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A.T.L.A.S. stands for Affiliate Traffic, Leads, And Sales.

Updated: March 5, 2024 by Bill Burniece

ATLAS Academy is the education portal for the Internet Income System program created by Chris Record and Jeffrey Long.

They conduct live training 5 days each week via Zoom all to help you make more money online.

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ATLAS Academy At A Glance

We’ll go in depth about the ATLAS Academy below, but here is the summary:

  • What Does ATLAS Stand For? Affiliate Traffic, Leads And Sales
  • What Is Covered? The training covers all aspects of digital marketing from newbie to pro, simple tactics to advanced strategies
  • Training: Live video training 5 days per week (Monday – Friday) and the entire library of video content on demand
  • 4 Membership Tiers: 4 tiers: Builders, Creators, Mentors, and Masters
  • Where To Join: Click Here

What Is The ATLAS Academy?

The ATLAS Academy, not to be confused with a few Atlas Academy private schools, is a learning platform for digital marketers.

The ATLAS Membership site is packaged together with the Internet Income System.

The ATLAS Academy FaceBook page is a private group for Affiliate Marketers where we discuss strategies to promote affiliate offers to earn commissions, as well as celebrate wins in our community.

What’s Included In The ATLAS Academy?

Zoom Training

Receive LIVE training on Zoom, 5x per week, from top industry experts to teach you internet marketing skills

Each day we focus on a new topic and our Zooms last 1-2 hours long

We focus on Skillset, Mindset, & Toolset

Our mission is to help you Create Traffic, Capture Leads, and Convert Sales

Affiliate Marketing Academy

Learn how to make money online using the Affiliate Marketing model

You’ll learn the most important concept in all of digital marketing and that is Bridge Marketing

Learn Chris Record’s 3C Formula for creating traffic, capturing leads, and converting sales

AI Marketing Academy

Using A.I in your marketing saves you a ton of time and money

The A.I. Marketing Academy is a 5-day course teaching you how to use A.I. tools like Midjourney, ChatGPT, & Talking Avatars to make money online

Chris is a pro at teaching you the skills you need to use A.I. to help you make more money online faster

YouTube Marketing Academy

The YouTube Marketing Academy is a 5-day course teaching you how to create YouTube channels and videos that get more views and engagement

You’ll get a deep dive into YouTube analytics so you can understand your audience and the type of videos that respond to

Viral Clipping Academy

Clipping is simply the process of taking video content and cutting out small pieces of it to share with others

The Viral Clipping Academy is a 5-day course teaching you how to use O.P.C. (Other People’s Content) and how to clip it to use as social media content

Clipping can make you a lot of money online once you learn this simple skill

GoHighLevel Marketing Academy

The GoHighLevel Marketing Academy is a 5-day course teaching you how to go from beginner to pro by using GoHighLevel as your #1 software platform

GoHighLevel is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that allows you to communicate with and sell to your audience

Faceless Content Academy

If you don’t like putting yourself out there on camera, you’ll love the Faceless Content Academy

The Faceless Content Academy is a 5-day course teaching you how to create faceless social media channels and faceless content to make money online

Learn how to become a PRO at Paid Advertising over the course of 5 days

Course Outline:

Episode 1 = Paid Traffic Formula
Episode 2 = TikTok Ads
Episode 3 = Facebook Ads
Episode 4 = Retargeting Ads
Episode 5 = Influencer Ads

Mindset Mastery Academy

The Mindset Mastery Academy is a 5-day course teaching you how to master your mindset by learning how to reframe, and build new belief patterns

Your skills, combined with the right mindset, will result in rocket-fuel for your online business

Who Is Behind The ATLAS Academy?

Chris is a pioneer in internet marketing whose career started more than 20 years ago.

In fact he made his first sale online way back in 1998.

Since then he has gone on to generate close to $50 million in online revenue and is recognized as one the the best teachers in the digital marketing community.

He consistently generates 7 figures per year, and has reached 8 figures a couple times before, as an affiliate marketer.

