  • High Website Quality – clearly, the website has been designed with Conversion in mind. Which is no wonder, considering how many visitors are served – nearly 1 000 000 visits monthly, according to SimilarWeb
  • Mobile Friendly – the website is fully optimized for mobile devices, which is a great plus for any e-commerce business.
  • Multilanguage – the company’s website is available in 13 languages, allowing affiliates to promote the product in US, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Latin America. Basically, worldwide.

That should eliminate any doubts about mSpy as a reliable potential partner. Now, what does mSpy offer to its partners?


While operating in a lucrative niche by its own, which is smartphone activity monitoring, mSpy also brings another selling point to the table – a starting commission of 40% per sale

Rebills are added another 20-30% to your payouts. It also should be noted that you can get the rebills only after you send a request to your personal manager.

Why are recurring commission lower than the first sale? Well, affiliate’s involvement naturally vanishes after the initial sale, while the merchant spends more resources to ensure customer retention. Still, further affiliate’s remuneration is present and that is a strong argument in favor of high-quality customer acquisitions.

mSpy’s standard refund rate is 1.5%. They will be subtracting the refunds from your payment balance every 2 weeks. In addition, they may choose not to pay those affiliates who have a high level of refunds and chargebacks.

Considering mSpy’s narrow specialization, flexible pricing, high traffic volumes and multilanguage support, – affiliates can expect decent Conversion Rates with fair Average Checks to make up their commission.


Usually, any affiliate program focuses either on a single CPA (Sale/Lead/Install etc.), or a number of related ones. mSpy offers a bit more flexibility here:

  • CPS – you can receive a %-based commission on customer’s sales and rebills;
  • Fixed Price – you get a fixed $ amount regardless of the type product customer has acquired;

If you have troubles figuring out which offer would work best for you, the affiliate manager should be able to offer you a better pick. That’s also where mSpy’s Ad Groups tool will be useful – you can split test campaigns and allow the affiliate platform to automatically choose the best converting offer/landing page.ms3


At this time mSpy affiliate program also offers some additional rewards on top of their regular payouts:

  • StartUp bonus – when you reach sales targets within your first month of work, you get a %-amount boost to your payout. The bonuses are 15% to 25%, depending on how well you start with a program – a nice way to keep affiliates invested from the very start, and to the benefit of all parties. Naturally, you also shouldn’t rush into signing up for the program, if you don’t feel you can start promoting right away or within a reasonable number of days.
  • Referral bonus – when the referred affiliate makes his first $1000, you get a $200 reward, on top of 10% commission. You can even monitor your referral earning affiliate-by-affiliate. That is not something many affiliate programs offer, especially with such transparency.


First and foremost, mSpy’s affiliate program is based on HasOffers, which is a known comprehensive performance tracking platform for experienced online marketers. Here are the tools available within that platform:

  • Detailed Analytics – you are able to evaluate your campaigns performance via highly customizable reports and filters;
  • Sub ids – you can assign static/dynamic tokens to your affiliate links, adding additional information to your reports from your TDS;
  • Impression pixel – check the CTR of your campaigns and look for ways to boost it;
  • Postback URLs – align your own analytics system with HasOffers;
  • Ad Groups – you can optimize your ad placement by showing different offers/creatives, depending on their conversion/click-through rates;
  • Mobile App Panel – you can install a special Android application called HasOffers Publisher Dashboard, and manage your campaigns outside the working environment.

That was just the back-end part. Next we’ll review the tools to engage your traffic with.

Promotional Materials

Naturally, each merchant should strive to lower the entry barrier for as many affiliates as possible. Otherwise, it would be much harder to scale the affiliate program both in sales and members. Which is why offering a proper set of promotional tools is particularly important – and mSpy delivers:

  • Banners – a set of banners in different designs, color pallets, value propositions and, of course, shapes and sizes;
  • Landing pages – regardless of which product aspect you wish to promote, you will always have an appropriate landing page to ensure low bounce rates;
  • Keywords – something of a routine already, especially given the accessibility of keyword planning tools online;
  • Videos and Tutorials – if you wish to add a video to your website and boost visitor’s interest this way, you don’t necessarily need to make one yourself – there is a bunch of generic videos that you can use from the start.

Why mSpy and Monitoring Software Niche?

There are number of things that make the tracking software niche stand out – and mSpy within it:

  • Trending subject – the necessity of smartphone monitoring has been covered by all sorts of media. News portals like CNN report new cases of cyberbullying and other online threats on a daily basis;
  • No geo-restrictions – the service is provided via any internet connection, worldwide, causing a low entry level for customers;
  • Wide audience – basically, anyone having a smartphone and someone to care about is a potential client;
  • Clear market leader – mSpy is the largest provider of smartphone monitoring services to date, which is easily verifiable by tools such as SimilarWeb or Alexa;
  • Appealing affiliate terms and tools – as you know, high payouts are often a compensation for low conversion rates. Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case;
  • High-end performance tracking platform – mSpy affiliate program’s interface will meet your requirements just as well as any high-quality affiliate network will.

It’s a decent set of arguments, isn’t it? So, if you’ve been looking for a new product or niche to market, mSpy gives pretty good reasons to take it into consideration.

Are you ready to sign up?

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