What Is A Sales Funnel And Why Do You Need One?

Sales funnels are the backbone of internet marketing. In fact, if you’re not utilizing sales funnels in your online business, you’re leaving a huge pile of money on the table.

Sales funnels provide your customers with a full range of your offers and gives them a clear path to move from one end of your sales experience to the other. The goal is to offer increased value with each step in the process to help them ultimately attain what they came to you for. Getting the first sale is the hard part. Once you’ve earned your buyers trust, many will want additional add-on’s to augment your initial offer.

The Purpose Of Your Sales Funnel Is To:

  • Offer your customers more solutions to their problems
  • Become the ‘go to’ person in your niche that your customers will come back to again and again
  • Build and enhance your relationship with your customers – which will in turn bring trusted referrals
  • Increase your customer lifetime value (CLV)

Sales funnels have actually been around far longer than the internet has. In fact, McDonald’s was one of the early pioneers in using sales funnels. Super-size anyone?

Have a look at the McDonald’s sales funnel:

The cool thing about online sales funnels is that you can automate the entire process so it runs all the time. Using this method will often triple your sales and profits.

The Problem With Sales Funnels

Most people have no idea where to begin when it comes to sales funnels. You can create your own with expensive software such as ClickFunnels but you still need a line of products or services to offer through your funnel.

That’s about the point where most people just give up on the idea. But what if you could spend a small amount of money and get a done-for-you funnel. Not only that, but one that has everything you need.

THIS is the simple solution:

Introducing Commission Funnels

commission funnels logo imageIf you want to take advantage of the power of affiliate marketing sales funnels without all of the hard work, this is your answer.

The all new Commission Funnels does all of this for you:

15+ pre-built affiliate campaigns.

Each including:

  • Top-converting, evergreen products.
  • Custom bonus page & bonus products to giveaway
  • Professionally-written promo emails

Included hosting – there is no need to pay for separate hosting & set everything up – it’s all done for you

Secret free traffic methods – so even if you don’t have a list, you can drive quality traffic to make commissions

Industry leading, step-by-step training – discover exactly how to have your DFY campaigns up & running ASAP

Here’s how you can scale up:

  1. The page builder software lets you create custom bonus pages for any type of offer
  2. You get 100 premium bonuses to giveaway – as many times as you like – to skyrocket conversions
  3. Premium training from a legendary super affiliate and private FaceBook access to network with other top affiliates

This software & system have been created by two 6 figure affiliate marketers.

No theory or fluff – it’s what is working RIGHT now.

Affiliate Disclosure
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