Lingopie Review 2024

Updated: December 31, 2023 by Bill Burniece

Lingopie is a really interested concept.

In this Lingopie review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the features this unique platform offers so you can decide if it is the right fit for you.

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Lingopie, sometimes referred to as Lingopie TV, is the world’s only language learning application that uses real TV shows and movies to help people learn a new language.

The Lingopie Learning Method will help you reach your language goal in the fastest way possible.

This breakthrough learning method allows you to learn in-context by becoming familiar with how natives actually speak in real-life situations, instead of memorizing words through repetition like other programs.

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What Is Lingopie?

In short, Lingopie is a platform that actually makes learning a new language fun.

But it’s much more than that.

It is the world’s first language learning application that uses real movies and TV shows to help you learn a new language.

The idea is a simple one: to make language learning as simple as watching your favorite TV show.

Lingopie shows you real TV shows & movies using the language you want to learn.

Each show comes with subtitles in the original language (ex. Spanish TV Show + Spanish Subtitles).

Here’s the key that makes this work: Every word, phrase, or slang is clickable, giving you an instant translation in real-time to help you learn fast.

After you watch an episode you can easily review all your new vocabulary & grammar rules with the built-in flashcards and word lists.

Lingopie works for all levels, from beginners to advanced, with great content and language learning tools available for everyone.

What Sets Lingopie Apart?

Lingopie changed the game for me.

I happen to do a lot of traveling. In the past, I used to learn new languages by listening to language courses on cassette tape (Yes, I’m that old) while driving my car.

While somewhat effective, this type of language learning was slow and cumbersome.

These days, while I’m traveling, I use the new Lingopie app while I’m in the airport, shuttle, train, plane, or hotel room.

lingopie screenshot

The ‘Lingopie way’ of learning uses association that only television and movies can provide which speed up your understanding and retention.

You can actually learn new languages easily while doing what you do sometimes do anyways – watching TV or movies.

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Lingopie Features

Basic Features:

1. Unlimited access to all TV shows in 8 different languages

On Lingopie, you’ll get content in 8 different languages including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, and Japanese.

Lingopie features image

Using Lingopie, you can become fluent naturally by watching and listening to native speakers on your favorite TV shows.

The Lingopie way is the fastest way to learn a language through immersion, by watching TV and film content in the language you would like to learn.

2. Lingopie Kids (in Spanish)

Lingopie Kids allows them to learn Spanish with cartoons, kids shows, and kids movies.

This is the perfect feature to have a fun time with great video content in Spanish for kids.

This tool represents double value for both parents and children: you’ll be learning while watching, while also getting to spend some quality time together as a family. This type of pedagogical learning is what Lingopie is all about.


The casting feature was devised to make users’ access to the TV shows and movies available on Lingopie as easy and expansive as possible.

It allows you to transfer our content directly to your TV via Chromecast and Airplay, and it’s available in our mobile app.

That means that you are not limited in terms of how you are able to access our content! You don’t have to stick to watching it only on your computer…

With the casting tool, you can sit comfortably on your couch and watch your favorite shows directly on your TV, as you would with other shows in your native language!

4. Search Bar

To make your experience as user friendly as possible, we’ve made our search bar intuitive and simple to use.

You can access the search bar on all of our catalogs through the magnifying glass icon in the top right-hand corner. Once you click on it, it’s going to prompt you to search for different titles, genres or dialects.

Once you’ve browsed the shows that are available on our platform and have decided on which one to watch, you can look it up through our search bar and find it right away!

9 Lingopie Languages

Lingopie Spanish Review

Lingopie has countless titles from Spain and Latin America and they’re always adding more.

With them, you can master your Spanish with award winning TV series and films, telenovelas, travel and cooking shows, comedies, dramas, and many more.

lingopie spanish

Lingopie TV Pros & Cons

Lingopie’s advantage is the huge number of shows and podcasts available to you in the language you are interested in learning.

Here are all of Lingopie’s advantages:

  • You account includes all available languages
  • Large selection of shows
  • Easy to use platform
  • Adjustable learning levels
  • High quality videos
  • Clever use of flashcards

Are there any disadvantages to Lingopie?

  • The amount of content varies by language
  • Subtitles are not always perfect
  • Dialects are often mixed

Lingopie Review Conclusion

Lingopie TV is a great product to promote online.

It’s a unique learning platform that is high in demand by people looking for a different and effective learning method for foreign languages.

As an affiliate for Lingopie, you’ll earn 30% recurring lifetime commissions on every one of your referred customers.

Lingopie is a great choice.

Lingopie FAQ

What is LingoPie?

LingoPie offers viewers TV shows with subtitles in their native languages.

Each word is clickable so viewers immediately get its translation.

Plus, every clicked-on word will be added to their personal word bank that allows them to review them later.

Lingopie has a built-in flashcard feature and video speed adjustment settings.

How much is Lingopie?

Lingopie prices are $12.00 per month or $67.00 per year.

If you choose the annual subscription, the cost of Lingopie comes down to only $5.60 per month – which is a discount of 55%.

There is also a Lingopie Family Plan that costs $99.00 per year ($8.25 per month).

Is it pronounced Lingopie or Lingo Pie? 

The proper word is Lingopie even though it is often confused for the two-word version: Lingo Pie.

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