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Leadbit Network Review

So What Is Leadbit?

Leadbit is direct advertiser affiliate network with a global presence. What set’s Leadbit apart from their competitors is that the majority of their offers consist of their own in-house campaigns. They have a strong offers, presence and brand that can help you make significant profits

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Leadbit Vertical Markets:

  • Nutra COD (Effective cash on delivery and trial models)
  • Trials
  • Adult
  • Gambling (Lead has their own betting platform)
  • 1-Click Flow & Pin Submit (Direct agreements with 1–Click Flow & PIN Submit mobile operators)
  • CPI
  • Sweepstakes

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How You Get Paid Under Each Model:

Nutra Offers – Cash-On-Delivery: Your lead fills in a simple form – name and phone number, their local call centers confirm the completed form and you get a paid instantly. No hold. You will get paid for every completed form (lead). The customer does not need to enter an credit card number.

Trials: You get paid whenever a customer pays for a product with a credit card.

1–Click Flow & PIN Submit:  You get paid once a customer subscribes to the content in one click using their phone. In some cases, the customer needs to submit their phone number, receive an SMS with a PIN code and then fill in a special field. Once that process is completed, the subscription is done and you get paid.

Gambling:  – You get paid once a customer tops off their account balance.

Sweepstakes:  You get paid once a customer submits a contact form.

Do You Have Extra Traffic? Leadbit is also interested in buying traffic to promote their offers. To review their offer’s list you just need to sign up at www.leadbit.com.

Leadbit Strong Points:

  • High commissions. You will get the highest payouts, private offers and best links. 
  • Strong account management and support 24/7 
  • A robust in-house tracking platform with quick stats monitoring
  • Daily payments without hold
  • They have local call centers in more than 50 countries
  • Assets to run successful ad campaigns
  • TDS, Banner rotator, Global PostBack, API and other useful tools to help you succeed
  • Exclusive bonuses for Leadbit affiliates from their trusted partners. Details – https://leadbit.com/bonus

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Any notes or questions? Feel free to contact us: skype: leadbit24 or email us at: support@leadbit.com

Are you ready to get started then? Thousands of people from all around the world have joined Leadbit and several are enjoying themselves sitting on the seashore or at the top floor of the skyscraper. You can be one of them – join now:

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