Chris knows what it takes to create internet income and more importanly knows how to  teach you what he knows, so that you can implement what you learn and see results.

He is a caring and compassionate person who truly wants to see you win.

Chris Record photo

What Do I Get With ATLAS Academy & Internet Income Systems?

ATLAS Academy Training

This learning center will help you unlock the secrets of digital marketing, guided by experts with decades of experience and millions of dollars in sales.

The ATLAS Academy has content from newbie to pro and is a great pathway to mastering digital marketing.

It’s more than just a learning platform; it’s an investment in your future, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to excel in the always-evolving world of internet marketing.

Join us, and transform your potential into achievement.

  • Learn affiliate marketing from 7 & 8 figure internet marketers
  • LIVE training 1-2 hours per day 5 days per week
  • 24/7 access to all recordings
    Private FB group

Video Funnel Builder

Video Funnels allows you easily turn any video into a powerful marketing tool.

It works for YouTube, Vimeo, or a simple video uploaded from your phone. You can quickly turn these videos into high-converting landing pages & funnels.

Each funnel comes with a customizable call-to-action, headline, and sales text. This allows you to guide your audience into taking actions including making a purchase, signing up, or opting in to learn more.

This tool combines the visual power of video with the precision of direct marketing, creating a simple and effective way to earn trust, capture leads, and get sales.

100% Commission Affiliate Program

Not only do you earn 100% commissions on all front-end sales of Internet Income System/ATLAS Academy, you’ll also recieve your commissions at the moment of sale.


This ensures that your hard work and dedication are fully rewarded, providing a direct and impactful increase to your income without waiting months for payouts.

  • INSTANT & DIRECT payments Via Stripe
  • You are 100% in control of your own business
  • No waiting on or trusting 3rd parties to pay you
  • The system manages your subscriptions for you
  • No admin or additional fees are required

GoHighLevel CRM (Optional)

GoHighLevel is a Customer Relation Management (CRM) platform that allows you to build a literal digital marketing engine.

It has all of the tools you need in a single platform giving you the ability to:

  • Capture leads using their landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, inbound phone system, and more
  • Automatically message leads via voicemail, forced calls, SMS, emails, FB Messenger, and more more
  • Close deals using the built-in tools to collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics

How To Join ATLAS Academy/Internet Income System:

If you are ready to join me in the ATLAS Academy and Internet Income System just click the link below:

Why Was This Program Created?

Chris created the Atlas Academy to solve many big problems that exist in the world of making money online today.

Here are just a few:

PROBLEM – The brutal truth about most online “gurus” selling courses for thousands of dollars, is that most of their students never end up making a single dollar online.

SOLUTION – ATLAS teaches 20+ live sessions every month, with many students going on record sharing that they would have easily spent $100 per session based on the value that they are getting.

This comes out to just $5.00 per session. For less than the price of a cup of premium Starbucks coffee, you will learn how to make money online the right way.

PROBLEM – Most online “gurus” teach you just enough to confuse you by leaving out the critical elements that tie everything together.

Then they sell you another course to fix your confusion… and the cycle continues.

SOLUTION – ATLAS focuses on actionable tactics and strategies that have been market-tested.

You can immediately apply these strategies to start getting results. All for just $5.00 per session.

PROBLEM – Most affiliate offers pay out small commissions, and then upsell your leads other products (back-end offers) that you don’t even get paid a dime on.

Plus, they usually take between 30-60 days before paying you your small share of  commissions.

SOLUTION – This one hits home for me and other marketers who have been in the game a while.

I’ve experienced this too many times in my decade+ online.

That’s why ATLAS Academy partnered with a company that allows you to add your OWN merchant account and get paid directly, allowing you to earn instant commissions the moment you make a sale.

They will pay you 100% commissions on the $100/mo Builder product so that you keep it all yourself. Recurring every month.

Plus, you earn 40% commissions on the Creator and Mentor Packages, as well as a 40% second tier commissions on any sales that your referrals make.

