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I’m sure you’ve heard of ClickFunnels before.

If not, you need to pay close attention because its a gamechanging platform that has a big hand in helping marketers make a killing online.

How ClickFunnels Works

There Are Three Primary Reasons Why Internet Marketers Need Funnels:

  1. To Generate Leads
  2. To Make Sales
  3. To Run Online Events Such As Webinars Or Training
Let’s take a closer look at all three:

1. Lead Generation using two different methods:

  • Using ClickFunnels there are two ways to generate leads:
  • Building a private list using basic email or messenger leads via a ‘squeeze page’ which collects your subscribers automatically
2. Sales Generation using three different methods:

  • The first sale-making method involves whats called a two-step “tripwire” or unboxing funnel. This method is commonly used to sell lower priced products, sometimes even at a loss when the goal is to make money on the ‘back end’ (you’ll learn more about that powerful strategy in the training) once you land a new customer.
  • The second method uses a sales letter or a video sales letter (VSL) funnel. This type of funnel is the most effective for products that require a little more selling or room to present the perceived value of what you’re selling. This funnel frequently uses 1-click upsells to generate the maximum profit per customer. ClickFunnels makes upselling simple. 
  • The final sale method is called a launch funnel and is used to either launch a new product or service or build up excitement for one. This funnel type works great for selling products and services on the high end because it gives you the most room to sell people on the perceived value of what you’re selling.
3. Running Online Events can be accomplished two different ways:

  • The first method utilizes a live webinar using 3rd party software (many to choose from) that integrates perfectly with the platform. ClickFunnels role here is to customize the registration process, and increase conversions and sales.
  • Secondly, you can set up a fully-automated, on-demand webinar that is completely run on the ClickFunnels platform. For this funnel, you take a presentation you already created, and run the event in evergreen mode where it can make you money over and over again.
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Why ClickFunnels Is Awesome
  • You can create your own money-making funnels without any coding experience or technical skills
  • Instead paying big bucks to wait on developers to create your funnels you can create them yourself
  • Along with sales funnels you can also generate leads, make sales, one-click upsells, webinars and everything else you need to succeed onlin 
  • ClickFunnels is your page editor, shopping cart and membership site all in one
  • Speaking of the page editor, it is a simple ‘drag n drop’ editor that makes it simple for anyone to quickly and easily design pages that convert leads to sales
  • Instead of using standard email autoresponders that don’t interact with your funnels, Actionetics is fully-integrated with ClickFunnels. Actionetics allows you to create virtual smart lists that send messages directly to your prospects and customers, based on the actions they take as they travel through your funnels.

Doesn’t this make more sense than hiring a team of designers that can cost literally thousands of dollars? Anyone can use ClickFunnels because it was designed with the user in mind. The page editor is ‘drag n drop’ simple that makes it easy for anyone (even newbies and non-techies) to quickly design sales funnels that convert.

Not convinced?

Give it a free test drive for 14 days and see for yourself:

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Share Funnels:

One of the biggest advantages of using ClickFunnels is the infamous “share funnel” feature which allows you to very easily duplicate an entire funnel into your account from someone else’s account. Yes, you heard that right.

The share funnel feature truly makes ClickFunnels a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are interested in your success. The share funnels used to be difficult to find but recently the ClickFunnel team has assembled them all in one place on their blog.

The value on all these share funnels is simply priceless. What’s more? These shared funnels will be constantly updated as they’re created and shared on the Facebook group and other ClickFunnels community areas.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your free trial account now and get started:

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Make Money & Your Dream Car With ClickFunnels As An Affiliate:

After you join ClickFunnels as an affiliate, every sale you make get you closer to earning your dream car:

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You also have the ability to earn huge recurring commissions on all of our top level products and services

And don’t forget about the Sticky Cookies:

After you make your first sale for Clickfunnels, a new technology they created will help them pay even more money…

Sticky cookies will do this for you:

  • Follow Your Site Visitors Across All Of Their Tech Devices – If someone registers for a webinar at the office, or on their phone, but then watches the webinar at home – sticky cookies ensures you get full credit and get paid
  • Allows You To Focus On The Front End Products – You can focus on selling any Clickfunnel product (even the free + shipping front end products) and when they purchase any of their other products in the future, sticky cookies will make sure you get paid on those too

Why Use Sales Funnels?

Sales funnels are the backbone of internet marketing.

Sales funnels provide your customers with a full range of your offers and gives them a clear path to move from one end of your sales experience to the other. The goal is to offer increased value with each step in the process to help them ultimately attain what they came to you for.

I’ve often stated that list building is the single most important element to successful internet marketing – and it is. But even the process of list building is a simple sales funnel. If you invest the time to become an expert in online sales funnels you will greatly increase your chances of becoming a highly successful internet marketer and master of your niche. Fail, and you will quickly get swallowed by your competitors who already are.   

The Purpose Of Your Sales Funnel Is To:

  • Offer your customers more solutions to their problems
  • Become the ‘go to’ person in your niche that your customers will come back to again and again
  • Build and enhance your relationship with your customers – which will in turn bring trusted referrals
  • Increase your customer lifetime value (CLV)
Affiliate Disclosure
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