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I offer results-oriented services that can help you save valuable time and achieve your goals faster.

My suite of done-for-you services is of the highest-quality since I personally do 100% the work for you.

I do not outsource these services.

I have more than a decade of experience as a full-time digital marketer so I understand what works and what doesn’t.

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Please Note: This page is targeted to small companies and individual marketers.

If you manage or own an affiliate program or affiliate network I have additional targeted promotional offers for you on this page.

Professional Results-Oriented Services

Why Hire Me To Help You?

  • I have over a decade of full-time digital marketing experience
  • I have personally made more than 41,000 online sales
  • As a published author and SEO I will create content that is original, professional, and gets you found in the search engines

Below I have listed several promotional options for you to consider.

Please contact me to discuss any of these options, or one of your own.

Done-For-You Services Menu:

AIO Content

What Is AIO Content? AIO content combines the power of Artificial Intelligence with my own personal writing skills to produce high-ranking and converting content that is optimized for search engines.

What I Can Do For You: Write a long-form blog post (2,000 words) that is:

– KW Researched
– SEO Optimized
– EEAT Optimized: Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trust

The content will also follow the CRAFT Framework:

– Cutting out all fluff
– Reviewed, edited, and optimized for SEO
– Added visuals, images, and media
– Fact-checked with references
– Trust-built by tone and expertise

One Long-Form Blog Post: $500 USD (2000 words)

Full-Service Blog Post Package 1:

This is a full content marketing package that includes keyword strategy, writing, editing, tracking, analysis, and reporting.

4 Long-Form Blog Posts (2000 word articles) per month (1/week) $1,750 USD per month.

Full-Service Blog Post Package 2:

This is a full content marketing package that includes keyword strategy, writing, editing, tracking, analysis, and reporting.

8 Long-Form Blog Posts (2000 word articles) per month (2/week) $3,500 USD per month.

Custom Service Packages

Do you have another collaborative idea in mind that isn’t listed on this page?

I’m open to any creative collaborative ideas you may have.

I can also combine several of these options for a customized package that we can negotiate the price for.

Just let me know what you would like.

Create An Affiliate Program From Scratch

If you don’t have an affiliate program, and would like to create one for your business, I highly recommend Tapfiliate.

Tapfiliate has affiliate tracking software for online services, eCommerce, and SaaS that integrates seamlessly with your website in just minutes.

Keyword Research & Strategy

Keyword Research & Strategy: I use cutting-edge software to research and find all of the keywords that people search for in your niche market including thousands of longtail keywords.

I will also discover critical search volume data that helps you optimize your SEO strategy.

Your small $100 investment, I will deliver to you a list low-competition keywords and content title ideas that will allow you to create that content. I will also share with you my recommended strategy to use this data to maximize your online profits.

Keyword Research & Strategy: $100

SEO & Website Analysis

With my Website & SEO Analysis service I will do the following for you:

  1. Site Structure: I will analyze your website’s structure including which internal pages have the most links. I will present ideas for you to improve your site structure and website performance.
  2. Backlink Analysis: I will analyze the backlink profile of your website. This will give you insights to improve your link-building strategies.
  3. Keyword Analysis: You can see which keywords your website is ranking for, which pages are driving the most traffic, and other relevant keyword-related statistics.
  4. Content Analysis: I will identify your top-performing content on your website based on metrics like backlinks, organic traffic, and social shares.
  5. Competitor Analysis: You will discover how your website stacks up against its competitors in terms of backlinks, domain rating, and organic keywords.

Website & SEO Analysis: $200

I will publish your banner ads to promote your offers directly or your platform. Your call.

Banner Ads are available on a first-come first-serve basis. Location will depend upon availability.

Banner ads are not always available on this site.

Banner ads are $250 per month without any long-term commitment.

Banner Ad: $250 Per Month

My Contact Information

Skype: bill.burniece