Edu-Revenue Review 2024

Updated: January 10, 2024 by Bill Burniece

Edu-Revenue is an affiliate program in the increasingly popular essay writing services niche.

They pay a generously high commission rate from not only the initial revenue generated by your referrals, but also rebill orders.

Edu-Revenue Affiliate Program:

Edu-Revenue Affiliate Program Summary:

  •  You’ll earn an impressive 55-75% of the revenue from the first order
  •  You’ll also earn 20-35% of rebill orders
  •  You will get payments on request. They will pay you without delays on any business day and via any payment system: WebMoney, Capitalist, PayPal, Payoneer and ePayments


  • You can refer other affiliate marketers into the program and earn an extra 5% from their sales (2nd tier commissions)
  • You will receive some of the most functional and complete analytics of your traffic and sales in the business
  •  If you produce 50 new sales per month, you’ll be eligible for Edu-Revenues White Label All Inclusive Program. This will give you a personal landing page, an API of user account and also unique texts and design. This is a nice touch

Other Edu-Revenue Benefits:

High Converting Landing Pages

All of the landing pages you will be sending traffic to have been painstakingly split testing using targeted traffic. You’ll be working with proven landing pages with the best conversion ratios.

Earn Passive Income

As soon as your client pays for their first order, he or she is assigned to you forever. The average client brings in up to 9 orders during their studies, which allows you to establish a source of regular passive income.

No Refund Or Chargebacks

If one of your referred customers cancels their orders you will not be charged back. Edu-Revenue pays all refunds from their own wallet no matter what. This is huge, and also a rarely found benefit.

High Quality Promotional Materials

Edu-Revenue has developed numerous promotional materials to makes things simple for you. There are WP themes, html templates, banners, new keyword lists, etc. And they will  prepare other promo materials per your request.

The Writing Niche

Among many others, the internet has created a market for both writers and students to connect.

This market works when a student pays somebody else to write their essays or other school work projects for them in a ghost-writer role. The student then passes off the work as their own.

The paid essay writing market exists primarily due to procrastinating students who run out of time to write papers themselves.

It’s been around for years now and shows no sign of going away.

Edu-Revenue Affiliate Program Conclusionedu-revenue affiliate program image

Edu-Revenue is great choice if you’re looking to earn passive income in a hot off-the-radar market.

You’ll earn income three different ways with direct customer sales, rebills and second tier commissions for your affiliate referrals.

The fact that you will not have to cover your customer cancellations with your own earn commissions is just icing on the cake.

The White Label Program for high achievers is a rare benefit for affiliate marketers. Edu-Revenue will help you design unique landing pages, designs and professional assistance with your campaigns.

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