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Updated: January 15, 2024 by Bill Burniece

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Insider is an investing subscription created by Capitalist Exploits – a network of professional money managers who operate a hedge fund.

To invest in the fund, clients need a minimum of $150,000. That excludes a lot of investors who like the ideas, but don’t have the minimum investment, which is why Insider was created.

Subscribers can invest alongside the hedge fund managers in exactly the same things in the same way, for US$1,999 per year.

As an affiliate partner promoting Insider, you will earn a 50% revenue share (earning up to US$998 per sale) simply by getting the word out about this amazing service.

Top affiliates are earning well over $200,000 per year from this program alone.

Who Is Capitalist Exploits?

Capitalist Exploits is a network of professional money managers, entrepreneurs and investors who publish a blog and share their research.

They are different to most ”gurus” in the online investing world, as they’re not publishing usual “hype based” investment ideas or selling some proprietary systems, and rely on quality affiliates and word of mouth to grow their business.

Their incentives are aligned with subscribers – most of the fees from subscriptions go towards improving the quality of investment research that they themselves base their investments on.

As a result have experienced rapid growth via word of mouth.

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What Do Insider Customers Get?

Everything they need in order to intelligently manage their money long term.

This includes access to the fund’s portfolio, including the investment research, guidance on how to execute, a monthly live Q&A, a weekly newsletter, a community forum and a stack load of additional value, all delivered via a secure members area.

Target Market For Insider

  • US, UK, English speakers in Europe, Australia, Canada, South East Asia
  • Men, 30+ years of age
  • Earning over $100k per year

Insider customers are people who are tired of hype-based investing newsletters and want the real deal – ongoing investment ideas from proven money managers who are positioning their own capital for the next 10+ years.

Insider Affiliate Program Highlights:

High Commissions

Earn a 50% revenue share and up to $998 per sale.

Global Market

There are Insider subscribers in over 53 countries.

Happy Customers

Insider customers have reported a 9.4/10 Trustpilot rating.

Fully Transparent

A full suite of statistics to help you test and track your results.

Long Term Partners

They want you to form a long-term partnership with you.

Private Relationship

As an affiliate partner, you deal directly with the company.

Insider Affiliate Payout Structure:

  • Affiliate Commissions: USD$998
  • Commissions paid monthly
  • 50% commissions on all transactions
  • 365 days tracking via cookie
  • 2 products (one lower tier, one higher)
  • Tiered commission available (on request)
  • 1-2% conversion across all traffic

Who Insider Is Looking For In Affiliates:

  • Experienced affiliates in the investing niche (e.g. gold, retirement planning, investing)
  • Affiliates with their own customer/prospect list and social media following
  • Business owners who want to diversify their existing income streams
  • Affiliates who do not use inappropriate forms of marketing

What New Affiliates Will Be Provided With:

  • Training area (videos on how to promote Insider successfully)
  • Ongoing updates and support from the program manager
  • Detailed statistics and analytics
  • Once proven, other opportunities from our close networks
Affiliate Disclosure
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