xSellco Affiliate Program Review 2024

Updated: January 10, 2024 by Bill Burniece

XSellco is one of the leading providers of software solutions for eCommerce businesses.

They have state-of-the-art software products that are essential tools for online businesses ranging in size from small start-ups to major players.

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Who Is xSellco?

XSellco is the brainchild of serial internet entrepreneur Ray Nolan. Ray built, or helped build, some of the world’s largest online businesses.

He founded Hostelworld, Coretime, XSellco as well as chairing Skyscanner, Asavie, WhatClinic and others.

These businesses have combined values of over $3 Billion dollars.

The common theme throughout these businesses is innovative use of data to generate sales, and superb customer service that brings people back.

xSellco Affiliate Program

XSellco offers affiliates the opportunity to earn up to $500 for a single customer referral as well as a revenue-based model that’s worthy of your attention.

  • Earn cash up front
  • Refer a Fusion customer and earn up to $500
  • Refer an online seller to XSellco
    They become a customer – you earn $250
    After 6 months – you earn another $250
    Revenue share
  • Refer a Price Manager, High5 or ReplyManager customer and earn 10% of revenues for 12 months
  • Refer an online seller to XSellco
    They become a customer
    We pay you 10% of revenues for the next 12 months*
  • * Based on a referral signing up for Price Manager Ultimate, a 12 month commission would be $334

XSellco Products And Services:

XSellco has a trifecta of amazing solutions:

  1. Fusion
  2. Price Manager For Amazon
  3. High5

Fusion eCommerce Helpdesk

Fusion is the most impressive helpdesk platform I’ve ever seen for eCommerce. I

was provided an extensive tour and demo and believe me.. they’ve thought of everything.

Fusion allows customers to manage large volumes of customer support from both their site and across multiple online channels using a single easy-to-use dashboard.

XSellco Fusion doesn’t just manage customer support tickets – it provides data instantly to support personnel managers allowing the to provide solutions and help quickly and accurately.

Fusion cuts support time in half.

Helpdesk Features:

Price Manager For Amazon

Winning the Amazon Buy Box depends on more than having the lowest price.

XSellco Price Manager instantly reacts to competitors’ price changes, inventory, location, seller ratings and more, then optimizes the price to compete and win the Buy Box. Just set it and forget it.

XSellco’s mission is to achieve the highest price possible for your product. So reacting to an opportunity to price higher is what makes us happiest.

A competitor goes out of stock? Great news. Poor competitor ratings? Yes please.

Price Manager Features:


The High5 features:

  • Automates seller feedback or product review requests.
  • Offers the ability to tailor your messages based on product name, type, SKU, ASIN, delivery method, etc.
  • Stay in control by blacklisting products that are more fragile or more likely to receive negative reviews.
  • Protect your rating by excluding requests where product delivery was late.
  • Option to choose when the message will be sent, based on when the order was placed or dispatched.
  • Customize your emails to deliver at a time of day when buyers are most likely to read and act on your feedback request.
  • Insightful feedback dashboard allows you to easily monitor feedback performance and seller rating.
  • High5 fully complies with all of Amazon & eBay’s policies for feedback management.

xSellco Affiliate Program Summary:

I highly recommend this program if you’re looking for a high-paying affiliate program that you will be proud to represent and stand behind.

This software is really good and it’s exactly the kind of thing that smart companies are looking for to increase efficiency and boost profits.

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