All of this is paid instantly to you in your own account.

PROBLEM – Most affiliate offers use “cookies” to track your affiliate links with expiration dates. When the cookies expire, you lose your commissions when a sale is made after the fact.

Plus, if your referral purchases from a different device, you don’t get paid either.

The “cookie” model is outdated and serves the bigger companies much more than their affiliates. And they know this.

SOLUTION – ATLAS uses a “hard-coding” system, so that when your referral joins using your link, as an active affiliate, you get paid no matter when they buy, even if it’s days, weeks, months, or even years later.

This model is completely opposite of most of the guru offers out there. It looks out after smaller affiliates who work so hard to get sales, to make sure that they are paid no matter what.

PROBLEM – Most online courses for sale have 3rd party tools that they do NOT pay their affiliates commissions on. (backend upsells).

They could easily pay you a commission every time one of your referrals purchases these 3rd party tools, but it’s extremely rare to see it happen.

SOLUTION – Whenever the ATLAS Academy training involves a 3rd party tool that has an affiliate program, they allow YOU to add your own affiliate link so that you get paid directly every time one of your referrals purchases that tool.

This gives you more income streams and incentives to suggest those tools. 

How The ATLAS Academy/ISS Community Can Help You

Hopefully by now you have seen that the Atlas Academy is fully committed to helping YOU make money.

In fact, they don’t make a single dime when you make a front-end sale of the Builder package

All of that $100 goes directly to you instantly, every month your referral stays in the program.

Why would they want to leave? 

ATLAS is fully responsible for all of the training and the resources provided in this community.

They have chosen this model because this gives you the highest chance of success, and it unlocks many other opportunities that just do not exist in any other platform out there.

One example is that it teaches you how to run paid ads, where you can get instant feedback about whether a paid ad is working or not.

And if you place an ad using a credit card, you can collect the commission so quickly that you can pay the credit card bill off before it’s even due.

They will be teaching this inside the ATLAS Academy as well, to help you run TikTok Ads, Facebook Ads and more. 

Normally, running paid ads gets tricky because they pay tiny commissions leading to small margins. And if you aren’t getting paid for 30-60 days, so you have to spend a ton of money on credit cards just to ultimately lose money in the long run.

ATLAS is committed to changing that.

And paid ads is only ONE of our ways to promote this program.

Another example is that they will also be teaching you FREE marketing strategies – including the ability to promote this program (and others) without using your own FACE or your own NAME.

This is called Faceless Marketing and right now it’s exploding on platforms like TikTok, FB Reels, IG Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

This used to really hard to do, but with the recent surge in A.I. Tools, you can now create Faceless content in minutes, even if you’ve never done it before in your life. They’ll teach you how step-by-step.

Imagine creating several different social media accounts, all under generic brand names, with faceless content scheduled to be posted every day where nobody even knows that it’s you.

And then imagine that you have a link in bio that gives your viewers something for FREE that has extremely high value.

That will be their first step in the Atlas Funnel that will introduce them to a sales video that shares the opportunity to join this community right here for just $100/month.

And again, 100% of those $100 per month commissions go directly to you.

And once they are inside this community, there will be opportunities to upgrade to the bigger products and unlock even more bonuses.

So a percentage of your members will choose to do that, and you’ll earn another 40% commissions when they do, even if it’s months or years later.

Final Thoughts On ATLAS Academy

I’ve never seen anything like this in my digital marketing career (10+ years).

It blows every other offer out of the water.

The Bottom Line Is This:

We are committed to your success, period.

We could have easily structured things to make ourselves more money.

But we decided to give you the advantage and help you make as much money as possible.

Plus, we are a very compassionate and beginner-friendly community.

We all help each other succeed.

That’s why we have an Oath of Enlistment where we strongly encourage all of our members to help each other win.

Community + Opportunity + Systems + Training = Success.

We have your back.

Now it’s up to YOU to Take Massive Action!

I’ll see you on the leaderboards.

Click the button below and let’s go:

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